Monday, August 10, 2009

Lulu Searched And Searched And Searched, And She Could Not Find

Lulu woke up pretty early this morning.
as in pretty early, not necessarily looking pretty
looking blur definitely.

anyway, being the internet junkie that Lulu is, Lulu checked what recent updates were on the blogs.
obviously, this one caught Lulu's eye - a posting from Rocky "Loke Siew Fook, did you write that about our Sultan?"
what could it be about.
so, Lulu went to Rocky's blog to check it out.

According to Rocky,
it is about allegations made over the weekend by some blogs that Loke, who is also MP for Rasah, had called the Sultan of Perak and son Raja Nazrin by some unsavoury names in a posting dated Aug 6 on the blog The Might of the Pen.

the link to the screenshot here

Lulu looked through the screenshot. Read and re-read, searched and searched and searched and could not find anything which ties Anthony Loke, MP for Rasah and DAP Youth Chairman, with what was posted by the Might of the Pen.

maybe cos masih awal pagi and Lulu blur.

just now, Lulu looked at Rocky's post again.
Anthony has responded
Dear Mr Rocky,

I strongly deny the allegation that I have written the article to insult the Sultan of Perak and Raja Nazrin. I have no prior knowledge whatsoever on that particular blog

My ONE and ONLY blog is

I have NEVER written anything that insult the Royalty, Malays or Islam in my life. There is an effort to slander DAP Youth and myself and spread lies that we are anti-Islam and anti-Royalty.

I do not know who is behind that blog and I have nothing to do with it.

As a responsible blogger, I hope you can first verify the facts before making any assumptions. I will be lodging a police report today to deny the article and I hope you can publish my explanation to clear the air later. Thank you.

12:08 PM

looks like its not Lulu not so siuman in the morning.
The accusation is probably that Anthony Loke is behind that blog, but if you look at the stuff on that blog, it is quite obvious that the causes it "champions" is not the sort that Anthony [like so friend like that. Lulu knows him but he does not know Lulu] champions. Not even closet champion-er of those sort of things.

But what this whole incident reveals [beside the point that Lulu thinks Might of The Pen is a racist blog with a lot of crude language] is that these UMNO fellas are trying to give DAP a bad rap with baseless accusations and Anthony Loke seems to be target of the week. Look at how the pro-UMNO blogs are whacking him "Loke Siew Fook mesti dicaj sekeras-kerasnya di bawah Akta Hasutan!", "Biadap, Kurang Ajar Dan Naik Kepala", "ACT NOW!!!!!!!!!!", are some examples. Looking into the crystal ball, Lulu would not be surprised if the editorials in Utusan and Berita Harian would heavily hint of "some MP from DAP" memburuking the Sultan's good name. Afterall, they believe that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will start to believe the lie. See how the blogs caught on?

you know why?
cos the nastiness has barely begun.
we are going to have to endure it until a new government takes over


Bentoh said...

Just can't help but comparing...

When Jeff Ooi was wrong for claiming JIM a radical islamic organisation, CM told him to retract his statement...

He did...

For Zulkifli Nordin, no one ever say anything about him within the party it seems...

He is still happily hurling shits here and there and everywhere, without facing any criticisms or disciplinary actions...

Anonymous said...

cant get into the screenshot, why ?

Antares said...

People call BN "Barisan Najis" for very sound reasons, Lulu. Jeneral Najib has ordered an all-out attack on the Pakatan Selangor state government. Watch the najis fly through the already polluted air....

Anonymous said...

I think the archive of the deleted article is this

but i could not find anything that link this blog article to Loke Siew Fook.

The person behind the blog "The might of the Pen" ( is responsible for this seditious article and should be investigated. Also, the Utusan articles are also deemed seditious and should be investigated too. The govt can't prosecute those who commit seditious act selectively, otherwise the act will not be credible in the eyes of the rakyat

Look like Loke Siew Fook had been made to "eat dead cat" which might be someone else. (remember Theresa Kok's ISA case on azan issue

sjsandteam SHUT DOWN


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

umno will not rest until they gain all the states they had lost.
That is the divine order from Lord MuruJib himself.
Not just Rocky is a willing pawn but the polis and macc are willing to arrest any PR leaders,MPs and ADUns no matter how silly and peanuts the charges are.
I bet that very soon, the polis will charge and arrest PR leaders for throwing out cigarette butts on the plus tollway.

I dont believe that Loke made any insults . If he did , the print screen or screen shot of it will be utusan's front page.

Anonymous said...

If PR dont get its house in order fast, come the 13GE the people will boot PR out.

The people are fed up.

Anonymous said...

nizam, the reporter said karpal 'ultra vires' means ' insulting' the sultan wo ........!!

Anonymous said...

Did they find Loke's DNA or fingerprints on the blog's web page?

Anonymous said...


Your blog has been blocked.
Can you check please?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Went to the archive. Also couldn't find anything that links Loke to this article.