Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lulu Wonders If The People In The Kampung, In the Interior, In Sabah, In Sarawak Dare to Brave It Without ME

Selamat Hari Malaysia
Lulu hopes "ME" would remember that they are not the only option the people have, and start being nicer to the people


Anonymous said...

Hey Lulu,

Is it true ah that we must get the Penang State government permission if we want to use the word 'Penang' for functions, events etc etc etc???

What are you people in DAP doing in Penang la? I mean if I want to open a store to sell Penang Prawn Mee, I must go get the Pg State government ok ah???

If true, you all in DAP have the makings of BN.

So, true or not?

thinKing said...

Nicely done, Lulu. It's the perfect comic strip and caption to illustrate the political situation in East Malaysia.

julian said...

i get your message girl and it's a good one lol