Monday, March 21, 2011

Lulu Doesnt Know If It Was Or Was Not Anwar In The Videos But What's Shocking Lulu Is That

According to Malaysiakini,
This morning, the media were called to the luxury Carcosa Seri Negara hotel in Kuala Lumpur, chosen for “security reasons”, according to 'Datuk T'.

In phone calls made this morning to reporters, a woman only said that they were to be given access to some “explosive” and “shocking” material.

The 'unveiling' of the video clip was managed with great secrecy - several individuals connected with the 'showing' were formally dressed, some wearing caps low over their forehead and wearing dark glasses. They conducted security checks on the 'invitees'.

NONEJournalists and senior editors were taken in to a room to watch the clip in batches.

They were told to surrender all electronic gadgets such as handphones and cameras as well as their pens and notebooks.

They were made to wear an ankle-length brown robe over their clothes before they were allowed into the screening room.

Senior journalists and editors from Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and Berita Harian, who made up the first batch, declined to reveal anything when approached.

Note - The video was shown in batches.

The footage shows a man coming into a sparsely furnished room that has a bed, a dresser and an air-conditioning unit on the wall.

The man enters the room through a door from an adjoining room, accompanied by a man whose face is not visible - and who then leaves the room. An Asian woman was shown waiting in the room.

'Datuk T' forwarded the tape to bypass footage of the couple undressing and the woman taking a bath.

The footage then moved to the man having sex with the woman, who 'Datuk T' claimed to be a foreign sex worker.

Note - sex was shown

The video was shown to at least 3 groups of people. There was porn in it.
Lulu doesnt get it that someone organised a porn screening and the police doesnt raid the place. There was enough time, and they definetely arent short on witnesses.

Was it Anwar? Lulu doesnt know.
Was the law broken today? That one, Lulu knows

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Anonymous said...

Nazri : " it's ok lah to show sex tape but dun charge them ...hahaha !"