Monday, May 02, 2011

Lulu Wonders Where Was MCA Before 2008

as far as Lulu can remember, this has been the layout for the parking space in PJ State for the longest time, even before Mar 08.
now, tiba-tiba, we have the MCA hero who is also an adviser to developers on parking bay designs who gives advise like,
“Our bureau would like to advise the current councillors to walk around PJ New Town and see for themselves the traffic congestion and not make decisions from the boardroom."
“From their walkabout, the committee will understand the situation and be able to rearrrange and see the potential areas that can be converted for extra parking bays,”
Move to create more parking space in PJ

tell Lulu, come on, tell Lulu, where were these MCA fellas before Mar8 2008?
53 years in power, 20+ years PJ State traffic flow and infrastructure has been like that.
Were they all busy at the tender board deciding who gets which slice at what cut?
come on-lah...

mebbe this MCA hero should go give some advice over at Tmn Tun where they may not be the elected reps but have some power in dbkl
50 parking lots in TTDI vanish overnight

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