Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lulu Is Oh Dear-ing For UMNO

MCA will not become part of government at any level if the party's performance in the next general election is worse than what happened in 2008, said MCA president Chua Soi Lek.
He stressed that if MCA was unable to gain support from the Chinese community, then the party will reject any federal, state and local government posts, so as to reflect the spirit of democracy by letting the people choose their desired government.
oh dear
oh dear-oh dear-oh dear

its not like MCA has any role in deciding the decision, but let us not forget that they play the role of being the messengar, the explainer and the kena marah, kena hentam spineless boys.
with MCA out of the "government", who's going to explain UMNO decided policies to the Chinese?

oh dear-oh dear-oh dear

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lulu's Suggestions On Speakers For The "Sissy Camp"

Last week, NST reported that the Terengganu Education Department had sent 66 schoolboys with “effeminate tendencies” to a camp aimed at helping them behave appropriately.

Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman, who was chairman of the state’s Education, Higher Education, Science, Technology and Human Resources Committee, said his department was proactively identifying male students who were failed to take part in associations, uniformed bodies and sports to join the personality development programme but denied the step was aimed at “correcting” effeminate behaviour. The course was to “build student character.”

Maybe they should invite some successful and respected pillars of community to speak to the children.
How about inviting
1. our 1st and only Angkasawan Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor
2. former Mr Malaysia Mr Asia, Datuk Malek Noor
3. Datuk Redzuawan Ismail aka Chef Wan
Fine Malaysian men to address these young male students, dont you think?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

EMails Lulu Would Send Via Her IMalaysia EMail Account

Email 1

Dear Lala,

Did you watch the news just now?
Don't you think Najib is like the bestest PM in the whole wide world? The way he leads the country, unites all the races, the way he allocates our nations wealth to the betterment of our country?
He's like the bestest!

And his wife. She's so friendly and warm. And thoughtful and generous.
Love her hair. If only I could do my hair like this.

In spite of the roof having blown off my house and my oldest girl having to end her studies cos i cant afford it even though she scored 10a1's for spm , i still think our country is really fortunate to have najib and the first lady leading the nation.

luv them both!

Email 2

Dear Lala,
It was horrible the way THAT senior opposition leader groped me last night.
I want justice, but its not like I'm Saiful can just go see the First Lady just like that.
What should I do? Do reply asap cos I really need to shower but dont want to wash off the evidence.
:( Lulu

Thursday, April 14, 2011

CSL Really Pissed Lulu Off

they gave up the post because UMNO wanted it and they're blaming DAP for it? duh
btw, stop scaring people lah. In Perak, MCA kalah teruk until there was no MCA ADUN. When UMNO grabbed back the state, they gave a Chinese chap a special position for Chinese representation.
And kesian the Indians in Sarawak and Sabah. Zero representation for them.
"During the May 13th incident, MCA also lost badly in the general election. We had then lost the finance minister's post, and the international trade and industries minister's post, Until now we still cannot get it back.

"During that time, it was also DAP who used the Chinese to beat Chinese."

He said the Chinese majority opposition party only contests 15 seats among 71 seats in Sarawak, so they can never form the government.

"Don't wait until Apr 16, to realise that there is no Chinese representation in the government."

There Are A Lot Of Things Which Disgusts Lulu

here's one more

3pm Kuching: Muhyiddin is greeted with rapturous applause by about 1000 school children, their teachers and parents at SRJK (C) Sungai Abong.

The school basketball court, located in the Chinese-majority Pending constituency echoes with singing as the children sing '1Malaysia' at the top of the lungs.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lulu Wonders If They Still Publish The Breakdown Of SPM Results

Lulu read this letter in the star today and it made me wonder if any other "minority subject" is being discriminated against. It would be good if someone could point Lulu to the breakdown on SPM results.
For the last fortnight, there have been hundreds of sad Christian students, along with parents and Bible Knowledge (BK) teachers.
“What’s going on?” angry parents asked one BK teacher. “You mean to say students who scored straight A+ in their 9, 10 or 11 other subjects could not score an A or an A+ in BK?”
In fact, no student scored an A+ in the subject this year.
Since past years, there has been the perception of an unfair grading scale for this subject, but it has been particularly glaring with this year’s results.
The reason for this perception is BK classes are usually small. The students are proficient in English, the medium of the exam. They attend classes every week for two or more years. With regular tests, exams and drills, an experienced BK teacher can usually accurately predict how their students will do in the final exam. BK teachers know that SPM Bible Knowledge keeps high standards in the grading.
The paper tests two books – Luke’s Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. But really good students can match the high standards with perfect answers. This is possible for all text-based subjects. SPM Bible Knowledge (code 9221) is based on clear right and wrong answers.
I appeal for an investigation into the results of 2010 top scorers not only for Bible Knowledge but also for Chinese Literature, two subjects with only a small number of candidates.
Do the Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia (LPM) directors know what their officers or machines are doing to the students’ grades?
In this age of computers, grading needs the critical supervision of God-fearing humans. I write as a believer in the human spirit of excellence and in commendable national conscience.
Looking at the calibre and capabilities of the students involved, there was clear injustice in the 2010 Bible Knowledge grading.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

It Is For Reasons Like These That Lulu Wants To See BN Lose Absolute Power In Sarawak

prior to the dissolution of the Sarawak state assembly, BN held more that 2/3 of the seats in the assembly allowing them to bring in all kinds of lopsided unfair and greedy laws.

Lulu prays, in the coming elections, paling minimum the 2/3 is gone. It would be great if Taib's government would go down, but Lulu would be satisfied even if the 2/3 is no longer

part of a Mkini report

New land and forestry laws

Sarawak BN's stranglehold over the legislature has given Taib ample opportunity to bulldoze amendments to the Land Code and forestry laws through the state legislature, over the three long decades of Taibocracy.

A flurry of amended laws allowed Taib's administration to take over NCR land with casual contempt for indigenous people's rights to land under adat or customary law, as recognised by the 1958 Land Code and the federal constitution.

NONEFor example, a Land Code amendment in 1994 allowed the minister in charge of land matters to extinguish native rights to land by simply posting his decision in a local newspaper and on an official notice board. Another land amendment in 1996 shifted the onus for proving NCR claims from the government to the native communities themselves.

A forestry law passed in 1987 declared it a crime even to stand anywhere near a logging blockade, after dozens of barricades sprang up around Baram, fuelling international criticism of deforestation. The natives standing peacefully at the blockades were reported to have been beaten by police and loggers, and attacked with tear-gas, but the BN-dominated state assembly remained silent on the human rights issue.

When native communities succeeded in mapping their own land, winning NCR recognition from the courts, Taib's government responded by passing a law prohibiting natives from making such maps for use in lawsuits.

NONE“Such amendment(s) can be seen as an effort to give easier way for the top down approach of centralisation in the implementation of (a) leader's single-minded vision of development, rather than decentralised, diverse and dynamic systems. This will inevitably led to monoculture or (a) homogenous way of living.

“Consequently, the blessed cultural diversity of the nation would eventually be lost as a result of the denial of indigenous people's rights,” argued seven Sarawakian land rights organisations in a joint communique in Sarawak news site Rengah in May 2000, after yet another Land Code amendment further restricted the means of identifying NCR land.

read more here

The History Our Children Learns Scares Lulu

‘Biased’ emphasis on Malays, Islam in history syllabus, says historian

April 09, 2011

PETALING JAYA, April 9 — Secondary school history textbooks are too Islamic and Malay-centric and have downplayed the contribution of non-Malays and other religions in the country’s history, a historian said today.

Historian Dr Ranjit Malhi Singh also believed that “scant attention” has been given to the efforts of the Chinese and Indians in the development of the nation.

The author of history textbooks up until 1996 also charged that there were too many “half-truths and factual errors” in the current syllabus, and that it was laden with “value judgments.”

“There should be no value judgment in our textbooks. It is the greatest sin in any history book.

“There is a lopsided emphasis on Islamic civilisation... five out of 10 chapters of the current Form Four history textbook deal with Islamic history whereby earlier the Form 4 history textbook only had one chapter on Islamic history,” Ranjit said at a discussion organised by Catholic Teachers’ Association at the Assumption Catholic church here.

According to Ranjit, “half-truths” and inaccuracies were evident in the existing syllabus. As an example, he said the history books have omitted the fact that Parameswara (founder of Malacca) was a Hindu prince from Palembang who died a Hindu.

He also said the current syllabus gave the wrong impression that the other races did not fight courageously in defending Malaya during the Japanese Occupation, and that only the Malay Regiment did so.

“Thousands of Punjabi, Gurkha, British and Australian soldiers died defending Malaya during the Japanese onslaught.

“Thirty-three of the 232 names on the Tugu Negara are Sikhs,” said Ranjit.

The historian pointed out that the current Form Four history textbooks had reduced by more than 25 per cent of the text related to Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism compared to the previous syllabus (from 1,112 words to about 832 words.)

Ranjit lamented the fact that non-Malay leaders were not duly recognised in the history books.

“The current Form 2 history textbook has downplayed the role of Yap Ah Loy in developing Kuala Lumpur, it has just one sentence on him.

“Yap Ah Loy was why Kuala Lumpur became what it is today, he established the township... he initiated the KL-Damansara road, and was the first person to build brick shophouses in 1884,” said Ranjit.

The majority of the 100-odd people who turned up for the discussion today agreed with Ranjit’s findings.

Many of them, mostly non-Malays, expressed fears of an unbalanced teaching of history in the classroom, with specific emphasis only on Islam and Malays.

Some present today were heard whispering “pseudo-Islamisation” to each other during the discussion.

One parent, who did not want to be named, has begun a petition to demand a revamp of the syllabus.

“What kind of balanced proportion is this none? One civilisation that is glorified at the expense of others.

“History classes become more like ‘agama’ classes, children have no opportunity to learn about comparative religions,” she said.

Ranjit said he had already contacted the director-general of education and planned to notify him of the suggested revamps to the history module.

He said that the Form 1-5 history textbooks should be reviewed to ensure factual accuracy and consistency and a balanced account of the country’s history.

He also said the advisory panel and writers should be drawn from various ethnic groups, and that the textbooks should be devoid of value judgments.

“All history textbooks should be revised to ensure factual accuracy, consistency... right now they are not.

“What’s more, all 17 authors of the books belong to one ethnic group. How can this be? You must have a balanced ethnic composition,” said Ranjit.

He also called on the government to change the methods of teaching history to be geared towards active participation and live debates rather than memorising and regurgitating facts.