Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lulu Wonders, How-lah If Their Children Get A Scholarship to UK or US

there are some people in Malaysia who feel that beer should not be sold in areas with a Muslim majority living in it.
those who dont like DAP have cried out loud, in deep anguish, full of emotion saying that by not disallowing beer to be sold, by asking the MBSA to return the confiscated beer that DAP does not respect Islam, insulting Islam etc forgetting that
1. there is no law which allowed that confiscation,
2. there is no law forbidding the sale to non-Muslims in the area,
3. for 51 years under BN rule, beer was sold in that area,
4. the BN ruled states do not have a problem
so, Lulu is going to pooh and pah their hue and cry.

Lulu wonders, how-lah, these hue-ers and cry-ers, if their children get a scholarship to US or UK? Or even to UM? In those countries and in PJ & KL, beer is sold in mini markets and convienience stores. How? The beer is screaming out, "BUY ME! BUY ME!". How? Give up the scholarship and stay in your Muslim majority enclave, safe from the presence of beer?

Teach your children well.
Teach them God's law and the moral law.
If God has said no, there is a reason and there will be consequences to disobedience.
Over consumption of alcohol gives you a "nice feeling" but at the expense of impairing your judgement.
And then, set your child free.


Anonymous said...


Wisely said. I like "nice feelings" too although it has never been any bad outcomes. I know my limits or i'll sleep soundly. Thee people's children go to schools and colleges don't they? They go out to KL shopping or socialising? Isht there a greater chance for them to encounter alcoholic beer swilling folks everywhere else? And isn't it more likely that they'd be under their parents reign at home ina Muslim majority area. So unless there parents are to be blamed for such lack of moral and religious guidance, it's right to poo poo their silly claims. Perhaps.... It's not for controlling the youth.. But to control the grown ups!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

The crazy thing is that of all the sudden umno also wanna be anti beer !

may i suggest to the Pas fellas to do a Anti umno stunt.
lets see those umno fellas will also hold placards which reads " Umno pergi jahanam "
Or one of my favorites which is " najib can go to hell " placard.

In future , i hope all PR aduns, mps or the excos to propose whatever they wanna do before opening their big mouth to the medias or take actions on ad hoc basis .
Anti beer might be a brilliant idea but it must be discuss and must get an overall "Ayes' instead of getting an overall 'Nays" ...

Jefus said...

in some countries if the retailer has doubts of your age, they can ask for ID to verify.

now why cant this be done over here? to verify their religious position? via their names?

carboncopy said...

Lulu hit the nail on the head.

The beer is not the issue.

The real issue is Hassan Ali.

Remember, this is the bugger who go warm up to Khir Toyo after March 8.

Who he really want to get at? Khalid Ibrahim. What does he really want? More POWER.

Ronnie and the beer is just the means to get what he wants.

Also, one can argue, since he was so WARM with Khir Toyo. Is he an enemy in the blanket? One have to ask the timing etc.

PR needs to be on the watch.

Anonymous said...

Why not ask the corrupted money to be returned to the Rakyat? They are truly truly hypocrites/munafik! Don't they?
Just think of the 114 million Euros or RM 550,000,000.00 paid as "commission" to Najib's crony, Abdul Razak Baginda. On top of that a Mongolian girl, Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered and C4ed.
Are these Islamic?

Gan said...

Good analogy !

Lulu not so blur lah ..