Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Findings at TBH RCI Continues To Shock, Disgust and Despair Lulu

Foong asked if Hishamuddin was aware of his officers’ movements on the night of Teoh’s death. Hishamuddin replied that he would not know what his officers were doing unless he asked them personally.

Foong: Were you aware that Ashraf (photo, during his testimony at RCI), at 1.20 on July 16, while the operation was going on that night, he was watching pornography on a website?

Hishamuddin (after some hesitation): This is beyond my authority. It is not work related. It is self-initiated.

Foong: If your officers were on duty and were on their way to collect documents and they stopped and robbed a place…

To this, Hishamuddin shook his head and repeated that it was beyond his authority.

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