Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lulu Worries If A Wicked CJ Takes Over

Lulu felt a bit something not right when she read this earlier in the month
Sunday September 6, 2009
Judges ordered out
KUALA LUMPUR: Two judges to go, two court staff members sacked and some demoted.
This is the disciplinary action taken so far as the Chief Justice sets new standards to weed out the “grossly inefficient”.
Justice Tun Zaki Azmi is sending out a strong message to the judges and court staff - shape up or ship out.
He has been monitoring their performance since he became the head of the judiciary last year.
Zaki confirmed, in an interview, that two High Court judges had been asked to leave the judiciary on their own accord.
Yes, currently, we may have faith and confidence in the current Chief Justice Tan Sri Zaki, who we all know is a learned man, having had no experience as a judge and yet was appointed directly as Federal Court judge in September 2007 and given a quintuple jump as Chief Justice in a matter of 13 months, and who in spite of having been a former UMNO Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pemilihan and a former Disciplinary Committee Chairman, is a fair man and will not be involved in any UMNO-type cases.
A good man.
One whose years in the private sector exposed him to the shortcomings of the courts and now being in a position to make things right, has done so.
For example, when he was the president of the Court of Appeal, in a matter of two and a half months, he sorted out 50,000 files (volumes) and reduced the number of clerks assigned to handle the files from 13 to only two.
A man willing to make changes.

So, maybe his decision to encourage two "grossly inefficient" judges to retire should be lauded and supported by us. Rid the deadwood! Retire them early.

what if we had a corrupt Chief Justice?
Just because Tan Sri Zaki is a man of integrity does not necesarily mean that his successor would be one too.
what if we had a corrupt judge who was beholden to his masters who raised him up from nowhere to become CJ?
what if this corrupt CJ wanted to send a signal to all the judges that they are to toe the line? to toe HIS line?
what if this corrupt CJ tells the other judge, watch me in action, and know that this could happen to you too

Art Harun, who is a lawyer, blogged about this too here.
he writes,
Judges are well protected under the law. And it is not any insignificant law at that. They are protected by no less than our Federal Constitution. Under Article 127 for instance, the conduct of a Judge cannot even be discussed by Parliament without a notice of a substantive motion being given by not less than a quarter of the total number of Parliamentarians. Also, a Judge cannot be dismissed except by His Majesty the King upon a recommendation by a tribunal established under Article 125.
Such is the protection accorded to Judges. This is necessary in order to prevent the Executives (the Government) from interfering with the Judiciary by asserting powers of dismissal or transfer at its own whims and fancies. Nevertheless, with compliant cohorts, 1988 has proven that despite such protection, the system could still be breached!
It is therefore imperative that any decision to remove any Judges, whether by reasons of misbehaviour or wrongdoings, must be done, and ONLY be done, in accordance with the procedure enshrined in the Federal Constitution. It does not speak volume for us to say that the procedure would be too expensive, time consuming or cumbersome. It is there for a reason.
Yes, Tan Sri Zaki is correct. The judiciary needs to be revamped.
But the procedures are stated out in the Federal Constitution.
We may today have this wise, intelligent and full of integrity Tan Sri Zaki making this decision to clean it up, but it may set a precedent for a crooked greedy corrupt CJ to invoke in the future.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lulu Was Wondering, Why He Hide His Face Like Those People Who Are Being Charged In Court

the pictures below are of an MACC officer.
Lulu was wondering, why-lah, he hide his face like that. Afterall, he's a witness, not a suspect.

Then Lulu remembered. Looking at how they treated Teoh Beng Hock, there is little difference between a suspect and a witness. Maybe he got confused and thought he was a suspect too.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maybe Lulu Was Wrong

in august, the Home Ministry has posted a notice of 1,669 applicants who have been shortlisted for the citizenship interview in the newspapers to announce the interview, which is the last step in the process of applying for Malaysian citizenship.

Lulu remembered the plight of many orang asals in Peninsular and Sabah & Sarawak who were born in the interior and their birth was not registered. Also the poor who were born in born at home and their parents were too poor and too uneducated to understand the importance of registering their children. There are also some unwed mothers who were shamed into not registering their newborn.
A combination of reasons have caused Malaysian-born Malaysians to not have their birth registered, resulting in no birth certificate, followed by no MyKad/IC which means, no citizenship.

So, Lulu took a glance at the name list, which can be viewed here.

Lulu was kinda disappointed. The names looked kinda like those from our neighbour.
It didnt look right.

Today, the papers reported 92 new Malaysian citizens.
The Star's pictures were full of new Chinese citizens, the NST chose new Indian citizens.
Maybe Lulu was wrong.
Maybe they werent trying to legalise our neighbours

Either that or this is the 1st batch PR blitz to potray a 1Malaysia, and the subsequent batches would be more reflective of those whose name dominate the senarai nama.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lulu Wonders If The People In The Kampung, In the Interior, In Sabah, In Sarawak Dare to Brave It Without ME

Selamat Hari Malaysia
Lulu hopes "ME" would remember that they are not the only option the people have, and start being nicer to the people

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lulu Does Not Appreciate Khairy's Accusation

As of 16 July 2002, registration for tempat mengundi follows your MyKad address.
Unless you are the PM's new bride and the hubby is eager for you to vote in hubby's constituency, Lulu not sure how you can manipulate the system. Especially if you are from the [dread, dread, shudder-shudder] DAP.

maybe Khairy should use his powerful position and influence to make changes with SPR. A simple but effective way would be to link up the SPR database with NRD [national registration department]. With a common database, SPR list will be updated when someone dies and mistakes from data entry can be reduced.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lulu Wonders If Najib Realises He Just Flushed John Ambrose's Taskforce Down The Toilet Bowl

Sep 10, 09 10:54pm
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said Umno is truly an Islamic party although it does not use the 'Islamic label' in championing the cause of Islam and the country.
Mkini - Najib: Umno is an Islamic party
rewind to Tuesday October 28, 2008 MYT 2:53:29 PM
Sabah Umno out to woo non-Muslim bumiputras

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Umno is setting up a special taskforce to attract more non-Muslim bumiputras from the state’s ethnic communities such as the Kadazandusuns and Muruts.

Penampang Umno chief Datuk John Ambrose, the party’s first non-Muslim division chairman, said the move was aimed at strengthening Umno in the state.

Opening the Penampang Umno meeting at Kampung Limbanak here on Monday, he said both party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had given the green light for setting up the taskforce.

“Sabah Umno is open to all races as the party fights for the rights of all bumiputras in the state. If Umno in Sabah is just serving one community, what would happen to the others?” he said.

John said Najib was scheduled to launch the taskforce in the remote interior district of Pensiangan soon.

He said Pensiangan was among eight of Sabah Umno’s 25 divisions where there were large numbers of non-Muslim bumiputras. The others were Penampang, Tenom, Papar, Kota Belud, Keningau, Kota Marudu and Kudat.

John said the primary objective of the taskforce would be to create awareness among non-Muslim bumiputras that Umno was open to them and that the party’s struggles was not merely for any particular community.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lulu Thinks They're Really Nasty

Simmering tension over Section 19 temple
Rahmah Ghazali & Salhan K Ahmad
Sep 7, 09
Tension over the 150-year-old Sri Mariamman Temple in Section 19 had apparently been simmering even before the recent 'cow-head' protest over its proposed relocation to Section 23, Shah Alam.

Temple committee president A Selvakumaran today revealed that Malay NGO Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) had erected a zinc fence (painted blue in photo) early this year across part of the land on which the temple is situated.

This, he said, had resulted in the loss of a 'car park' for devotees, who now find it more difficult to attend services at the temple.

“We complained about it to the police and Shah Alam City Council, but until now no action has been taken,” he said when contacted.

Worshippers now have to park their vehicles in the surrounding residential area, which causes traffic congestion especially during festivals.

“This is why we have to seek a police permit every time there is a festival, so that they can assist us with the traffic,” said Selvakumaran.

Devotees are also forced to resort to park their vehicles in the residential area on other occasions.

“Thank god, they (residents) are very understanding because they have known about (the temple's existence) for a long time,” said Selvakumaran.

However, the authorities have decided to relocate the temple, as it is within a residential area and because of traffic congestion during the observance of religious festivals.

Pewaris: It's our right

Pewaris, meanwhile, said it has a right to erect the fence as the land “belongs to the State Development Corporation (PKNS), and not to the temple”.

Pewaris spokesperson Nadzim Johan said when contacted that the fence was built to create a space for residents in the neighbourhood, for “physical activities, gatherings or ceremonies”.

“Although we were not authorised to (build the fence), they (authorities) should allow the land to be used by the residents because the temple is also borrowing the land from PKNS,” he said.

A signboard identifies the Pewaris-occupied site as Tapak Gelanggang Pewaris and states that the facility was officially opened on Jan 10.

Nadzim went on to deny that the erection of the fence has led to problems for Hindu worshippers.

“They can still park their vehicles on both sides of the road. Besides, we don't want them to expand the temple,” he added.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lulu Would Also Be Most Embarassed If She Behaved Like This

i wonder if they have friends of other races. friends who worship in temples and churches.


  1. TEMPLE - Selangor townhall meeting to discuss Hindu temple relocation ends without resolution.
  2. FLASH - Selangor ruler also wants explanation on mosque officials enforcing no drinking rules.
  3. FLASH - Selangor PAS chief Hassan Ali summoned to palace over beer sales & cow-head issues.
  4. TEMPLE - MB Khalid led away by his aides as discussions continue in the hall.
  5. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters asking the panellists to bar the media from publishing today's meeting.
  6. TEMPLE - MB Khalid assures the crowd he will have a dialogue with them before making a decision.
  7. TEMPLE - MB Khalid asks crowd to stop discussing the issue, he will fimd a way to settle the issue without dividing the 2 communities.
  8. TEMPLE - Arguments break out, tensions rising as MB Khalid appeals for calm.
  9. TEMPLE - Crowd mocking an Indian, who said Indians can tolerate the 5 azans a day - causing scuffle to break out.
  10. TEMPLE - S23 Indian resident says he represents 43 families there & they want Hindu temple in S23.
  11. TEMPLE - MB Khalid says state will also find a solution to finding a new site for Hindu temple.
  12. TEMPLE - MB Khalid says PKNS must find a solution but crowd remains unhappy.
  13. TEMPLE - MB Khalid says state government will rethink their decision.
  14. TEMPLE - The crowd invoking name of the Selangor sultan, saying the state failed to listen to him about deciding the issue carefully.
  15. TEMPLE - MP Khalid explains options but crowd rejecting the proposals.
  16. TEMPLE - PKNS official says hoarding around temple site is to prevent trespass, no construction has started yet.
  17. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters accuse Rodziah of not getting feedback from them, as they shout "Tipu!"
  18. TEMPLE - Batu Tiga rep Rodziah is addressing the crowd now.
  19. TEMPLE - Same group of protesters keep disrupting the dialogue.
  20. TEMPLE - MP Khalid addresses the crowd.
  21. TEMPLE - A 'cow-head' protester takes off his shoe & shows it to MP Khalid.
  22. TEMPLE - A woman gets emotional, saying their rights are neglected & implied house prices will drop, crime rate will rise due to temple.
  23. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters now mocking Batu Tiga rep Rodziah Ismail.
  24. TEMPLE - Tense situation eases as MBSA enforcement officers step in to defuse confrontation.
  25. TEMPLE - Indian home owner now confronting a 'cow-head' protester in hall.
  26. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters now happy with MP Khalid's explanation.
  27. TEMPLE - Crowd saying no need for a Hindu temple.
  28. TEMPLE - 3rd man says Pakatan Rakyat victimising the residents. Shah Alam MP Khalid responds.
  29. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters now shouting racial & obscene slurs to Shah Alam MP Khalid.
  30. TEMPLE - 2nd man calls decision-makers stupid, causing disharmony among Malay & Indian neighbours.
  31. TEMPLE - Q & A. One man says he is not from Umno, wants the temple built in non-Muslim majority area.
  32. TEMPLE - MB Khalid presses on with Q & A session on temple relocation issue.
  33. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters get rowdier, standing on chairs & shouting.
  34. TEMPLE - MB Khalid appealing for calm but crowd ignoring him.
  35. TEMPLE - MBSA enforcement officers stepping in to keep crowd away from the hall podium.
  36. TEMPLE - Meeting turning rowdy with scuffles in hall, crowd asking Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad to get out.
  37. TEMPLE - MB Khalid telling the crowd that they all will have an opportunity to speak at townhall meeting.
  38. TEMPLE - MB Khalid appeals for calm.
  39. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters mocking MB Khalid as he addresses townhall meeting.
  40. TEMPLE - MB Khalid to speak but certain section of crowd shouting "Bodoh!"
  41. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters hijacking townhall meeting, refusing to listen to others.
  42. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters want temple relocation project cancelled.
  43. TEMPLE - Moderator asking them to be calm.
  44. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters say they never agreed to the temple, shouting "Penipu!"
  45. TEMPLE - More jeering as MB Khalid asks group to respect those who want to listen to briefing.
  46. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters shouting for Hindu temple to be relocated to MB Khalid Ibrahim's residence.
  47. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters continue shouting & jeering in townhall meeting.
  48. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters using any opportunity to disrupt townhall meeting.
  49. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters don't appear to care about briefing, mocking Shah Alam mayor Mazalan Md Noor, who explains issue's history.
  50. TEMPLE - 'Cow-head' protesters in the hall are getting restless as Shah Alam mayor speaks.
  51. TEMPLE - Shah Alam mayor addressing the crowd but certain section ask him to get to the point to start the dialogue.
  52. TEMPLE - Some 300 S23 residents in MBSA hall for temple townhall meeting, small group demonstrating their dislike for temple.
  53. TEMPLE - More shouting in the hall!
  54. TEMPLE - Some of the protesters had earlier intimidated a woman, chasing her out of hall when she couldn't say if she was a S23 resident.
  55. TEMPLE - Some of last week's protesters are in the MBSA hall, booing MB Khalid Ibrahim, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad & Shah Alam mayor.
  56. TEMPLE - MBSA officials allow only 1 from each household, ensuring all are registered. Some shouting in the hall.
  57. TEMPLE - Calm restored as some youths loiter outside MBSA hall entrance.
  58. TEMPLE - Arguments breaking out at entrance of MBSA hall where townhall meeting taking place.
  59. TEMPLE - Selangor government starts townhall meeting with Section 23 residents disputing relocation of Sri Mahamariamman temple.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Lulu Wonders If You Agree With Hishamuddin

"The bloggers made it seem that I fully supported the residents"

and if you dont have mkini subscription (rm150/year http://malaysiakini.com/) and are not able to watch it, Lulu has good news for you!
no.... am not offering free subscription, but Lulu painsakingly transcribed the video.

-Saya dapat duduk dan mendengar sendiri apa masalah dan perkara yang timbul berhubung kait dengan bantahan mereka, berhubung mengenai isu yang digebar-geburkan daan diketahui ramai.
-Saya nak maklumkan di sini bahawa Alhamdulillah, saya cukup gembira apabila saya mendengar bahawa bantahan mereka tidak ada pertimbangan politik langsung seperti ada kumpulan-kumpulan tertentu membuat tuduhan.
-Memang saya sendiri ada menyatakan sebelum ini kawasan yang telah ditentukan oleh kerajaan negeri Selangor tidak sesuai kerana majoriti penduduk tersebut merupakan orang Melayu Islam dan mereka telah membuat bantahan tetapi bantahan mereka tak didengari dan yang malangnya, memang betul bila kepala lembu digunakan memang cukup sensitif dan mereka yang mewakili penduduk menyatakan mereka tak berniat langsung, tidak ada perancangan langsung untuk menimbulkan dalam membawa kepala lembu sebagai satu perkara yang boleh mencetuskan sensitiviti kaum dan mewujudkan satu ketegangan.
-Kalau kita tidak mengambil tindakan yang bijaksana, kalau sekiranya kita nak mengapi-apikan keadaan, kalau sekiranya pertimbangan kita hanya kepada politik, dan kalau saya nak menggunakan ianya sebagai satu isu yang boleh mencetuskan huru hara di negeri Selangor, boleh, tetapi kita tidak mengambil tindakan yang sebegitu rupa tetapi pihak-pihak yang waras, yang bijaksana, yang sayang kepada negaranya dapat meluahkan protes mereka berkait dengan lokasi yang telahpun ditetapkan oleh kerajaan negeri Selangor dan sekarang ini mereka boleh duduk berbincang bersama mugkin mencari lokasi yang lebih sesuai menjadikan satu keadaan yang menang-menang.

-They don't even know the organisers who are sitting left and right of me that somebody was going to bring the head of a cow during the demonstration and there have also been cases where like i said earlier, pig heads have been used to inisight racial anger and if everybody takes a decision that an eye for an eye is the way out then everybody will end up blind.
-we have to investigate because i asked them, they dont know who it was and this is what happens when you have protest of this nature. in fact when they discussed about it, there may be a situation where they may not be able to control.
-so that is why when we talk about assembly, the right to speak, the right to protest in a country like ours, you always have to alwats be sensitive to the fact that this right that everybody is talking about may just turn into a wrong, where it will effect the right of the majority to safety and it may raise sensitive issues that may hurt and slight those of other races and religion.
-so that is where when we do look at ammendments, when we do give these extra rights for speech, to assemble, to protest, to demonstrate, not to the extent that it causes instability, it affects the safety and the harmony of Malaysian people who the majority of them are very sensible and peace loving people as you can see from what they have been doing in the last few days, and to be honest with you, i didn't know that they have been talking, and only when i came, i just came back from cabinet, and they brief me, i thought i want to go into more detail and see how i can assist them, but they have already actually reach some compromise, and i congratulate them.
-but it was not a big protest, i mean, in fact, they told me they were very respectful that the sultan of selangor is there, in fact they limited it to the number of 10 people from the committee.
-in fact if they wanted to have a bigger protest, they could have had. and they were concious of the fact.
-this is exactly what i asked them. and so what your concerns are, were the exact questions i posed to them. now, they were very concious, and all they wanted to do was to voice their unhappiness.
-the very people who want the isa to be dimansuhkan sekarang ini buat kenyataan kepada saya suruh saya tangkap dia orang ni dalam isa.
-logic ke tidak
-orang yang dulu ni nak mansuhkan isa, sekarang ini bila ia jadi kepada mereka, mereka tanya kenapa tidak ambil tindakan isa terhadap mereka.
-jadi, as a minister, how are you going to make a decision
perkara yang menyulitkan sekarang ialah bila hujah-hujah dan kenyataan-kenyataan dibuat di dalam cyberspace, di dalam internet, itulah sebabnya baru-baru ini, saya dengan datuk rais, datuk nazri telahpun duduk bersama meminta pihak IGP, pihak peguam negara dan pihak MCMC suruhanjaya multimedia untuk membantu supaya bila kita mengambil tindakan nanti ada bukti dan satu kes yang kukuh supaya bila dibawa ke mahkahmah, tidak akan lepas dari gengaman kita.