Thursday, April 14, 2011

CSL Really Pissed Lulu Off

they gave up the post because UMNO wanted it and they're blaming DAP for it? duh
btw, stop scaring people lah. In Perak, MCA kalah teruk until there was no MCA ADUN. When UMNO grabbed back the state, they gave a Chinese chap a special position for Chinese representation.
And kesian the Indians in Sarawak and Sabah. Zero representation for them.
"During the May 13th incident, MCA also lost badly in the general election. We had then lost the finance minister's post, and the international trade and industries minister's post, Until now we still cannot get it back.

"During that time, it was also DAP who used the Chinese to beat Chinese."

He said the Chinese majority opposition party only contests 15 seats among 71 seats in Sarawak, so they can never form the government.

"Don't wait until Apr 16, to realise that there is no Chinese representation in the government."

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pinsysu said...

why dun MCA dig a mass grave & jump in. we can then help to shovel the dirt into it. b4 CSL & all other MCA leaders jump in, pls leave us a note wat food wud u MCA ppl like for the next Qing Ming ...