Friday, October 09, 2009

Lulu Wondering Why Would Bernama Want To Report That Ling Liong Sik Fractured His Arm

like what one of the comments in Mkini said, like who cares.

then Lulu started wondering, why would Bernama be interested in such un-newsworthy news.
Lulu guesses, with Ling having to make a public appearance at tomorrow's EGM, people are going to speculate what happened to his arm.
Better to announce it to the press that he had a fall in his house in the middle of the night than let people think that hoodlums, gangsters or his wife beat him up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe bernama thought that the big fat man had more news value than BN campain

Anonymous said...

He is a tun after all.... far superior than any ordinary Ahmad, Ah Tong or Putusamy

Anonymous said...

Bernama is stupid....but you are stupidest. Grow up!!!

Anonymous said...

it's a IDtenT issue !

bnaipal said...

Maybe his wife bashed him up!