Saturday, December 12, 2009

If Lulu Was In An OC Phang Kind Of Mess

The PKFZ controversy arose after the cost to develop the massive 1000-acre integrated cargo distribution hub and industrial park spiraled from RM2 billion to RM4.6 billion. PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services (PwC), commissioned to look into the PKFZ project, estimated that based on current projections of revenue and costs, including interests, the project could eventually cost up to RM12.45bil.

The RM12.45bil bill will be footed by Malaysians - people like you and Lulu, who work day-in day-out hoping for a better future for our next generation.

Former PKA general manager Datin Paduka O.C Phang was charged with three counts of criminal breach of trust (CBT) of three bank accounts:
> between Oct 1, 2004 and Sept 5, 2005 at the PKA offices of RM98,700,000 of funds in a RHB bank account
> between Sept 30, 2005 May 9, 2006 at the PKA offices of RM21,600,000 of funds in a RHB bank account, and
> between Jun 1, 2005 and Jan 13, 2006, at the PKA offices of RM 134,550,000 in a RHB bank account.

Whether she had
a) knowingly participated in it and benefitted from the project personally or through her son-in-law
b) knowlingly participated in it and did not benefit from it but did it because she feared for her life/job/pension
c) watched it happen and did not stop it
d) watched it happen but could not stop it
e) none of the above, you go make one up yourself as option e
she could not have been totally oblivious to all the wrongdoings that was going on for years, unless of course we consider option f) she was totally oblivious to what was happening.

If Lulu were in an OC Phang kind of mess, Lulu would squeal.
Or at least threaten to-lah.
Give out names, bank account numbers, dates, documents, voice recordings, sms-es. everything-anything so that at best, Lulu would be offered immunity so that Lulu'd be able to stay at home to take care of the grandkids and at worse, so that those scumbags would not be free to enjoy theirs millions and billions.

WHy suffer alone, Madam Phang? YOu should not go down alone. Write the book. Maybe a book title like "I Once Was A Port Klang Authority General Manager" and for the Malay version, "Kisah Pengurus Besar Yang Terlampau". Sure can sell one.
Time to bring down the real sharks.


LC Teh said...

If she does it like you say, she will have to consider:
1. the danger of C4
2. doing the disappearing act
3. have to change testimony after the first few appearances in court after her family get mysterious calls
immunity? huh?

wong said...

at 62 yrs old having liver cancer ..what is there to be upright? the future of teh family come 1st...after all, the court will drag and drag by then cancer take closed.

malaysia 1st chinese, 1st woman , ever did a deal ...that put geoge tan, john soh, tony tian , repco lau to shame! next time , don tplay play with woman..they eat u slowly and surely.

Chan said...

Datin Paduka O.C Phang if you are reading this - this is a good suggestion from Lulu - Don't suffer alone! Don't be a scrape goat and get sacrificed alone!

Spill the beans! Yes, you may get immunity. And yes, you may also be convicted - but you go down fighting and bringing down all those big crooks with you.

God will bless you and your children and their children. He has placed you there for a purpose! An this is the purpose - that justice be done through you!

Antares said...

If only OC Phang were as smart as Lulu!

Wan Mohamad Akbar said...

Please Pengurus Besar Yang Terlampau,heed Lulu's advice.why do you want to be the only kambing hitam when you can have more kambing hitam kambing hitam for company?

Chan said...

The poor lady got cancer of the liver? Is that a fact? If this is true I really feel very sorry for her. She must be under a lot of stress.

Anonymous said...

Lulu'd be able to stay at home to take care of the grandkids

Got grandkids olredi?