Friday, August 28, 2009

Lulu Is Like, Duh... He Needs A Police Report

"There was no police permit for this protest. It was an illegal gathering. The crowd gathered for about 15 minutes and dispersed after they were instructed to do so.
"They were also ordered to remove the cow's head, which they complied,"

As of now, Khalid said no police report has been lodged over the incident. "If a report is lodged, we will definitely take the necessary action," he stressed.

it sickens Lulu that he had to wait for a police report to be lodged.
If that is the case, who lodged the report where the police went to arrest Lulu's MP, ADUN and Councillor outside the PJ Civic Center during a peaceful vigil?
and now that Najib has spoken (though it is only through Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam's hearsay), Lulu is waiting to see what sort of action will be taken against who.

Will these "protestors" whose face can be seen SO clearly be taken in?
or will it be the Malaysiakini writers who published it online together with the MInsider photographer who provided the visuals to MI?
or will it be Dr Xavier being part of the EXCO which approved the temple construction?
or will it be the ADUN and the MP for the area, Rodziah Ismail and Khalid Samad respectively, for not being able to defend the majority residents right therefore allowing their anger to stir?
or will it be Lulu for blogging this and you for reading it?

This is Malaysia.
Lulu is not too sure if the obvious will take place. Time and time again, we have seen the innocents being punished at the expense of the ultras and the chauvanists.


Anonymous said...

Yes we have one of the best if not the best laws in the world. But the problem is that it inconsitently applied. Bar Counci please wake up from your sleep. To hire a lawyer is too expensive. If I am not mistaken a good one will cost you a cool RM 500 per hour in court. Who has that kind of money. You need to set up a division ithe Bar Council that will take case on the basis of minimum fees or gratis for cases that relate to inconsistent application of the law. Ramalx

ycg said...

come on la lulu, your argument that there were no police report lodged against vigil candle light is weak la. of course there is a report...reported by UMNO what.

Anonymous said...

Please don't use the ISA on them Use the CANE. Calling for Bloodshed during Holy Month is worst than having a sip of Beer or watching Black Eye Peas.

Jefus said...

if u google this news u will notice that many international news media are already carrying it.

thanks for the free publicity - no need to buy expensive adertorial time on CNN or some other channel,..... sheeeh!

Melvin Ng said...

A group of people walking peacefully gets shot with water cannon and are arrested...and these idiotic cow sense act is left untouched?

That's the police practicing double standards for you.

Pak Zawi said...

Nice one Lulu. We are not sure of anything now. Even after PM has said immediate action to be taken, nothing happens. I guess they have different set of rules for different people.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Pengarah Haiwan Selangor. Who issued the permit to slaughter this cow? Ramal

Anonymous said...


It may be helpful if a list of so called "impartial" acts by police can be compiled and used to remind the voters in coming general elections...

This may make some voters realise the need for reformation in PDRM and vote for PR.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

A criminal act is taking place right under their noses and the polis ALL STOOD STILL while waiting someone to lodge report before doing anything?

Excuse me, those 50 "lembus" have a valid permit to organise a protest on a public road in the first place?

Even without the "kepala lembu"
Even without those "Take Beer " banners.
Even without shouting words of bloodshed.

It is an illegal assembly under section bla,bla and bla.
The very same section they the polis arrested all those who took part in candle lights vigil.

Or the Polis sokong Kepala lembu?

Anonymous said...

The Cow-Head Lesson for Merdeka: Delegitimize Violence and Hatred

Anonymous said...

Dalang Kepala Lembu Didedah

Anonymous said...

rumah menteri berkata : dun simply pinalise anyone laa ...?

Anonymous said...

NO isa, NO cane ... pls !
c1 ...may be ! c4 ...TOO kuat laa !