Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lulu Would Also Be Most Embarassed If She Behaved Like This

i wonder if they have friends of other races. friends who worship in temples and churches.


  1. TEMPLE - Selangor townhall meeting to discuss Hindu temple relocation ends without resolution.
  2. FLASH - Selangor ruler also wants explanation on mosque officials enforcing no drinking rules.
  3. FLASH - Selangor PAS chief Hassan Ali summoned to palace over beer sales & cow-head issues.
  4. TEMPLE - MB Khalid led away by his aides as discussions continue in the hall.
  5. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters asking the panellists to bar the media from publishing today's meeting.
  6. TEMPLE - MB Khalid assures the crowd he will have a dialogue with them before making a decision.
  7. TEMPLE - MB Khalid asks crowd to stop discussing the issue, he will fimd a way to settle the issue without dividing the 2 communities.
  8. TEMPLE - Arguments break out, tensions rising as MB Khalid appeals for calm.
  9. TEMPLE - Crowd mocking an Indian, who said Indians can tolerate the 5 azans a day - causing scuffle to break out.
  10. TEMPLE - S23 Indian resident says he represents 43 families there & they want Hindu temple in S23.
  11. TEMPLE - MB Khalid says state will also find a solution to finding a new site for Hindu temple.
  12. TEMPLE - MB Khalid says PKNS must find a solution but crowd remains unhappy.
  13. TEMPLE - MB Khalid says state government will rethink their decision.
  14. TEMPLE - The crowd invoking name of the Selangor sultan, saying the state failed to listen to him about deciding the issue carefully.
  15. TEMPLE - MP Khalid explains options but crowd rejecting the proposals.
  16. TEMPLE - PKNS official says hoarding around temple site is to prevent trespass, no construction has started yet.
  17. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters accuse Rodziah of not getting feedback from them, as they shout "Tipu!"
  18. TEMPLE - Batu Tiga rep Rodziah is addressing the crowd now.
  19. TEMPLE - Same group of protesters keep disrupting the dialogue.
  20. TEMPLE - MP Khalid addresses the crowd.
  21. TEMPLE - A 'cow-head' protester takes off his shoe & shows it to MP Khalid.
  22. TEMPLE - A woman gets emotional, saying their rights are neglected & implied house prices will drop, crime rate will rise due to temple.
  23. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters now mocking Batu Tiga rep Rodziah Ismail.
  24. TEMPLE - Tense situation eases as MBSA enforcement officers step in to defuse confrontation.
  25. TEMPLE - Indian home owner now confronting a 'cow-head' protester in hall.
  26. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters now happy with MP Khalid's explanation.
  27. TEMPLE - Crowd saying no need for a Hindu temple.
  28. TEMPLE - 3rd man says Pakatan Rakyat victimising the residents. Shah Alam MP Khalid responds.
  29. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters now shouting racial & obscene slurs to Shah Alam MP Khalid.
  30. TEMPLE - 2nd man calls decision-makers stupid, causing disharmony among Malay & Indian neighbours.
  31. TEMPLE - Q & A. One man says he is not from Umno, wants the temple built in non-Muslim majority area.
  32. TEMPLE - MB Khalid presses on with Q & A session on temple relocation issue.
  33. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters get rowdier, standing on chairs & shouting.
  34. TEMPLE - MB Khalid appealing for calm but crowd ignoring him.
  35. TEMPLE - MBSA enforcement officers stepping in to keep crowd away from the hall podium.
  36. TEMPLE - Meeting turning rowdy with scuffles in hall, crowd asking Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad to get out.
  37. TEMPLE - MB Khalid telling the crowd that they all will have an opportunity to speak at townhall meeting.
  38. TEMPLE - MB Khalid appeals for calm.
  39. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters mocking MB Khalid as he addresses townhall meeting.
  40. TEMPLE - MB Khalid to speak but certain section of crowd shouting "Bodoh!"
  41. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters hijacking townhall meeting, refusing to listen to others.
  42. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters want temple relocation project cancelled.
  43. TEMPLE - Moderator asking them to be calm.
  44. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters say they never agreed to the temple, shouting "Penipu!"
  45. TEMPLE - More jeering as MB Khalid asks group to respect those who want to listen to briefing.
  46. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters shouting for Hindu temple to be relocated to MB Khalid Ibrahim's residence.
  47. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters continue shouting & jeering in townhall meeting.
  48. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters using any opportunity to disrupt townhall meeting.
  49. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters don't appear to care about briefing, mocking Shah Alam mayor Mazalan Md Noor, who explains issue's history.
  50. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters in the hall are getting restless as Shah Alam mayor speaks.
  51. TEMPLE - Shah Alam mayor addressing the crowd but certain section ask him to get to the point to start the dialogue.
  52. TEMPLE - Some 300 S23 residents in MBSA hall for temple townhall meeting, small group demonstrating their dislike for temple.
  53. TEMPLE - More shouting in the hall!
  54. TEMPLE - Some of the protesters had earlier intimidated a woman, chasing her out of hall when she couldn't say if she was a S23 resident.
  55. TEMPLE - Some of last week's protesters are in the MBSA hall, booing MB Khalid Ibrahim, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad & Shah Alam mayor.
  56. TEMPLE - MBSA officials allow only 1 from each household, ensuring all are registered. Some shouting in the hall.
  57. TEMPLE - Calm restored as some youths loiter outside MBSA hall entrance.
  58. TEMPLE - Arguments breaking out at entrance of MBSA hall where townhall meeting taking place.
  59. TEMPLE - Selangor government starts townhall meeting with Section 23 residents disputing relocation of Sri Mahamariamman temple.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu, I am Hindu. I believe with the amount of vitriol and hatred the muslim S23 residents have demonstrated, maybe it is better to step down and rethink the relocation.
Sure, it is giving in to bullies!
But imagine the harassment the temple and devotees will have to endure if the temple is built.
Sometimes, we have to choose our battles.

Anonymous said...

What you see is what the chinese and indian are expressing towards malay now while taking refuge behind the malay pakatan politics.

We do not see things like this happening during bn and especially Mahathir's time.

The Chinese and Indian have pushed the Malays too far. May 13 will repeat itself. I can see. There is no need to spin and blame anyone but the Chinese and Indian.

Learn to accept and tolerate. Otherwise everyone will lose. Malays were forced to accept the Chinese and Indians. Learn to respect our compromise.

This place was once called Tanah Melayu! Today the CHinese and Indian are even trying to refute that history.

Anonymous said...

hep hep hep hurray, the cow-head protesters have won , tks to the 2 supporting ministers !!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

They (umno)wants to provokes the Hindus and starts a reaction.
This way , Selangor can be control under the emergency act.
This is where the federal govt will walks all over Selangor.
If the residents really and truly against the idea of having a temple .
They would have behaves and rejects the temple by balloting.
Those who attended the "meeting" are not the common Malays but umno's malay.
I am sure MBSA have a list of attendees. Check their name with umno's membership roll.
It is all about politics .
This explains as to why Semi the Value is hiding far away from this.
He is and still is a motor mouth , this type of issue it is not normal for him to keeps his quiet. Looks at how loud he did for the Kg.Buah Pala.

This is a very sinister plot umno is playing and it is endorsed by datuk Nazak.
Look at how fast the polis arrested the candle lights marchers , in a mere 10 seconds.
And now take a look at how "fast" the polis will arrest the kepala lembu people...
It is a political plot.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this kind of thing in many third world countries. I wonder if this isthe beginning of the 'politics of fear'. We must be vigilant and should not fall into the trap. Once we allow that the rest as they say will be history. Ramalx

Fadhli said...

Hi, I am a resident of Section 19. For what I can see here, the ones instigating and provoking hatred are the local gangsters. Believe me, these are samseng kampung types of people. They are not the voice of the majority.

Love & Peace.

Zanie said...

Anon 4.30 pm.

Focus on the issue! The issue here is the relocation of a Hindu temple. Why it needs to be relocated the first place? Because the malays in sec 19 complained that it's too close to their door, only 20 feet away! Plus there are only a small number of Indians there, the temple doesn't serve its purpose by being there!

The issue had been voiced during even during under BN's rule but what did BN do? Nothing!

Now, the two Khalids only want to move it to a better location, some 300 meters away from the residents of sec 23, in a place where Indian makes up one third of the people there. Sadly UMNO, being a bully head for so long cannot help but hired thugs to destroy the plan.

Sad day for malaysia and for you to compare both parties in such a manner only shows how stupid you are. Indians are tolerant enough to let their 150 year old temple to be moved but the Malays.. they are just plain racist!

Anonymous said...

anon 4.13,

you must be really proud of race when that guy pulled the chair....

ThinKing said...

Anon 4:13

Your sweeping statements do nothing but reveal your biases towards all Malaysians, including those of Malay, Chinese and Indian descent.

Many Malays are very unhappy at the uncouth behaviour shown by the Shah Alam protesters. They have clearly voiced their opinions (all you have to do is google it to read some). Just because the mainstream media refuse to print or report on it doesn't mean it's not there. Mahathir enforced laws which kept a tight rein on freedom of speech and on the media, ensuring they reported only the things he wanted them to report, and that the people only heard and read the things he wanted them to hear. Please don't expose your ignorance by making statements on par with just-because-you-don't-see-it,-it-doesn't-exist. You don't see the wind, but you can feel it, can't you?

Also, please stop using the tired old hypocritical excuse that the protesters are being provoked to violence. If we accept that premise, then everyone should be allowed to bring a parang to meetings because if anyone does not like what other people are saying, they can just start chopping away. Wonderful. At that rate, there won't be anyone left alive before long.

One of the characteristics of a civil society supposed to be mutual respect towards each other. You mentioned acceptance and tolerance but forgot to mention that it's a two-way street.

I am disgusted you also had the gall to generalise that Malays are being victimised by Malaysian Chinese and Indians, thus effectively discounting the contributions and sacrifices of generations of Malaysians of non-Malay descent who sowed blood, sweat and tears into this country we all call home. You justify your bile by saying Malays were "forced" to accept non-Malays. Our founding fathers of independence never said or implied that. In our constitution, it's clear they wanted to leave this race-based mentality behind to forge a new shared identity as Malaysians. It is clearly stated that ppl residing in West Malaysia at the time of independence, or born there after independence would be identified as Malaysians.

It's pointless to play that naming game about who was here first, but since you brought it up, what about the Orang Asli then? No one ever asks them what they call their land before ancient traders started calling it Tanah Melayu.

Anon, get out from under your coconut shell and open your eyes. You may be very surprised to find out that the world is so much bigger.

Anonymous said...

PURE biadab!

Anonymous said...

wat sort of agama lessons they have learnt ah /?