Friday, November 05, 2010

Sekarang Baru Lulu Faham

On Thursday, Ng Suee Lin, the DAP assemblyman was beaten up by some men believed to be from UMNO Tanjong Karang. He was in Tanjong Karang to meet some padi planters in Sawah Sempadan Tanjong Karang when he was punched and kicked in the head, arms and kicked in the stomach. Ng is now in the hospital as a result of the brutal beating.

What takes the cake is the response of the local MP, who is also Tanjong Karang UMNO division head and the Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister - Noh Omar. When contacted by Malaysiakini, he did not deny the incident, and instead was defiant.

Quote from Malaysiakini
Ng got what he deserved for coming into someone else's territory.
You tell that Sekinchan assemblyman, jangan kurang ajar. Jangan datang ke kawasan orang lain. He can go take care of Sekinchan himself.

Patutlah... when Najib came to SS2, kawasan where the ADUN, MP and MB is "orang lain", he had to be escorted by what looks like entire PJ police force with him on his walkabout.

He was being kurang ajar, datang-ing to kawasan orang lain and worried in case the orang lain are like his UMNO thugs.
But we're not like his UMNO thugs.

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