Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lulu Wants You To Use Your Imagination

Our soon-supposed-to-be retired IGP was awarded SIngapore's Distinguished Service Order for his “outstanding contributions in fostering excellent ties and cooperation” between the Malaysian police and the republic’s police force.
He received the award from Singapore President, SR Nathan yesterday.
Lulu is sure that this will be one of the reasons cited for extending his soon-to-be-ending contract would be this award.

now, Lulu would like you to use your imagination.
imagine if this was Anwar, or Nik Aziz or even Lim Guan Eng receiving this award.
What sort of accusations do you think narrow minded idiots would hurl upon them?
In general, there would be those "foreign agent", "Singapore stooges" hurled.
For Anwar and Nik Aziz, they would accuse them of being less Malay kowtow-ing to a Singaporean Indian, making the jatuhkan their race.
Utusan would probably bitch about it for a few days.

but this is the soon-supposed-to-be retired IGP. He is on the correct side of UMNO. Hence, this is a great honor for him.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu

This shows that the PAP regime and the BN regime have more in common than we think. Mirror images of each other -- both are repressive,
both discriminate against ethnic minorities in their midst, and both enrich themselves at the expense of the ordinary people
(just ask ordinary Singaporeans how they feel about the salaries the PAP political elite award themselves and the ever-rising cost of living in Singapore for working class people).

Why do you think LKY came to visit Malaysia? To give his support to
Najib and to check out Rosmah.
For some reason, LKY and his PAP regime fear that PAS will come to power at the federal level (even if PAS will only be part of a ruling coalition).

Check out the progressive blogs
from Singapore e.g. the Singapore Democrats, "The Online Citizen", etc.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...


This is life la. Reality.

Anonymous said...

This IGP is definitely a foreign agent. Otherwise how can he be awarded with a medal with such lousy service achievement?? Suspect that Isreal is behind the whole thing!!

Eric said...

Nice to see Musa bowing to his real master.
Who was that BN is accusing to be in cahoots with Singapore already? DAP or PRDM, I can't recall.

1 Black Malaysia. Democracy First. Elections Now.

Antares said...

It's strictly bizniz, Lulu. The Musang facilitated a lucrative contract between PDRM and a Singapore-based IT company with Israeli consultants/partners to upgrade PDRM IT facilities and now everybody is happy - especially the Singapore government, because it now knows everything PDRM is up to! :-)

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

BINGO ! Antares.

The contract is worth millions and millions . We can smell it miles away. It is strictly " business " .