Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lulu Says, Yup. After Returning the Bandar Utama Land Back to the Public, Samy Vellu Will Allow PMS Into BN

The Malaysian Makkal Sakthi Party which will be launched on Saturday, is not only confident of winning Indian support but also securing a future for itself in the BN coalition government.
Party founder and national president RS Thanenthiran said the three-month-old party had attracted 50,000 members and predicted that it would reach 100,000 by year-end, going by ground sentiment.

Lulu is like, rolling her eyes round and round, feeling dizzy as this Thanenthiran announces his confidence in joining the BN.

Why on earth would he think that Samy Vellu would allow another indian based party into BN?
Not just Samy, even his successor/replacement would not allow a threat into their zone.
DOes he think he and his Parti Makkal Sakthi is so powerful and influential that they can displace MIC?
DO they think they are so great that they can do what IPF and KIMMA have not been able to?

If anything, Thanenthiran is going to have to get used to being at the front door of BN but never invited in. To be at their beck and call. To run their errands. To sing their high praises.
And maybe, hopefully, to receive $ome of their benefit$ for being a loyal kadam.


Anonymous said...

Another temple demolition avoided despite Umno opposition to new site

Anonymous said...

umno may yet rename PMS as MIC Baru, and replace Samy's MIC with it.

A Single Vote said...

There surely must be a curse on the Indian community in Malaysia, otherwise how can they continue to be conned by one of their own, one after another?

We can understand when the poor in the kampongs get promised heaven and earth for their support but, intellectuals in the cities, or are these really the evil ones who will be taking advantage of those poor souls?

Another curse? Or simply a case of spineless cowards who's not willing to get a job, selling their souls.

Hard to believe there are so many of them though. Parasites!! As if there isn't enough of them in the other parties....

Kang said...

This MMSP is another scumbag to hoodwink the indian. Their leader who his name will even sell their family for money. To tell the indian that they are not a BN lackey is a joke and think all are fool. No dignity and principle at all.