Monday, October 19, 2009

oh Dear, Lulu Hopes They Budgeted Enough Money

The Malaysian Insider understands that earlier in the evening, some members of the public were registering themselves at certain locations throughout the city and were given coupons to collect at least RM30 in exchange for attending the function.
Some government-funded associations, for example, were asked to congregate at a particular location in town where they were given their money and subsequently ferried to the stadium by the busloads.
One member of the public, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told The Malaysian Insider that all he needed to do was to register his name at the location (his was in Sungai Siput), get his coupon and redeem it at a counter outside the stadium for RM30.
“It’s very simple. I got my RM30,” he said happily, adding that it was a fair deal as many people had to travel for some distance to attend the function.
Another member of the public said her association was also asked to attend the function and members were told to assemble outside a Chinese association hall in town to collect their money and use the bus transport.
This could perhaps be the reason behind the scores of buses that were seen ferrying people to the stadium last night.
The large vehicles were also the cause of the uncharacteristically long traffic queues leading towards the venue.
then Lulu saw BH report that "Jumlah kehadiran pada majlis pelancaran luar jangkaan"
IPOH: Kehadiran melebihi 60,000 penduduk negeri ini pada majlis pelancaran gagasan 1Malaysia malam tadi adalah di luar jangkaan dan menunjukkan rakyat memang bersama Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, berkata kehadiran penduduk pelbagai kaum di Stadium Perak itu menunjukkan mereka mahu menjayakan satu cita-cita negara, satu hasrat, satu impian dan satu harapan, iaitu 1Malaysia.
“Ia membuktikan rakyat menyokong Najib yang bukan pemimpin untuk satu kaum, bukan pemimpin untuk satu kumpulan dan bukan pemimpin untuk satu parti.
Lulu suspects they may have blown budget on the paid spectators, and hopes that they will not take the money allocated to the community to pay the rakyat who memang bersama Perdana Menteri.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lulu Is Concerned ABout This "Cooling-Off" Period Thingy During Elections

The Election Commission is hoping to re-introduce the "cooling off" period before polling day to prevent harassment of voters by party worker as they head to the polling stations to cast their votes.
This was a suggestion brought up by DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

The proposed cooling off period could be between 24-48 hours between the end of the campaigning periof and polling day.

it is kononnya to "reduce the amount of political rhetoric and tension between the opposing parties while at the same time providing space for the voters to consider their options before they cast their votes on polling day."

in the land where things are fair and just, Lulu would not have a problem with such a proposal.

But this is Malaysia.
Where you know who either owns the tv and radio stations and the print media and what they do not own, they hold the key to approving their license.
During an imposed "cooling period", these no-sense-of-fairness people would be taking advantage of the tv news slot, and also showing "documentaries". they would bombard the press with "news" singing high praises of their own. During the last GE, they had 10min documentaries showing how bad crime is in Kelantan with a dramatisation of a carjacking. During the Permatang Pasir by-election, they were saying all kinds of sweet things about the BN candidate whom they have since disowned.

cooling off period? nah...

Monday, October 12, 2009

well... if Lulu Agreed With Their Judgement, Then...

Anyone linked to a syndicate smuggling stolen cars overseas can be held under the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance, the Federal Court ruled today.
Federal Court judge Datuk Gopal Sri Ram said, this was because they posed a threat to public order.
In his 12-page judgment, he said the smuggling activities of syndicates was an obvious potential to disrupt public tranquility as they had the effect of providing thieves and would-be thieves a ready market for the disposal of stolen cars.

A man was detained under ISA for alleged involvement in smuggling stolen cars for export.

He challenged the decision, but his case was dismissed. The Federal Court ruled that anyone linked to a syndicate smuggling stolen cars overseas can be held under the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance because they posed a threat to public order.

Malaysia's favourite judge ruled that
“Because no car may be safe from being either robbed or stolen, and its recovery made impossible by reason of the appellant’s (Darma Suria’s) assistance in their disposal.
“There is no doubt also, that the activity engaged by the appellant had the potential to disrupt the even tempo of the life of the community. The even tempo of life of the community is disrupted when there is serious risk of loss of property through theft,”

Maybe we should put all "3rd person"s in a marriage under ISA. When infidelity happens in a marriage, it wrecks the whole family. There is serious risk that the mariage fails, the family is broken, the children become problematic and lead a life of crime.

Maybe we should put all alleged rapists under ISA too. When rape happens, it disrupts the even tempo of the life of the community. Never mind if the wrong guy was taken in.

Maybe we should ISA all those fellas involved in money politics. The activity engaged by those fellas disrupt the even tempo of the life of the community. Poor-poor UMNO was led into such disarray because of money politics.

Maybe we should ISA the whole PKFZ gang too. What they did, which leads to the loss of billions and billions of the rakyat's money means no money may be safe from being either robbed or stolen and its recovery made impossible.

dunno about you, Lulu thinks theres something not right about this Federal Court judgement, but who is Lulu to disagree with the esteemed learned judges?

Friday, October 09, 2009

Lulu Wondering Why Would Bernama Want To Report That Ling Liong Sik Fractured His Arm

like what one of the comments in Mkini said, like who cares.

then Lulu started wondering, why would Bernama be interested in such un-newsworthy news.
Lulu guesses, with Ling having to make a public appearance at tomorrow's EGM, people are going to speculate what happened to his arm.
Better to announce it to the press that he had a fall in his house in the middle of the night than let people think that hoodlums, gangsters or his wife beat him up.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lulu Says, Yup. After Returning the Bandar Utama Land Back to the Public, Samy Vellu Will Allow PMS Into BN

The Malaysian Makkal Sakthi Party which will be launched on Saturday, is not only confident of winning Indian support but also securing a future for itself in the BN coalition government.
Party founder and national president RS Thanenthiran said the three-month-old party had attracted 50,000 members and predicted that it would reach 100,000 by year-end, going by ground sentiment.

Lulu is like, rolling her eyes round and round, feeling dizzy as this Thanenthiran announces his confidence in joining the BN.

Why on earth would he think that Samy Vellu would allow another indian based party into BN?
Not just Samy, even his successor/replacement would not allow a threat into their zone.
DOes he think he and his Parti Makkal Sakthi is so powerful and influential that they can displace MIC?
DO they think they are so great that they can do what IPF and KIMMA have not been able to?

If anything, Thanenthiran is going to have to get used to being at the front door of BN but never invited in. To be at their beck and call. To run their errands. To sing their high praises.
And maybe, hopefully, to receive $ome of their benefit$ for being a loyal kadam.

Lulu Shuddered When She Read The Headline

she could not help but think of another person who had a 'One People, One Nation, One Leader!' notion, and the devastation he caused because of his vision
heil Najib?
[shudder, shudder]

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lulu Remembers A Piece Of Land In Bandar Utama Held By Samy Vellu

There is a piece of land in Bandar Utama measuring 12,140 sq meters, bordering Effingham Tamil school. It was one of the seven parcels surrendered by Damansara Development Sdn Bhd to the previous useless BN state government to build public amenities.

The previous useless BN state government, confused public interest with political cronies, alienated some parcels to their political allies. The ugly BU8 building you see next to the McD drive-in sits on a piece of land "sold" to Gerakan. [If you sokong this "public amenity", go be a tenant there, or frequent the shops there. else, voice your displeasure by avoiding it for they have taken what could have been a park or a library or something like that from us].

focus Lulu, focus

The piece of land in BU11/1 was somehow sold for RM3 million before 2000, and the registered owners were [gasp] not MIC, but [drumroll] Samy Vellu and three other MIC office-bearers.

Samy then said that they were holding the land in trust for the party.

Of course the people ptui-ed the notion.
1. it was land alienated for public amenity. When a developer develops a taman, he has to set aside land for things like surau, schools, a community hall, parks and a fire station. Its not meant for Gerakan, MIC, car showroom or furniture hall.
2. 12,140 sq m at RM3mil??? You cant even buy 12,140sq ft of land at RM3mil in PJ. Please-lah, that is as good at the Selangor-ians subsidising the land for MIC. And Lulu wonders how much Gerakan paid for theirs. And who is the beneficiary of the other 5 pieces of land. Lulu wants to know
3. Put into Samy Vellu's name????

At that time, Subramaniam was quite lackadaisical in responding to the query about the decision to register it under individual's name.
MIC secretary-general Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam’s explanation that it was an “administrative error” has raised eyebrows.
Subramaniam said the error was brought to the attention of the Selangor Land and Mines director and the MIC was taking steps to rectify it through its lawyers.
“The title deed for the land was issued on July 2005, five years after the application was made and kept in the custody of the party’s property division.
“They, however, overlooked the error in the description of the proprietor,” he said.

Lulu does not think he pursued it enough to at least do right for the party, though all parties are not the most honest of people, he should have at least protected the interest of the party instead of being a running dog for the leader.

And now, Lulu is sure that he regrets it.

A report quotes Samy Vellu as saying: “Both — MIED and AIMST — are NGOs set up by me in my personal capacity when the (Tun Dr Mohamad) Mahathir government excluded the Indian community from the mainstream and MIC could not do anything about this.”

Samy Vellu had said he plans to place the MIED, which owns the multi-million ringgit AIMST University, as well as other NGOs he had established, under a foundation to be chaired by him and other individuals, including foreigners.

“Just because I happened to be MIC president, it does not mean MIED and AIMST belong to MIC,” said Samy Vellu.

Samy Vellu said he would spend “all his time” with the NGOs including MIED and AIMST after he steps down as MIC president “before his term ends in 2012.”

And now, finally, Subramaniam, former MIC deputy president, pucats.
Finally, he has come out "guns ablazing" by "vowing" today to "fight to the end" any attempt by his rival, the MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, to “hijack” the MIED and turn it into a NGO headed by himself.

The thing is, if Subramaniam and all other past, present and future MIC running dogs of Samy Vellu had done the right thing from the start, they would not have to fight this battle now.

Pity you dont have the key into MIC anymore. [or maybe you never did]
if Lulu had an MIC insider, Lulu would get him to korek out what else is there in MIC which Samy owns

a few people have pointed out to lulu that she has confused Dr S Subramaniam, current minister for human resources and S Subramaniam, who lost his bid to be deputy president and is now making the hoohaa.
He kept quiet all these years. Not even lackadaisical, but in his silence, sokong-ed the way the BU land was registered.


Monday, October 05, 2009

Lulu Wonders, If Like That, How KTK Can Stand Up to UMNO's Bullying Chauvanistic Ways

Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon yesterday related his scary moments near the Bagan Pinang by-election nomination centre on Saturday when opposition members and supporters turned unruly.
Koh, who is also minister in the Prime Minister's Department, said he was being driven in his official car when hundreds of opposition supporters blocked the road leading to the Port Dickson Municipal Council building where the nomination process was taking place.
"A pool of Pas supporters were gathered in the middle of the road. They were shouting and my driver had to remove my official number plate. They booed at us so we decided to park at a nearby Petronas kiosk.
"The situation was rather hostile. They were yelling and showing vulgar signs. Shortly afterwards, it rained heavily and the crowd dispersed so we took the opportunity to leave the station and continued our journey to the nomination centre," Koh said after attending a Rukun Tetangga function here.
Koh admitted that he was scared and worried during the incident as the opposition supporters were very aggressive.
if, sitting in his mahal ministry car, just jeers and vulgar words, and he cant tahan, then Lulu is entitled to thinks that he is a benar-benar penakut. He'd rather tak mengaku jadi menteri than to face the crowd bold like how a man would.

Lulu does not expect him to be able to stand up against these even more scary bullies

and defend what he believes is true and right.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

This Murugiah Chap Really Worries Lulu

Lulu suspects he "not all there". Many, many screws missing.

In July, a widow’s claim that her late husband had left her RM160 billion in a local bank account was given VIP treatment, by none other than this deputy minister who jadi minister through the backdoor. This Murugiah chap took personal interest in the case and announced to the whole world that he was trying to resolve this widow's claim.

Lulu rolled her eyes as she read of this murugiah, taking the widow's plight to the public.

To start out with, as NST puts it, "The money would also exceed the country’s reserves. According to a Forbes Asia report in May, the richest men in the country were Tan Sri Robert Kuok (Kuok Group) with an estimated worth around RM36 billion, followed by businessman, Ananda Krishnan (RM31.5 billion)."
The jaw-dropping amount exceeds the nation’s reserves and three times more than the combined wealth of Malaysia’s super rich Tan Sri Robert Kuok and Ananda Krishnan.
Sure or not.... her husband so rich? Whilst there are known people whose wealth cannot be ascertained but we all suspect is richer than Ananda Krishnan, [People like a certain former UMNO treasurer cum retired Finance Minister] but to have escaped our radar? A super-duper rich individual whose [suspected] wealth no one ever knew about?

if it was true, then Murugiah, in making this public had just put this widow into extreme danger. She would have been targeted for kidnap.

As it turns out,
THE Port Dickson widow who claimed that her late husband had left her a staggering RM160 billion actually has only RM1,600 in his accounts.
The two banks that were supposedly holding the money in the vaults revealed the paltry sum to her after an investigation.
The hilarious disclosure by the banks brings to an end the 48-year-old woman’s dream of joining the super rich of the world.

Murugiah has done a lot of other stupid things too.

His delusion over his standing in PPP and his great charm and power "saw" him recruiting 42,000 new members. This boast came after he was sacked from the party.

And now Murugiah claims he and his 157,000 supporters would be joining a multiracial party within the Barisan Nasional early next month.
157,000 supporters.

Lulu hopes the receiving party will not be too disappointed then they find out there is no 157,000 more members.
And may Murugiah go the same way as Raymond Tan, into oblivion after leaving/getting sacked from his party in spite of joining another BN party.