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It Is For Reasons Like These That Lulu Wants To See BN Lose Absolute Power In Sarawak

prior to the dissolution of the Sarawak state assembly, BN held more that 2/3 of the seats in the assembly allowing them to bring in all kinds of lopsided unfair and greedy laws.

Lulu prays, in the coming elections, paling minimum the 2/3 is gone. It would be great if Taib's government would go down, but Lulu would be satisfied even if the 2/3 is no longer

part of a Mkini report

New land and forestry laws

Sarawak BN's stranglehold over the legislature has given Taib ample opportunity to bulldoze amendments to the Land Code and forestry laws through the state legislature, over the three long decades of Taibocracy.

A flurry of amended laws allowed Taib's administration to take over NCR land with casual contempt for indigenous people's rights to land under adat or customary law, as recognised by the 1958 Land Code and the federal constitution.

NONEFor example, a Land Code amendment in 1994 allowed the minister in charge of land matters to extinguish native rights to land by simply posting his decision in a local newspaper and on an official notice board. Another land amendment in 1996 shifted the onus for proving NCR claims from the government to the native communities themselves.

A forestry law passed in 1987 declared it a crime even to stand anywhere near a logging blockade, after dozens of barricades sprang up around Baram, fuelling international criticism of deforestation. The natives standing peacefully at the blockades were reported to have been beaten by police and loggers, and attacked with tear-gas, but the BN-dominated state assembly remained silent on the human rights issue.

When native communities succeeded in mapping their own land, winning NCR recognition from the courts, Taib's government responded by passing a law prohibiting natives from making such maps for use in lawsuits.

NONE“Such amendment(s) can be seen as an effort to give easier way for the top down approach of centralisation in the implementation of (a) leader's single-minded vision of development, rather than decentralised, diverse and dynamic systems. This will inevitably led to monoculture or (a) homogenous way of living.

“Consequently, the blessed cultural diversity of the nation would eventually be lost as a result of the denial of indigenous people's rights,” argued seven Sarawakian land rights organisations in a joint communique in Sarawak news site Rengah in May 2000, after yet another Land Code amendment further restricted the means of identifying NCR land.

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Jin Su Ling said...

Taib Mahmud is merely a shell of a former human being. He sold his soul a long time ago in a secret pact with the dark forces - and all who continue to support him and his barbaric form of tyranny are condemning themselves to oblivion. So be it.