Friday, August 21, 2009

Lulu Watched RTM1 News And Took Notes

Lulu posed a challenge to her facebook friends - to watch RTM1 news at 8pm to understand why there are still people who vote BN. After that, tell people what you heard and what the truth is

Its quite difficult to watch the propoganda spewed by RTM. Its like reading the Utusan, but worse. Cos with reading, you can choose to skip when the bits get too gory, but with news, you cant switch off your ears.
And to help Lulu listen attentively and leave her no time to puke, Lulu took notes and is going to share them with you.

8:00 PM short notes on rtm news
muhy in pagoh, speaking about sumbangan masyarakat india
8:02 PM aiyoh
he is sitting in a tent
and next to him, is a man fanning him
Pagoh indian residents praising him
8:03 PM 2. khalid's 66mil court judgement
8:04 PM 3. kg buah pala judgement
8:06 PM 4. muhy refutes allegations - tiada unsur sabotaj in the umno choice of candidate for pematang pasir
muhy going on about kempen fitnah and tuduhan
5. pembangunan pulau pinang dibiayai k'jaan pusat
8:07 PM aiyoh
he was in a school devan
and there were school kids there
8:08 PM oklah, kasi chance, he giving speech
on education
8:10 PM visited a former bn pp adun house
the wife say, vote bn
cos kg buah pala tak selesai lagi
visited another former adun
8:11 PM
6. 98% projek fizikal dibiayai kjaan pusat
8:12 PM new bridge, politech, widening bridge
usaha murni kjaan persekutuan
sumber from kjaan persekutuan
8:13 PM some projects cancelled / terbantut because of campurtangan kjaan negeri
esp in pampasan
7. masy cina yakin calon bn mampu membawa perubahan in pp
esp if he win
menagih pusat khidmat from pas yang dijanjikan
8:14 PM they some cina people clapping hand
but not many-lah
liow tiong lai leading this group
8. kemarau pemimpin after 3 terms
now they anak mas kjaanpusat,
get a listening ear
8:15 PM on the many problems they have had
now sahfie apdal on screen
masalah rakyat dapat perhatian
he meninjau masalah yang dihadapi from one kg
8:16 PM the residents so gembira, senang hati

[the best part]
9. gagasan yang diwakili by the pemimpin more imp than the pemimpin itself
thats why have to choose the gagasan which has experience
faktor individu not everything
8:17 PM like football, is it adil to count on pne player only
or to blame the goalkeeper if a goal goes in
likewise in politics and perjuangan bangsa
di msia umno has this reputation since 1946
8:18 PM perubahan and pembangunan not in tune with the rest of country
left behind
[then they show the shacks etc]
and ppl saying nice things about bn
berbalik kpd konteks bolasepak
8:19 PM doesnt matter if the player kena yellow card last time
cos last time
and cos could be bad judgement by the referee

don't you love the way they're saying rohaizat aside, vote US?
[roll eyes]


Antares said...

Roll them eyes again, Lulu.... Woot!

denzook said...

i like rohaizat. he's a nice buy. indeed he's a hero too. our dpm said p-r went too much to discredit him and attack his private life. if wan to talk, talk about policy, namely kg buah pala case.

Kalambong said...

Have you watched the RTM Mandarin news and the RTM Tamil news?

You would be surprised how blatantly stupid those news program have become

Anonymous said...

"kg buah pala case" a policy issue? And "whose" policy gave rise to Kg buah pala?

And I thought the issues had always been policy issues of the BN: equality, race, religion, economics pie sharing.

Anonymous said...

his fil looking for him !!