Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Uthaya, What About Lulu?

"By having Indian-majority seats, Malaysian Indians can be politically stronger.
They could demand that both federal and state governments safeguard and enhance their political and socio-economic rights, interests and benefits,"

- P Uthayakumar

if there is a new law discriminating women, will Uthaya speak up for us?
if an english newspaper is suspended, will Uthaya speak up for freedom of press?
if migrants are abused, will Uthaya speak up for the oppresed in Malaysia?

Because Uthaya understands discrimination and suffering, Lulu would not be surprised if the answer is "yes"
then why does Uthaya have to say things like "Indian majority", "Malaysian Indians"
for everyone Uthaya, for everyone.
not just for one race. take care of us all. rights, interest and benefits are not restricted to race, religion or gender.


Anonymous said...

because all this time,no one wanted help or fight for malaysian indians.use your grey cells ,why do you think hindraf was form in first place? call a spade a spade !

denzook said...

because malaysian indians are the oppressed most and Uthaya happens to be malaysian indian. what's wrong of fighting survival for his race.

Crankster said...

Because Uthaya is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Uthaya is still waiting for his 1 million British pounds from Queen Elizabeth II. Once the cheque arrives, he will scoot off to Hawaii

ycg said...

like this la lulu. you go tell uthaya he can have his indian majority seat. let uthaya suggest to all indians in malaysia to move to sungai siput (i know, i know now hold by DAP) and make sungai siput 99% indian society. then slug it out with MIC and DAP for the seat and there he has it, an indian majority seat.

apa macam? let's start now cos we only have like max 3 years left before the next GE.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

The thinking of uthayar is nearly the same as the other fella wanting to ban beer.
They clearly forgotten who voted them in.
Why is there a need to 'defend" indians, chinese, melayus,ibans, kadazans? Our blood is not red enough?
I am from the mixed breed and mixed religion. My family is truly Malaysian.
This makes me extremely qualified to tell such people to go fly a kite.
I hope more Malaysians will speak up and tells those "racial defenders" to go fly some kites during a thunderstorm.

Crankster said...

Anon and denzook,

My views on HINDRAF and their cause which I wrote last year. Still valid for today.

Crankster said...

The issue I have with HINDRAF is that they refuse to evolve and move forward.

They can't see the woods for the trees.

Crankster said...

Hate to show dogged obsession to a topic, but here is an open letter to Uthaya from Nate Tan.

julian said...

uthaya is just like the bn clowns----indivigual races are more important than the well being of the country----why is theie blood another colour than red??????.
ohhhhhhhhhh i get it now the common rayak are humans and they are animals---------looooolllllllllll