Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maybe Lulu Was Wrong

in august, the Home Ministry has posted a notice of 1,669 applicants who have been shortlisted for the citizenship interview in the newspapers to announce the interview, which is the last step in the process of applying for Malaysian citizenship.

Lulu remembered the plight of many orang asals in Peninsular and Sabah & Sarawak who were born in the interior and their birth was not registered. Also the poor who were born in born at home and their parents were too poor and too uneducated to understand the importance of registering their children. There are also some unwed mothers who were shamed into not registering their newborn.
A combination of reasons have caused Malaysian-born Malaysians to not have their birth registered, resulting in no birth certificate, followed by no MyKad/IC which means, no citizenship.

So, Lulu took a glance at the name list, which can be viewed here.

Lulu was kinda disappointed. The names looked kinda like those from our neighbour.
It didnt look right.

Today, the papers reported 92 new Malaysian citizens.
The Star's pictures were full of new Chinese citizens, the NST chose new Indian citizens.
Maybe Lulu was wrong.
Maybe they werent trying to legalise our neighbours

Either that or this is the 1st batch PR blitz to potray a 1Malaysia, and the subsequent batches would be more reflective of those whose name dominate the senarai nama.


Anonymous said...

Wayang Kulit show time! Menteri Tolong. (yang pelak tu cakap 'Mentali Tololll' hooray!!!!!)

Tak nak bagi tak payah bagi lah kerakyatan kepada kaum Cina yang tinggal puluhan tahun tu. Berpuluh ribu cuma bagi 20-30 orang nak dapat nama baik ke? Buat apa busukkan nama sendiri pecah rahsia yang puluhan ribu Cina dari zaman Jepun masih pegang IC merah tak dibagi IC biru.

Kenapa jual ratus ribu IC pada Indo yang tak taat pun pada kita. Untuk galakan lebih ramai pemecah rumah dan perompak? Masakan Passpot mereka boleh lupa dan lari keluar masuk Indo sesuka hati.

Dah ramai pun kaum cina yang telah masuk kubur dengan I.C merahnya sekali.

Yang minat hanya zombie tua yang nak lari keluar negara ikut anak yang telah bermastautin.

Yang miskin tak peduli pun apa warna IC tu, apa value IC biru yang dikatakan berharga tu. Apa faedahnya, sila senaraikan? Undi BN?

Anak Penyu

anonymous dud said...

give citizenship to malaysian professionals married foreigners also wrong, sigh....

anonymous dud said...

give citizenship to malaysian professionals married foreigners also wrong, sigh....

Anonymous said...

The Star "borrowed" personnel from Wah Lai Toi, the NST borrow the cast from Astro Vaanavil. The actual ppl are really from RTM1!

CK said...

well Lulu...
this happened since the Project IC since TDM days...

Sh said...

I was totally shocked when i looked at the list!
Why are we taking in "Indonesians"???
Why are we replacing our brain drained professionals with construction workers?

anonymous dud said...

what brain drained professionals you're talking about. malaysia is not little china or little india you know. not all indons are labourers. we have some indons produce great leaders, like dr khir and syed hamid!

tomatoinc said...

dear lulu,

You got it wrong. The list has more Indonesians than any other group of people.

Malaysia Bolhe! ops. it is Ganyang Malaysia!