Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lulu Remembers A Piece Of Land In Bandar Utama Held By Samy Vellu

There is a piece of land in Bandar Utama measuring 12,140 sq meters, bordering Effingham Tamil school. It was one of the seven parcels surrendered by Damansara Development Sdn Bhd to the previous useless BN state government to build public amenities.

The previous useless BN state government, confused public interest with political cronies, alienated some parcels to their political allies. The ugly BU8 building you see next to the McD drive-in sits on a piece of land "sold" to Gerakan. [If you sokong this "public amenity", go be a tenant there, or frequent the shops there. else, voice your displeasure by avoiding it for they have taken what could have been a park or a library or something like that from us].

focus Lulu, focus

The piece of land in BU11/1 was somehow sold for RM3 million before 2000, and the registered owners were [gasp] not MIC, but [drumroll] Samy Vellu and three other MIC office-bearers.

Samy then said that they were holding the land in trust for the party.

Of course the people ptui-ed the notion.
1. it was land alienated for public amenity. When a developer develops a taman, he has to set aside land for things like surau, schools, a community hall, parks and a fire station. Its not meant for Gerakan, MIC, car showroom or furniture hall.
2. 12,140 sq m at RM3mil??? You cant even buy 12,140sq ft of land at RM3mil in PJ. Please-lah, that is as good at the Selangor-ians subsidising the land for MIC. And Lulu wonders how much Gerakan paid for theirs. And who is the beneficiary of the other 5 pieces of land. Lulu wants to know
3. Put into Samy Vellu's name????

At that time, Subramaniam was quite lackadaisical in responding to the query about the decision to register it under individual's name.
MIC secretary-general Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam’s explanation that it was an “administrative error” has raised eyebrows.
Subramaniam said the error was brought to the attention of the Selangor Land and Mines director and the MIC was taking steps to rectify it through its lawyers.
“The title deed for the land was issued on July 2005, five years after the application was made and kept in the custody of the party’s property division.
“They, however, overlooked the error in the description of the proprietor,” he said.

Lulu does not think he pursued it enough to at least do right for the party, though all parties are not the most honest of people, he should have at least protected the interest of the party instead of being a running dog for the leader.

And now, Lulu is sure that he regrets it.

A report quotes Samy Vellu as saying: “Both — MIED and AIMST — are NGOs set up by me in my personal capacity when the (Tun Dr Mohamad) Mahathir government excluded the Indian community from the mainstream and MIC could not do anything about this.”

Samy Vellu had said he plans to place the MIED, which owns the multi-million ringgit AIMST University, as well as other NGOs he had established, under a foundation to be chaired by him and other individuals, including foreigners.

“Just because I happened to be MIC president, it does not mean MIED and AIMST belong to MIC,” said Samy Vellu.

Samy Vellu said he would spend “all his time” with the NGOs including MIED and AIMST after he steps down as MIC president “before his term ends in 2012.”

And now, finally, Subramaniam, former MIC deputy president, pucats.
Finally, he has come out "guns ablazing" by "vowing" today to "fight to the end" any attempt by his rival, the MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, to “hijack” the MIED and turn it into a NGO headed by himself.

The thing is, if Subramaniam and all other past, present and future MIC running dogs of Samy Vellu had done the right thing from the start, they would not have to fight this battle now.

Pity you dont have the key into MIC anymore. [or maybe you never did]
if Lulu had an MIC insider, Lulu would get him to korek out what else is there in MIC which Samy owns

a few people have pointed out to lulu that she has confused Dr S Subramaniam, current minister for human resources and S Subramaniam, who lost his bid to be deputy president and is now making the hoohaa.
He kept quiet all these years. Not even lackadaisical, but in his silence, sokong-ed the way the BU land was registered.



Anonymous said...

lulu, in your righteous anger and disgust with these buggers, you confused the two Subramaniams...

one is Dr S Subramaniam...

the other one who recently lost his bid for deputy is S Subramaniam...

lain orang lah...

Anonymous said...

and thats why i stop patronizing oldtown in that corrupt BU8 building.

may be, we should start a nationwide campaign to boycott the tenants in that building, a symbol of CORRUPT Gerakan, led by a spineless president who literally sold off Penang for a pittance.