Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lulu Shuddered When She Read The Headline

she could not help but think of another person who had a 'One People, One Nation, One Leader!' notion, and the devastation he caused because of his vision
heil Najib?
[shudder, shudder]


Antares said...

Oh Lulu... please stop shuddering or I shall have to rush over and comfort you. A long time ago (during Mahathir) I had a nightmare vision in which I realized that many former members of the Third Reich had reincarnated as Umno warlords. Bacteria seek ideal conditions in which to fester.

Anonymous said...

Stay calm Lulu. This is just another sloganism, not much different from dropping Proton over the Northpole. Malaysia Boleh

Obefiend Weiland said...

just a slogan lulu

in the US they have this slogan

"1 People, 1 Nation Under God"

don't read between the line too much. Nationalism isn't that bad. I think we do need a 1Malaysia now. All the racialism must be destroyed. Only when we all call ourselves MAlaysian, can we finally bury the racist past.

Anonymous said...

Ein Pocket, Ein Bank Account, Ein Jib!

Anonymous said...

just a slogan Lulu.

They will not do what they say but they will do what they do not say.

Anonymous said...

a new 'ONE ton mee' noodle stall baru buka !

novice101 said...

'Bendera' of Indonesia agrees with Najib's 1 World concept. But they would like to make Malaysia part of 1 Indonesia first!