Sunday, October 04, 2009

This Murugiah Chap Really Worries Lulu

Lulu suspects he "not all there". Many, many screws missing.

In July, a widow’s claim that her late husband had left her RM160 billion in a local bank account was given VIP treatment, by none other than this deputy minister who jadi minister through the backdoor. This Murugiah chap took personal interest in the case and announced to the whole world that he was trying to resolve this widow's claim.

Lulu rolled her eyes as she read of this murugiah, taking the widow's plight to the public.

To start out with, as NST puts it, "The money would also exceed the country’s reserves. According to a Forbes Asia report in May, the richest men in the country were Tan Sri Robert Kuok (Kuok Group) with an estimated worth around RM36 billion, followed by businessman, Ananda Krishnan (RM31.5 billion)."
The jaw-dropping amount exceeds the nation’s reserves and three times more than the combined wealth of Malaysia’s super rich Tan Sri Robert Kuok and Ananda Krishnan.
Sure or not.... her husband so rich? Whilst there are known people whose wealth cannot be ascertained but we all suspect is richer than Ananda Krishnan, [People like a certain former UMNO treasurer cum retired Finance Minister] but to have escaped our radar? A super-duper rich individual whose [suspected] wealth no one ever knew about?

if it was true, then Murugiah, in making this public had just put this widow into extreme danger. She would have been targeted for kidnap.

As it turns out,
THE Port Dickson widow who claimed that her late husband had left her a staggering RM160 billion actually has only RM1,600 in his accounts.
The two banks that were supposedly holding the money in the vaults revealed the paltry sum to her after an investigation.
The hilarious disclosure by the banks brings to an end the 48-year-old woman’s dream of joining the super rich of the world.

Murugiah has done a lot of other stupid things too.

His delusion over his standing in PPP and his great charm and power "saw" him recruiting 42,000 new members. This boast came after he was sacked from the party.

And now Murugiah claims he and his 157,000 supporters would be joining a multiracial party within the Barisan Nasional early next month.
157,000 supporters.

Lulu hopes the receiving party will not be too disappointed then they find out there is no 157,000 more members.
And may Murugiah go the same way as Raymond Tan, into oblivion after leaving/getting sacked from his party in spite of joining another BN party.


-naga- said...

Err.. BN where got multiracial party??

Gerakan possibly.. but then that party is probably in the worst state compared to any other party.

Anonymous said...

lulu ah !
I read a quote from tong G,here it

."Practice the skill of selective listening, Jim Rohn once said.
'Don't spend most of your time on the voices that don't count; voices that are going to add too little worth to your future. Don't waste time on the shallow and the silly. Tune those voices out and tune in the voices that are going to add something to your life'."

So peopl of BP, listen to the voices of PAS,DAP and PKR.Means something to us.
Its meaningless to listen to people/morons from BN,They dont mean anything to the common man/woman.They just want your VOTE and they are OFF TO PLUNDER.
VOTE WISELY. Take what they give,its a refund actually, but VOTE PAS.God bless you and show us the way to get rid of the corrupted at BP and ever onwards.

aawilliam said...

Indian Politic....pathetic!!!

julian said...

welcome back lulu---you have been missing for some time now but not on fb.
any way could inform me which (where) is the multiracial party in bn?????
talking from the wrong side of his body as usual like his bn bosses???? LOL
didnt know you were in my country, else i would have made the trouble to meet you and gang (football)

Ah Beng Crosby said...

He will be lucky if there is 157 people joining him. Another BN clown.

Anonymous said...

Just another Malaysian political joker! How are we going to solve this unique Malaysian problem? or it sickness? Best solution would be to put them a wall, I think. mycuntree

chiaw said...

Who would't get all excited and take all that personal interest when a 10% commission amounts to RM16 billion?