Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Did The Politician Confuse You Like How He Did Lulu?

On Najib's 100th day as PM, Najib Tun Razak dished out 11 “goodies” to the people.
One of them was a 20% discount for motorists who pay toll 80 times a month via Smart Tag or Touch ’n Go from Sept 1.

On Dec 3rd, at Parliament
Teo asked if the cost of the 20% discount given to frequent highway users was borne by the toll concessionaires or if the government had to pay the concessionaires.
Teo said there were little details on the announcement available, which prompted her to bring up the issue during the debate.
“The deputy minister then replied it was the social responsibility of the toll concessionaires and that the government will not bear the cost of it,” said Teo.
“So it gave us an impression (in the house) that the 20% discount was given by the concession company and the government doesn’t need to pay for it which is good,” she added.
However, Teo said when PJ-Utara MP Tony Pua also raised the same question during the question and answer session; he received a different written reply from the Prime Minister’s department.
“The written reply said that the government will bear the cost of the 20% discount. This is a contrary to the reply given by the deputy minister so who is lying here?
The Sun
Today, the question was brought up again.
And the "esteemed" Deputy Minister said,
The Government has forked out RM1.85mil up till Nov 30 to pay for the 20% rebate given to highway users who pay tolls more than 80 times a month.
Deputy Works Minister Datuk Yong Khoon Seng said a total of 39,811 highway users were given the discounts when they used Touch ‘N’ Go and Smart Tag cards to pay their toll fees since the rebate was introduced on Sept 1.
“There are also other discounts offered to the public by toll concessionaires. Such rebates and discounts are part of their corporate social responsibility,” he said in his written reply to Teo Nie Ching (DAP-Serdang).
Teo had asked who was the party responsible for footing the bill for the discounts enjoyed by frequent highway users.
Yong said there was no confusion over who bore the costs for providing the discounts because both the Government and toll concessionaires paid different types of incentives.
“For example, PLUS Expressways Berhad introduced two rebate programmes to Touch ‘N’ Go and Smart Tag users on their highways -- the PLUSMiles loyalty programme and the PLUS journey incentive which offer discounts of up to20%,” he added.
He said no conflicting issues arose on who should bear the costs of the toll discounts and that the answer he had given in Parliament on the rebates on Nov 30 were in reference to the 20% discount offered by the toll concessionaires.
He had Lulu confused for a while.
Teo Nie Ching's question was who bore 20% discount given to highway users who pay tolls more than 80 times a month. A simple answer, the government would have been clear. No need to bring up PLUSmiles loyalty programme etc.

AND yes.... the government's money is actually our money.

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Anonymous said...

This is really a basket case. UMNO "own" both Plus and BN, and in extension they own the government. Those money are CSR $$ from "BN Government".
So vote PR for higher discount in future.