Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lulu Is Concerned ABout This "Cooling-Off" Period Thingy During Elections

The Election Commission is hoping to re-introduce the "cooling off" period before polling day to prevent harassment of voters by party worker as they head to the polling stations to cast their votes.
This was a suggestion brought up by DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

The proposed cooling off period could be between 24-48 hours between the end of the campaigning periof and polling day.

it is kononnya to "reduce the amount of political rhetoric and tension between the opposing parties while at the same time providing space for the voters to consider their options before they cast their votes on polling day."

in the land where things are fair and just, Lulu would not have a problem with such a proposal.

But this is Malaysia.
Where you know who either owns the tv and radio stations and the print media and what they do not own, they hold the key to approving their license.
During an imposed "cooling period", these no-sense-of-fairness people would be taking advantage of the tv news slot, and also showing "documentaries". they would bombard the press with "news" singing high praises of their own. During the last GE, they had 10min documentaries showing how bad crime is in Kelantan with a dramatisation of a carjacking. During the Permatang Pasir by-election, they were saying all kinds of sweet things about the BN candidate whom they have since disowned.

cooling off period? nah...

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Anonymous said...


I would say you should worry about your DAP first. Your party allowed its logo, the rocket to be used in some restaurant venture in PJ. And worse still, your party allowed the logo to be placed on the floor to be stepped on. The rocket is the symbol of the party struggle and now, it is being stepped on.

And why is DAP in the restaurant business with people with shady backgrounds?? Do you know the shareholders are operating a few illegal businesses in PJ/Aman Suria area?