Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lulu Offers Rosmah Two Suggestions On Saving The Planet

to be watched under caution. lulu had a nightmare after watching this.

Rosmah recently followed her husband to Copenhagen when he was attending the United Nations Summit on Climate Change.
She's back and all excited about it and wants to champion moves on climate change in Malaysia.

Allow Lulu to offer her two very simple suggestions which Rosmah can take to reduce climate change.

1. Give Up the Private Jet
instead of flying around in the jet that we tax payers have to pay to upkeep, go-lah take a normal flight. first class, from what lulu heard, is really luxurious. Instead of taking a personal jet for herself and the hubby plus their entourage, family and freeloaders probably numbering 20-30, take the commercial jet with 400 paying customers. So much more enviromentally friendly that way. So much more green.

2. Give Up the Hair Spray
[need i say more?]

Maklum-lah, rosie. as a mother, think of your children. its also for their sake. Lulu doesnt want them to be stuck inside a plane because of a blizzard. Give up the private jet and the hairspray.


Anonymous said...

And give up c4ing innocent tourists to this country

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

And here is the Top Ten List

1- At her size, she is a wastage and contributes to the green house effect.
Suggestion: trim down those lards.

2- Notices that her children are all NOT in Malaysia for their studies.
Suggestion: study in Uitm

3- She acts and behaves as if she is the Senior Prime Minister
Suggestion: contest in an election
or order the spr to buy an election for her.

4- She looks like a royal cream tart in those type of dress
Suggestion: never buys clothing material from a carpet shop.

5- Her makeup looks like she is dead for more than 12 hours.
Rigor mortis are written all over her face.
Suggestion:A mortician can do a better job

6- she wants to do a climate change?
Suggestion: stop her from shopping all over the world.

7- When the media pose a question, it means it is current affair and of public interest.
Suggestion: she better ask deepak to accompany her and answer the media

8-Good to know she is a frequent flyer to London
Suggestion: meet up with RPK and / or Bala in the presence of macc

9- Malaysia is NOT on the map of the world ?
Suggestion: mention Altantuya's name.

10- Sex , Lies and Gossip
Suggestion: she should follow what najid and saifool did.
They both screwed on something .Oops sorry ,wrong choice of words . They both swore on something.

CK said...

but lulu..maybe she's using CFC-free hair spray now? hahaha

Anonymous said...

What about the extra USD 100 billion Malaysia want the First world to add to the promised USD100 billion Climate Fund. Do we have a plan to harvest that fund. Ramalx

komando said...

She is the NUMBER 1
No doubts about it

Count how many times she used the word "SAYA"

She alone has traveled and see the world it seems
What a lousy liar she is

Better be ready to have free lunch, dinner, supper and breakfast

Anonymous said...

You can't find a bigger fake any where else and why is she boring others with her minor family hiccup?? Perempuan Puaka!! Burger Face.

resident.wangsamaju said...


Anonymous said...

"Count how many times she used the word "SAYA"'

And pronounced them with such egoistic emphasis.

Puaka causing Pukes.