Monday, October 19, 2009

oh Dear, Lulu Hopes They Budgeted Enough Money

The Malaysian Insider understands that earlier in the evening, some members of the public were registering themselves at certain locations throughout the city and were given coupons to collect at least RM30 in exchange for attending the function.
Some government-funded associations, for example, were asked to congregate at a particular location in town where they were given their money and subsequently ferried to the stadium by the busloads.
One member of the public, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told The Malaysian Insider that all he needed to do was to register his name at the location (his was in Sungai Siput), get his coupon and redeem it at a counter outside the stadium for RM30.
“It’s very simple. I got my RM30,” he said happily, adding that it was a fair deal as many people had to travel for some distance to attend the function.
Another member of the public said her association was also asked to attend the function and members were told to assemble outside a Chinese association hall in town to collect their money and use the bus transport.
This could perhaps be the reason behind the scores of buses that were seen ferrying people to the stadium last night.
The large vehicles were also the cause of the uncharacteristically long traffic queues leading towards the venue.
then Lulu saw BH report that "Jumlah kehadiran pada majlis pelancaran luar jangkaan"
IPOH: Kehadiran melebihi 60,000 penduduk negeri ini pada majlis pelancaran gagasan 1Malaysia malam tadi adalah di luar jangkaan dan menunjukkan rakyat memang bersama Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, berkata kehadiran penduduk pelbagai kaum di Stadium Perak itu menunjukkan mereka mahu menjayakan satu cita-cita negara, satu hasrat, satu impian dan satu harapan, iaitu 1Malaysia.
“Ia membuktikan rakyat menyokong Najib yang bukan pemimpin untuk satu kaum, bukan pemimpin untuk satu kumpulan dan bukan pemimpin untuk satu parti.
Lulu suspects they may have blown budget on the paid spectators, and hopes that they will not take the money allocated to the community to pay the rakyat who memang bersama Perdana Menteri.


Anonymous said...

No worries, there is more where it comes from........the Rakyat's Hard Earned Tax money!

Anonymous said...

it seems many towkays have to donate laa ...otherwise !?

Chan said...

They are just outright shameless! RM30.00 x 60,000 = RM 1.8 million! That sum can buy a small boat for the 1Jibby! Now it's all gone in one night! What a waste!!

Chan said...

Aiya sorry-lah ... I think the 60,000 figure must have been cooked ... maybe only RM800,000 given out ... so 1Jibby could have got only a small sampan had they not given out that money.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lulu

Just one simple rally for the
Dear Leader cost at least RM900,000
(calculated by 1 cynic).

Just imagine how much the next General Election is going to cost the tax payer!

Oh, I suppose this is economic stimulus, Malaysian style.

Phua Kai Lit

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Some people are so happy to get a 30rm coupon.A jaga kereta can make 50-70 a night.

Paying people to attend a political function is also a part of money politics.
As Datuk Nazak made a political speech that night therefore it is a political function.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu

Hmmmm .... looks like you have to revise your Economics 101

1. Petrol price will be increased
soon. To raise money to fund
rent-a-crowd events like these.

In Economics, this is called income transfer or "transfer payments" (from well-heeled motorists to low income kampung folk)

2. Vote buying and promises of
goodies in buy-elections

In economics, this is called Keynesian economic stimulus via fiscal policy and accompanying multiplier effect

We can learn valuable lessons in Economics by studying UMNO/BN actions and policies!

Phua Kai Lit

nai said...

but they did not tell us, most of them come with bus sponsored by.....


Mat Tukang said...

Sedih sungguh melihat mereka yang masih mahu menaruh harapan kepada 1M Najib.