Friday, December 18, 2009

Lulu Hopes That Whoever Loses Will Do The Cross Dressing In Malaysia AirSpace

AirAsia group chief executive offcer Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes has accepted a challenge by British tycoon Sir Richard Branson for either one of them to dress up as an airline stewardess should their team finish lower in the 2010 F1 season.
Initially, Lulu was worried for them, because in Malaysia, cross-dressers can and have been charged under Section 21 of the Minor Offences Act 1955.

But after reading this study done on mak nyahs in malaysia,
In Malaysia, mak nyahs can be charged with indecent behaviour, which includes cross-dressing, under Section 21 of the Minor Offences Act 1955. Under this section, they can be fined RM25 to RM50 (approximately US$6.60 to US$13.20). The term ‘indecent behaviour’ has not been defined in the Act, and therefore, it is up to the discretion of the police to determine what constitutes ‘indecent’ behaviour. If the mak nyahs caught by the police are Muslims, they can be sent to the Syariah department to be charged at the Syariah Court for offences against the Islamic law. The penalty incurred could be a fine of between RM800 to RM3,000 (approximately US$210.50 to US$789.50) or imprisonment or both. The Islamic religious authority, like the police, can also carry out raids among the Muslim community to identify wrongdoing against Islam.

About half of the respondents in this study (55%) had been caught by the police at some time. The majority (75%) had been caught on three or fewer occasions. However, 17% had been caught between four and six times, 3% were caught between seven and nine times, and 5% had been caught ten times or more. The main reasons that they had been caught by the police seemed to be for cross-dressing (33%), indecent dressing (18%), prostitution (16%), a drug test, (13%), during a police raid or operation (10%), and loitering late at night (6%).

When they were taken to the police station, 71% had been stripped of their women’s clothing in front of other people, and 10% said that they were forced to wear men's clothes. Nearly half (47%) said that they were shamed in front of other people, 46% said that they were jeered at or discriminated against, and 9% said that they were beaten up. Other problems that they faced whe
n they were at the police station were that they were asked to change religion, invited to have sex, asked to show their breasts and private parts, condemned and teased, had their hair cut short. The point was also made that the police seemed to assume that they were people with loose morals and did not treat them humanely.;wap2

Lulu hopes whoever loses would crossdress in Malaysia air space. And be arrested and charged on cross dressing. This would definetly be given immediate international attention. And Malaysia's usage of Section 21 to charge cross dressing as an indecent act would receive international attention and scrutiny.

But alas, you and Lulu knows, this is Malaysia.
The rich and powerful get away with almost anything.
The authorities will close all eyes on their stunt even as it receives international attention via the papers, news on telly and blogs with lots of photo and video evidence, and the poor mak nyah on the street will continue to face persecution, harrassment and embarassment from the authorities.


Anonymous said...

Lulu, do you think cross dressing should be encouraged? If not, I think you sure agree that we should do something to discourage it or even to stop it.

The problem is, cross dressers keep on increasing even it's wrong. But, if you ever legalized it though, that will not do us good either (I believe)

The only thing left is to make sure that its not criminal - drugs, prostitutes etc although I think that its our disapproval that actually lead them do that.

I just hope that none of my family be that. I also hope the police should treat them better.

Anonymous said...

Tony Fernandes may end up marrying Sir Richard Branson to become Malaysia's second Fatine