Thursday, January 07, 2010

Once Again, Maybe Lulu Watching Too Many Hong Kong Triad Movies

Not sure if you caught it, but Operation Undercover was shown on telly a few days ago. Lulu watched it a few years ago at the cinema and enjoyed it very much.
There's a scene in the movie where Jordan Chan [hold on. lulu's heart fluttering a bit cos he so "man". fan self, fan self], a muddled gangster chief, was asked to arrange some gangster supporters in a triad discussion with their rivals. At the discussion table, he recognised some of his hired "thugs" standing on the rival's side. And on his side, cos he was unable to get enough thugs, had hired some white haired uncles and aunties dressed to look young with caps to hide the white. The "thugs" pula couldnt stop giggling at what was supposed to be a tense standoff.

Lulu thought of Jordan Chan and his hired thugs when she saw this