Friday, August 28, 2009

Lulu Not Sure Which Signal Is Najib Sending Out To Non-Performing Ministers

Yesterday, Najib announced the appointment of MAS MD and CEO Idril Jala as a minister without portfolio in the PM's Department and CEO of Performance Management and Delivery Unit.
Najib announced this during a cabinet KPI workshop.

The current Minister in charge is Koh Tsu Koon, and Idris Jala will report to him on KPI matters only, and for everything else, to the PM directly.

so, Lulu was thinking.
There is little doubt in lulu's little mind that KTK is not able to handle the KPI thingy and Najib brought in support. If KTK were to be measured by his delivarables today, he would have failed miserably.

what Lulu is wondering is,
is Najib helping non-performers by bring in help to complement the weaklings, to help and guide them etc so that the non-performer will understand what is required and be able to do his job well
is Najib warning non-performers that he will not hesitate to appoint someone to do your work if you are unable to perform and eventually, you will be booted out.

wonder which KTK thinks it is.
or maybe he so blur, does not even realise he is under performing.


Anonymous said...


This is exactly what all the GLCs do too. Great minds(?) think alike. Isn't it any wonder that the GLCs are generally not thriving?


Anonymous said...

This KPI thing. I do not think that you need two minsters to measure the performance of the Civil Service. That is the job of the Heads of Ministry, Depatrtment, Division and Section. To my mind Heads of Department have abdicated this resposiblity and have very claverly trnsferred it to the Prime Minister.

When I was in service the Heads of Departments were the ones who undertook the task of establishing the quantitative and qualitative performance of their Departments. Please return this authority to them. Ramlax