Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lulu Thinks They're Really Nasty

Simmering tension over Section 19 temple
Rahmah Ghazali & Salhan K Ahmad
Sep 7, 09
Tension over the 150-year-old Sri Mariamman Temple in Section 19 had apparently been simmering even before the recent 'cow-head' protest over its proposed relocation to Section 23, Shah Alam.

Temple committee president A Selvakumaran today revealed that Malay NGO Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) had erected a zinc fence (painted blue in photo) early this year across part of the land on which the temple is situated.

This, he said, had resulted in the loss of a 'car park' for devotees, who now find it more difficult to attend services at the temple.

“We complained about it to the police and Shah Alam City Council, but until now no action has been taken,” he said when contacted.

Worshippers now have to park their vehicles in the surrounding residential area, which causes traffic congestion especially during festivals.

“This is why we have to seek a police permit every time there is a festival, so that they can assist us with the traffic,” said Selvakumaran.

Devotees are also forced to resort to park their vehicles in the residential area on other occasions.

“Thank god, they (residents) are very understanding because they have known about (the temple's existence) for a long time,” said Selvakumaran.

However, the authorities have decided to relocate the temple, as it is within a residential area and because of traffic congestion during the observance of religious festivals.

Pewaris: It's our right

Pewaris, meanwhile, said it has a right to erect the fence as the land “belongs to the State Development Corporation (PKNS), and not to the temple”.

Pewaris spokesperson Nadzim Johan said when contacted that the fence was built to create a space for residents in the neighbourhood, for “physical activities, gatherings or ceremonies”.

“Although we were not authorised to (build the fence), they (authorities) should allow the land to be used by the residents because the temple is also borrowing the land from PKNS,” he said.

A signboard identifies the Pewaris-occupied site as Tapak Gelanggang Pewaris and states that the facility was officially opened on Jan 10.

Nadzim went on to deny that the erection of the fence has led to problems for Hindu worshippers.

“They can still park their vehicles on both sides of the road. Besides, we don't want them to expand the temple,” he added.


Anonymous said...

Bagi petis nak peha, religious tolerance ,my foot!!!

Anonymous said...

Lulu, don't you agree that traffic congestion is the most stupid and absurd reason used for ejecting the location of the temple. We put up with traffic congestion every Friday of the year, and I never complain.So what's up?

ThinKing said...

I am disgusted with Pewaris. Kurang ajar, the lot of them.

Antares said...

Nasty nasty Nazis... that's the (Em)barisan Nazi-anal for ya!

Anonymous said...

On Fridays, traffic rules don't apply near certain worship areas. Left, right, centre, 3 line become 1 lane etc. And most if not all Malaysians are understanding and never make a fuss.

Anonymous said...