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The Findings at TBH RCI Continues To Shock, Disgust and Despair Lulu

Foong asked if Hishamuddin was aware of his officers’ movements on the night of Teoh’s death. Hishamuddin replied that he would not know what his officers were doing unless he asked them personally.

Foong: Were you aware that Ashraf (photo, during his testimony at RCI), at 1.20 on July 16, while the operation was going on that night, he was watching pornography on a website?

Hishamuddin (after some hesitation): This is beyond my authority. It is not work related. It is self-initiated.

Foong: If your officers were on duty and were on their way to collect documents and they stopped and robbed a place…

To this, Hishamuddin shook his head and repeated that it was beyond his authority.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lulu Tabiks CFM


30th March 2011



We are grateful to Almighty God for bringing together Christian leaders from across churches in Semenanjung, Sabah and Sarawak to address the current controversy surrounding the impounding of Bahasa Malaysia Bibles, the Alkitab, at Port Klang and Kuching. This decision weighs heavily on us because of the implications not only for Christians but for all Malaysians.

We are united in our reaffirmation of the freedom of religion and worship. Therefore, our position is that there should be no restrictions, proscriptions or prohibitions whatsoever on the Bible or the use of the language of our choice in the practice of our religion, as it was in the days before and after the formation of Malaysia.

Christians, like any other Malaysians, are not demanding for anything beyond our constitutional and fundamental human rights as enshrined in Article 11(1) of the Federal Constitution and Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The current controversy surrounding the Alkitab is just one of many issues that concerns Christians. There has been a systematic and progressive pushing back of the public space to practice, to profess and to express our faith. For example, the wearing and displaying of crosses and other religious symbols, using religious words and constructing places of worship have been restricted.

When Christians express this concern, we do so not just for ourselves but on behalf of all Malaysians. Our faith forms a critical component of our identity as Malaysians in nation-building as enshrined in the first pillar of our nation's Rukunegara: Belief in God.

As regards the offer made by the government on 22 March 2011, we respectfully state that this does not address the substantive issues. In point of fact, our previous offer made in 2005 to use the term "A Christian Publication" was only honoured in respect of one shipment of the Alkitab. Subsequent shipments were similarly held up and subjected to further arbitrary conditions for release.

In order to move forward, we call on the Government to commit itself once and for all to remove every impediment, whether legal or administrative, to the importation, publication, distribution and use of the Alkitab and indeed to protect and defend our right to use the Alkitab.

This includes revoking all orders made under the Internal Security Act 1960, which have declared the Alkitab as a threat to national security. Neither can the Alkitab be considered a threat to public order under the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984. We categorically reject the characterisation of our Holy Scriptures in this manner.

Instead, we see our Holy Scriptures as providing enlightenment and direction. In the words of the psalmist, "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." (Psalm 119 : 105). In the New Testament is stated the teaching that we hold dear and true : "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." (II Timothy 3 : 16)

We remain committed to work with the Government for a viable and long-term solution where the detailed processes and procedures are made clear and unequivocal and so long as our fundamental liberties as enshrined in the Federal Constitution are not infringed.

As for the copies of the Alkitab that have been impounded and desecrated, we reiterate our position that the action of the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) in stamping the Bibles amounts to an act of defacement, disrespect and treating with disdain the holy book of the Christians.

Given the unfortunate experience of KDN's tendency of taking arbitrary action without consulting affected parties or respecting the religious sensitivities of the Christian community, any decision to collect copies of the Alkitab which have been stamped and serialised would be with a view to prevent the possibility of further arbitrary acts of desecration, disrespect or destruction being committed against the Holy Scripture of the Christians by KDN and its officers.

We have left it to the 2 importers to decide whether or not to collect the Alkitab, based on their different specific circumstances and level of trust in the authorities and the processes in their local context.

Nevertheless, no matter what their decision is, we remain united in our common stand to uphold the principle of freedom of religion which includes the free availability without hindrance or obstacle of the Alkitab and all sacred scriptures in Malaysia.

We continue to call on all peace-loving Malaysians to pray for a dignified resolution to these critical issues in the life of our nation.

Dated this day 30th March 2011

Bishop Ng Moon Hing
Chairman and the Executive Committee
The Christian Federation of Malaysia

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lulu Not Sure If You've Seen THE Video Yet

protect yourself, protect your rights

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lulu Thought the Word "Manufacture" Would Be More Appropriate

manufacture vs monitor - what do you think?

Perkasa to monitor sensitive issues

K Pragalath | March 26, 2011

Perkasa has sent out an order to all its 'troops' to keep a look-out on bloggers, tweets, and newsportals.

KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa, a Malay rights group, has instructed its grassroots members to monitor bloggers, tweets, news reports and news portals which raised sensitive issues.

They are asked to zero in on sensitive issues relating to Islam, Bahasa Malaysia, Malay special rights, citizenship of non-Malays and issues pertaining to the position of the King.

“I have told them to immediately lodge police report and give us a copy of the report (if they come across such articles,” Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali said at a press conference here today.

Perkasa has 5,940 grassroots leaders in 99 districts throughout the country, comprising former army personnel and police officials, and ex-parliamentarians and assemblymen.

Ibrahim, who is also Pasir Mas MP, said he has also instructed grassroots leaders to attend talks and seminars where certain individuals tended to raise sensitive issues.

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Lulu Would Like You To Meet The Malaysian Version of Ting Hai 丁蟹

As Lulu was reading the Teoh Beng Hock / MACC RCI proceedings, one of the characters really reminded me of Ting Hai.

The TVB buffs out there would recognise this name Ting Hai. He is one of the main characters for The Greed of Man 大時代, a TVB drama series back in the 90s. The drama is currently airing on Astro Channel 305.

This Ting Hai character, to quote wikipedia, is "A stubborn, uneducated and pathologically self-righteous brute who solves his problems through violence and intimidation".

The Malaysian version works in MACC.

On Tuesday, "Ting Hai" wept as he recalled the hours after Teoh Beng Hock was found dead.
For a moment, Lulu thought he was feeling remorseful over his actions.
But alas... this is "Ting Hai" we are talking about.

The tearful episode happened when Anuar was explaining to the commission why he had to stop at his home in Puchong before briefing his superior, Hishamuddin Hashim, in Putrajaya.
He said he wanted to vent his feelings to his wife. “I told her I could feel the people’s anger. I told her to be careful for herself and our children because I was the investigating officer in the case.”

Today, Lulu reads that

Anuar gave an affirmative answer when MACC lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah asked whether “Teoh’s actions” caused anger in him.
“His death caused problems to me and my family,” he said.
What a mega Ting Hai!

Lulu Says, If Not For The Word Of God, Then For What?

Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum said that if Christians “come out and say that we want the bibles, they will get it.”
If they want to make fools of themselves, we will not respond,” the deputy minister for information communication and culture said of a series of prayer rallies that Sarawak Christians have planned, beginning tonight.
read more about it here

Are we making fools of ourselves in defending God's word?
Are we making fools of ourselves by gathering together to seek God?
Maybe he should read what Dr. Ng Kam Weng, research director of the Kairos Research Centre has to say about this.
Why defacement of the Alkitab is desecration
Ng Kam Weng

Some government officials have claimed that Christians are making an unnecessary fuss over the recent stamping of the Alkitab seized in Port Klang and Kuching.

After all, they say, the Government also requires copies of the Quran to be chopped/stamped with a notice of government approval before they are sold in the shops.

Even some Christians also wonder why such a big deal is being made about the stamping since Christians, unlike Muslims, do not regard printed copies of the Bible with reverence. It is just a printed text. What matters is the message conveyed by the Bible.

This article seeks to address the failure to understand the reason for rejecting the stamping of the Alkitab. The terms of the debate need first be clearly defined to ensure accuracy in my analysis and coherence of my argument.

Since the issue is whether the government officials committed desecration of the Holy Bible let me begin with some definitions taken from the Oxford English Dictionary.

1. Of a thing, place, etc.: kept or regarded as sacred; set apart for religious use or observance; consecrated.
2. Of a god or icon: (to be) held in religious veneration or reverence; spec. in the Christian
Church, free from all contamination of sin and evil, morally and spiritually perfect.

1. Consecrated to or considered especially dear to a god or supernatural being.
2. Set apart for or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration or respect;
consecrated, hallowed (in names of animals and plants indicating ancient or traditional

Desecration 1. Remove or violate the sacred nature of, profane; fig. spoil or treat with contempt (something venerated or admired).

From these definition I shall say that when Christians refer to "The Holy Bible" they are commending it as something set apart or dedicated to religious activity and thus to be held in reverence.

There is some diversity among Christians in the way they approach the Bible. Some devout Christians approach the text with veneration. Other Christians feel they do not need to revere a printed book, but they will still consider the text to be indispensable in leading them into the presence of the Holy God.

We should also keep in mind that Muslims display great reverence for their holy text, as is evident from the way they physically handle the printed Quran and how they protest (violently in some cases) when the Quran is reportedly mishandled or desecrated.

How do we decide when a holy text has been desecrated, that is, violated and treated with contempt? Let us consider several scenarios pertaining to how the holy text could be treated:

1. A government official stamps on copies of the Quran to declare they are legally approved by the authorities.

2. A Christian stamps his name on the inside cover to declare ownership of a copy of the Bible.

3. A Christian highlights a scripture text while reading the Bible.

4. A critical scholar scrawls on pages of his Bible with the word "LIES AND MYTHS" while a militant atheist cuts off sections of the Bible he considers out of date and irrelevant (for example - miraculous stories).

5. A Nazi mob burns a heap of seized Bibles with wood carved in the form of the Swastika.

Comments on the above scenarios:

1. Obviously, stamping on these Qurans is not an act of desecration. Rather, it positively declares that these copies of the Quran are to be accepted as authoritative texts to be used by Muslims in their devotion. Its intention is one of positive regard in contrast to desecration that treats the text with contempt.

2. This action has no expressed valuation on the Biblical text. The owner simply declares his ownership of the book. The question of desecration does not arise.

3. For this devout Christian, highlighting the texts emphasizes his response while engaging with the text - as a human listening to the voice of God speaking through the text. It represents the personal response of the reader as he is led into the presence of the divine. Obviously, the reader's attitude is one of reverence rather one of triviality and contempt.

On the other hand, other Christians may hesitate to highlight the text even when they experience spiritual uplift while reading the text because of their cultural background and personal sentiments. In this case, both these groups of Christian should respect each other and give allowance to one another so long as both groups respect the Bible and more importantly, obey the spiritual injunction of its teachings.

4. There is no desecration when a critical scholar declares he does not regard the Bible as the revealed word of God. He may even exercise his academic freedom and publish articles that criticise the Bible. The scholar is entitled to his view but the militant atheist is expressing contempt for the Bible and commits desecration by cutting up the Bible.

5. The Nazi mob is expressing publicly their contempt towards the Bible. The fire symbolically declares the intention of the Nazi movement to destroy both Christianity and the Bible. This is a desecration and a violent declaration of war.

The Question

Obviously, the issue of desecration is a complex one. We need to take into account the cultural values and the intention of the actors in making judgment when someone makes a mark on a holy text. We need to be sensitive to both the intention of the actor (message sent) and the perception of the believers of the holy text (message received). They may or may not coincide.

How then do we evaluate the action of the government officials when they stamped the Alkitab with the words: "FOR CHRISTIANS ONLY" "BY ORDER OF THE HOME MINISTER".

Background Information

The root cause of the problem can be traced back to the December 1981 when the then Deputy Minister of Home Affairs gazetted the prohibition of the Alkitab in Malaysia under Section 22 of the Internal Security Act 1960 (PU (A) 15/82).

It was a draconian order prohibiting absolutely the printing, publication, sale, issue, circulation or possession of the Alkitab. The gazette contained a very serious accusation, which might even be considered seditious, stating that the prohibition was made on the grounds that the Alkitab is prejudicial to the national interest and security of the Federation.

In March 1982, a subsequent decision of the Deputy Minister repealed the above order in recognition of the fact that it is unacceptable to prohibit Christians from using their Holy Scriptures.

This was done vide PU (A) 134 which, while retaining the prohibition, subjected it to the condition that "this prohibition does not apply to the possession or use in Churches of such publication by persons professing the Christian religion throughout Malaysia".

It should be emphasised that such a restriction is unacceptable by any standard of modern democracy. But even then the Christian community went along with the government. As such, there was no attempt to display and sell copies of the Alkitab in public bookstores like MPH.

In December 2005, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi made an agreement with Church leaders whereby Christians were allowed to import the Alkitab on condition that its front cover has the words "Penerbitan Kristian" along with the symbol of the cross.

Although the word 'compromise' is used here, it was actually the case of Christians giving ground. After all, even the unacceptable gazette in 1982 did not require imprinting of the words "Penerbitan Kristian" and the symbol of the cross.

So when Cabinet Minister Max Ongkili now suggests that Christians should compromise in a spirit of give and take, he should be reminded that it has always been the case of the Christians compromising - the Christians are always giving and the government is always taking.


The issue of desecration did not arise when Christians agreed to print the cross with the caveat onto the cover of the Bible since it was to assure the government that Christians are not engaging in covert evangelism.

Unfortunately, this did not stop the government from continuing to seize the Alkitab and other Christian teaching materials. The harassment from the government climaxed with the recent stamping of the Alkitab without consent from the Christian community.

To add salt to injury, the chop includes in bold print the words, "FOR CHRISTIANS ONLY" "BY ORDER OF HOME MINISTER". This imprint amounts to discrimination against Christians and displays contempt towards their Holy Scripture. Two concerns arise immediately.

First, Christians cannot in good conscience limit the Word of God only to Christians. It is for anyone who freely seeks him including the animists in East Malaysia, atheists, secularists, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. By the same token the Buddhists and Hindus also say their holy writings are also for every interested seeker.

They don't have to apologise for their view and Christians respect their freedom to share their holy writings to all and sundry. Christians want to ask the government: "Why single out Christians and the Bible?" This is religious discrimination to say the least.

Second, the government officials obviously displayed contempt towards the Alkitab in the act of stamping it. How else can Christians react but to reject such an imposition? Why should Muslims feign surprise that Christians feel their Holy Bible (Alkitab) has been desecrated?

Indeed, some Muslims would respond with violence if their Quran is treated in the same manner. Be assured that Muslims understand the need to respect and give reverence to printed copies of holy texts.

Further, the government acted with arrogance towards both Christians and the Alkitab when they went full throttle to stamp on the Alkitab, even while the Christians cried "Desecration!" This is nothing less than an "in your face" insult.

To cap the arrogance, the government now arrogates for itself power over God's Word with the bold imprint, "BY ORDER OF HOME MINISTER". Such a statement imposed and imprinted upon the Alkitab is alarming as it can amount to BLASPHEMY (arrogating for oneself the honor and authority which belongs to God).

It is already an act of defacement when the government utterly disregarded the fact that Christians regard the Alkitab as Holy Scripture.

It is a hostile and contemptuous action that ignores the protest from Christians. In the light of these factors, any self-respecting Christian who loves God and His Holy Scripture can only judge the government's action as one of DESECRATION of God's Word.

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What Was It.... Lulu Mudah Lupa

what was it they were saying - that UMNO is not behind the video?

Former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik, who today admitted that he is one of the three persons behind the sex tape scandal, has called for a royal commission to determine the authenticity of the clip.
The mystery of a 'Datuk T' - the person who had shown the video to journalists on Monday - was also revealed as a code name for 'Datuk Trio', comprising Rahim, former honorary Thai consul Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Perkasa treasurer-general and ex-senator Shuib Lazim.

Opps! Lulu Spoke Too Soon

some lulu thoughts on this
1. Good thing got Swak elections now and the General Elections coming soon. However, this is a short term relief
2. Selangor mufti has spoken and Islamic law is under state purview so MCA is going to play this up big that this is what happens if you vote PAS
3. People with the view that "translation that contains the translation of the word ‘God’ to ‘Allah’ is dangerous and confusing , especially to the young" have to bear in mind that the world is different from what it was before. With the advent of airplanes, high speed ferries and the internet, people can travel the globe physically and virtually. You cannot shelter them from the BM/BI version of the bible which translates God as Allah. Do we need to also ban all Muslims from travelling abroad and surfing the net to protect them from this confusion?

Mufti says Islamic law bars release of Alkitab

March 23, 2011
Copies of the controversial Malay bibles.
KUALA LUMPUR, March 23 — Putrajaya’s release of 5,100 Malay bibles seized from Port Klang is contrary to a Selangor Islamic law forbidding its use, and puts the state in a bind as it goes against the country’s highest laws.

Selangor Mufti Datuk Tamyes Abd Wahid said the crux of the controversy is over the use of the word “Allah” in the bible, which is forbidden to religions other than Islam, as written in a 1988 state enactment on religious propagation.

“I am still of the view that they [the distribution of the Malay bibles] should be blocked, as this translation that contains the translation of the word ‘God’ to ‘Allah’ is dangerous and confusing , especially to the young,” the senior Islamic cleric told The Malaysian Insider yesterday.

He explained that young Muslims who had shallow knowledge of religion and faith would be confused by the use of the word “Allah” by Christians, which to them meant “Allah has a son... that Allah has a wife... God is a father”.

“Certainly it is not fitting for the government to allow the Alkitab to be released, not because it is in Bahasa Malaysia but because the use of the word [“Allah”] contained inside that could twist the faith of Muslims and we do not want this to happen,” Tamyes added.

“To be safe, it should not be released, must not be released and is fittingly detained and cannot be distributed,” the Mufti stressed.

Tamyes’ view echoes that of Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, who had previously warned the Najib administration that releasing the Christian holy books seized from Port Klang and Kuching port will incur the anger and dissatisfaction of Muslims.

Harussani had added that he was concerned because the Muslim community here will rise in protest, leading to greater religious tension nationwide.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lulu "The Unreasonable" Thinks The Kitab Is Safe For Now

not too sure though whether little Napoleons at Kastam and the folks at Publications Control and Quranic Text Division will do a "mudah lupa" thingy right after the next GE.

btw, if anyone knows who the "Christian donors" are, drop Lulu a note or comment. Lulu wants to thank them?

Government backs down in Alkitab row ahead of Sarawak polls

UPDATED @ 08:37:16 PM 22-03-2011
March 22, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 — The Najib administration relented today to demands from the Church not to attach serial numbers to impounded Malay-language Bibles as it prepares itself to face a Christian-majority electorate in Sarawak in the coming state polls.

It also promised that all future shipments of such holy books written in the national language would be released as long as they sported the words “For Christianity” in the Arial font, size 16, either printed at source or stamped at the receiving port.

For the consignment of 35,100 Alkitabs still held in Port Klang and Kuching Port, the administration said it was willing to provide “stickers” to cover the present stamps and serial numbers already marked on the books.

Should this fail to be satisfactory, it also said that it had made arrangements with Christian donors to help replace the entire consignment of Bibles with new ones, which will then be stamped only with the words “For Christianity”.

The announcement was made in a statement released to Bernama today by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala following a meeting held last week between government leaders and Christian groups.

Tsk! Tsk! This Lulu... So Unreasonable

they took the bibles, stamped it and gave it a serial number.
and they expect us to take it and thank them for it?

Hisham: Don’t be ‘unreasonable’ over Alkitab

March 21, 2011
The home ministry’s seal is seen on the cover of a bible in Kuching Port. — file pic
KUALA LUMPUR, March 21 — Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has urged Christian groups not to make “unreasonable demands” over the recent conditional release of Malay-language bibles by his ministry.

“I ask that the demands made are reasonable... because if they are unreasonable, we will not solve this, whatever we do,” he told reporters today.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lulu Doesnt Know If It Was Or Was Not Anwar In The Videos But What's Shocking Lulu Is That

According to Malaysiakini,
This morning, the media were called to the luxury Carcosa Seri Negara hotel in Kuala Lumpur, chosen for “security reasons”, according to 'Datuk T'.

In phone calls made this morning to reporters, a woman only said that they were to be given access to some “explosive” and “shocking” material.

The 'unveiling' of the video clip was managed with great secrecy - several individuals connected with the 'showing' were formally dressed, some wearing caps low over their forehead and wearing dark glasses. They conducted security checks on the 'invitees'.

NONEJournalists and senior editors were taken in to a room to watch the clip in batches.

They were told to surrender all electronic gadgets such as handphones and cameras as well as their pens and notebooks.

They were made to wear an ankle-length brown robe over their clothes before they were allowed into the screening room.

Senior journalists and editors from Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and Berita Harian, who made up the first batch, declined to reveal anything when approached.

Note - The video was shown in batches.

The footage shows a man coming into a sparsely furnished room that has a bed, a dresser and an air-conditioning unit on the wall.

The man enters the room through a door from an adjoining room, accompanied by a man whose face is not visible - and who then leaves the room. An Asian woman was shown waiting in the room.

'Datuk T' forwarded the tape to bypass footage of the couple undressing and the woman taking a bath.

The footage then moved to the man having sex with the woman, who 'Datuk T' claimed to be a foreign sex worker.

Note - sex was shown

The video was shown to at least 3 groups of people. There was porn in it.
Lulu doesnt get it that someone organised a porn screening and the police doesnt raid the place. There was enough time, and they definetely arent short on witnesses.

Was it Anwar? Lulu doesnt know.
Was the law broken today? That one, Lulu knows

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Lulu Didnt Know That In Singapore, You Can Kau Tim Charges If You Ada Hubungan Baik Dengan Pejabat Tertentu

Malaysia yes, but Singapore?

"Dia dulu ditangkap di Singapura, dibawa ke mahkamah, tetapi sebab hubungan dia mungkin baik dengan pejabat tertentu di sana, beliau dilepaskan (dan) tidak dapat jadi ahli Parlimen (di sana)," katanya (Menteri Pertahanan, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi) pada sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.

Tony Pua's response

ARKIB : 18/03/2011

Tony pernah ditahan di Singapura

KUALA LUMPUR 17 Mac - Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Utara, Tony Pua didakwa pernah ditahan dan dibicarakan di mahkamah Singapura menyebabkan beliau tidak layak untuk menjadi ahli Parlimen di republik itu.

Menteri Pertahanan, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi berkata, selain itu, Ahli Parlimen DAP itu juga pernah bersekolah di negara jiran tersebut di peringkat sekolah rendah sehingga ke peringkat yang lebih tinggi.

Katanya, fakta itu mungkin diketahui oleh Ahli Parlimen Kinabatangan, Datuk Bung Moktar Radin sehingga menimbulkan ketegangan di antara kedua-dua wakil rakyat tersebut pada persidangan Dewan Rakyat semalam.

"Mungkin Bung (Moktar) tahu dia (Tony) belajar di Singapura dari sekolah rendah sehingga peringkat tinggi.

"Dia dulu ditangkap di Singapura, dibawa ke mahkamah, tetapi sebab hubungan dia mungkin baik dengan pejabat tertentu di sana, beliau dilepaskan (dan) tidak dapat jadi ahli Parlimen (di sana)," katanya pada sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.

Ahmad Zahid diminta mengulas mengenai kemarahan Tony terhadap Bung Moktar apabila digelar sebagai ejen Singapura oleh wakil rakyat Kinabatangan itu.

Bagaimanapun, Ahmad Zahid tidak menyokong kenyataan Bung Moktar tersebut dan meminta supaya Tony menjelaskan perkara itu di Dewan Rakyat memandangkan Bung Moktar melontarkan 'sindiran' itu di tempat sama.

Sementara itu, Tony ketika dihubungi hari ini menafikan sekeras-kerasnya dakwaan Ahmad Zahid tersebut yang disifatkannya sebagai tidak berasas sama sekali.

"Ini merupakan satu fitnah yang amat besar, saya tidak pernah ditangkap seumur hidup saya kecuali di Malaysia," ujarnya.

Selain itu, Tony menafikan beliau pernah bersekolah rendah di Singapura tetapi mengakui pernah melanjutkan persekolahannya di peringkat menengah di republik tersebut.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lulu Shares With You What A Stamped Bible Look Like

not desecrated?
Lulu begs to differ

Sarawak Bibles stamped with Home Ministry seal

March 18, 2011
A copy of the Bible with the ministry stamp. — Pictures by Sheridan Mahavera
KUCHING, March 18 — Thirty thousand Malay Bibles seized by Home Ministry officials from the port here were stamped today with the government’s seal without the importer’s consent despite Putrajaya’s assurance that the holy books for Sarawak Christians would be left untouched.

The move comes on the heels of an alleged defacement of a separate consignment of 5,100 Bibles shipped into Port Klang from Indonesia by the Selangor-based Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM), and has caused a surge in jitteriness as Sarawakians brace for a emotive state election expected to be called next month.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein had defended yesterday his ministry’s stamping of 5,100 Malay-language Bibles in Port Klang with its official seal, saying it was standard protocol and not done to “deface” the Alkitab.

“As for the serial numbers on the Bibles, the reason why it was done to the specific Bibles is because they are subject to the particular seizure in Klang,” he added.

Hishammuddin’s Cabinet colleague Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz had also said the 5,100 copies in Port Klang remain illegal due to a prohibition in Selangor Islamic laws.

However, the de facto law minister had told The Malaysian Insider that the 30,000 Alkitab in Kuching could be released immediately as there was no enactment in Sarawak against the use of the term “Allah” in non-Muslim publications.

The ministry stamp in the Sarawak Bibles.
The Sarawak importer, James Redas, told The Malaysian Insider that local Bumiputera Christians are highly upset at what they see as a desecration of their holy book and will make their feelings felt at the ballot box.

“They know what to do when the elections come,” he remarked.

Lulu is like Wah...

can you imagine how corrupt ng yen yen's ministry must be for an ad agency to comment that things were better when it was under "tengku" mansur "tengku" adnan and azalina mansor's time?

Ad agency says was asked for bribes to win tourism contract

March 17, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, March 17 — The advertising agency behind the award-winning “Malaysia, Truly Asia” tourism campaign charged today that it withdrew a bid to renew its contract with the Tourism Ministry after being asked for bribes in exchange for the deal.

Integrated Strategic Communications’ (ISC) complaints against the ministry are already being probed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The agency said in a press statement today that it was rebutting Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen’s denial of “ambiguity” in the tender process for the advertising and promotions contract, worth a total of RM381 million.

ISC founder and chief executive officer Austen Zecha (picture) alleged that both he and his deputy were jointly approached on January 19 to “offer the client” (the ministry) a 50 per cent “rebate” or an annual share of the firm’s income from the account.

In exchange, he said, ISC would then “re-win” another three-year Tourism Malaysia contract for the Europe, North America and Oceania tender.

“This essentially led ISC to decide to withdraw its tender on Wednesday, January 26,” Zecha said.

He added that ISC’s founders, shareholders, directors and management had unanimously agreed that the incident was a “grave insult” and that it added further suspicion to the ambiguity of the tender process on a whole.

He pointed out that ISC had an “impeccable” record in its work for the “Malaysia, Truly Asia” campaign, which it has handled since 1999 through the terms of four successive tourism ministers — Datuk Leo Michael Toyad, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Datuk Seri Azalina Othman and now Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen.

Zecha also repeated ISC’s earlier allegation that it had been told by the ministry that it could only bill Tourism Malaysia RM3 million both in 2009 and 2010 for its previous three-year contract for Europe, which was actually worth RM18 million annually.

“It is only under this minister’s administration — never ever before, even prior to ISC’s past four contractual three years of service or its two predecessor agencies’ previous three contractual years of service covering the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s — did Tourism Malaysia allow ISC and its two predecessor agencies to bill it only one-sixth of any year’s stipulated contract’s worth, or only about 17 per cent.

“So what happened to the other 83 per cent of each contract year’s worth of the RM18 million in 2009 and 2010, and who authorised and benefited from the standard commissions of the other RM30 million of invoices over the past two years?” he asked.

“And does the government, especially the Treasury, allow for such hidden euphemistically-called ‘Direct Bookings’ to deprive bona fide and Treasury-registered companies to be basically ‘short-changed’ on contracts’ worth, and for which ISC duly paid Treasury the normal stamp duties based on its stipulated contracts’ worth?” said Zecha.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lulu Says Think Again If You Think The Kitab Has Been Released

the star and all the govt mouthpieces are hiding behind the idris jala statement that the kitab has been released and everything is hunky dory again, that the Government loves everyone and is fair to everyone and that freedom of religion is real in Malaysia.

the government mouthpieces however did not report that the release of the kitab included the condition that "each book must be stamped with a serial number".

why do they need to stamp the kitabs?
why are they controlling it like this?
who put up the requirement?
are they allowed to impose such a requirement?

do not think that the kitab is no longer on the little napoleon's radar. those that are held now is released because of the upcoming sarawak election due by may. after that, its back to "normal" again.

Lulu prays that the Church will not relent on their pursuit to have God's word in our nation's language made available to His creation.

Alkitab importers still Doubting Thomases

March 16, 2011
A sceptical Wong says he will believe the order when the Alkitab copies are in his hands. — Picture by Choo Choy May
KUALA LUMPUR, March 16 — Two Christian groups who imported a total of 35,000 Malay bibles and had them seized by the home ministry could not believe their ears when told Putrajaya had ordered their release yesterday.

Spokesmen for the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) and the Sarawak branch of global Christian group, The Gideons, sounded sceptical when contacted for comment. “It’s the first step,” BSM general secretary, Reverend Dr Simon Wong, remarked to The Malaysian Insider over the phone last night.

The home ministry has impounded 35,000 copies of the Alkitab.
Wong said he had yet to hear from BSM chairman, Lee Min Choon, who had gone to Putrajaya earlier yesterday afternoon to meet with home ministry officials over the matter. He related that BSM has been waiting two years to collect its shipment of 5,100 books stuck at Port Klang and hinted that they would not believe the release was real until they had received the Alkitab directly into their hands.

“Like what we had experienced in the past when we went to the port and they said ‘no’,” Wong added referring to conflicting instructions from a senior home ministry official at the Port Klang office last June.

The BSM had sent an agent there after receiving notice to collect the Alkitab, but the agent had returned empty-handed after ministry official refused to honour the order, saying it was a mistake.

More recently, a shipment of 30,000 bibles worth RM78,000 bound for the Malay-speaking Christian market in Sarawak was seized from port and locked away by home ministry officials in Kuching.

The importer, who asked not to be named, told The Malaysian Insider he had received a faxed notice from the ministry’s Publications Control and Al-Quran Text division secretary, Datuk Zaitun Ab Samad at about 6.30pm yesterday.

The notice said the government would be releasing the Alkitab soon on condition that the books be stamped with the word “For Christian Use” on the cover of each book, but did not give a date for collection.

The notice also said that each book must be stamped with a serial number, which upset the importer who saw it as a government move to curtail freedom of religion in the Sarawak where seven out of ten people are non-Muslim.

“We don’t want this condition... Macam control item sahaja,” he told The Malaysian Insider in a phone call from Kuching.

The importer said he will be going to the home ministry’s office in the state capital today for an explanation.

Yesterday, the Najib administration ordered the release of 35,000 Malay-language Bibles which were seized at the ports of Kuching and Klang, bowing to pressure from Christian churches and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) politicians.

“This is a reasonable compromise in managing the polarities of views between Christians and Muslims in the country,” said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala in a statement.

An earlier home ministry letter had failed to convince its own officials to release the bibles.
The Cabinet was set to discuss the issue on Friday with one eye on the Sarawak polls set to take place next month.

But with the seizure of the bibles drawing protests from Christians nationwide, a majority of whom live in Sabah and Sarawak, the federal government was forced to take action yesterday.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia, which represents 90 per cent of churches in Malaysia, has said that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak made a decision to release the Alkitabs but so far, the home ministry, which controls customs, has refused to hand over the bibles.

Christians, who make up close to 10 per cent of Malaysia’s 28 million population, use Bahasa Malaysia in Sabah and Sarawak churches to preach to the multi-ethnic congregation who each have a distinctive tribal language.

But evangelist churches there, such as Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB), have crossed the South China Sea to preach to the growing number of Sarawakians and Sabahans who are settling down in the peninsula after furthering their studies or finding work here.

Jala, who is a Sarawakian Christian, said that the government had decided on the release of the Alkitab in line with a 1982 gazette under the Internal Security Act which allows its limited and controlled importation and circulation on condition that the books are stamped: “For Christians Only.”

“Since 1982, with this gazette, there have been no problems in its implementation. As such, taking into account this fact, the government has decided to apply the 1982 gazette and release the bibles accordingly,” the statement said.

Jala said that after a careful and thorough review, the Attorney-General confirmed that the release of the bibles did not prejudice the ongoing court case of the “Allah” issue.

The minister also noted that the Sarawak government categorically expressed its view that the impounded bibles should be released.