Monday, August 24, 2009

Lulu Dedicates This Rock Song To PAS Youth

PAS: Rock event festival of sin
Organisers of the "Michael Learns to Rock - eternity tour 2009" had better take heed of PAS's disapproval of the concert as it sees political implications and, at stake, the dignity of Muslims.

PAS Youth called on the organisers to immediately cancel the concert by the Danish group or face a protest demonstration.

Its chief, Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi, strongly condemned the cabinet's decision in allowing the "Michael Learns to Rock - eternity tour 2009" scheduled for Sept 5 in Genting Highlands.

"This is an insult at the highest level to Muslims and it shows that BN is disrespectful towards the Muslim community," he said today in a press statement.

While urging Islamic NGOs to support calling off the event, he also hit out at the BN government for approving the concert.

He threw a challenge at Umno youth: "Join forces with us in getting the concert banned."

He also questioned the role of Umno as defenders of the Islamic faith.

"If Umno allows this to go on, not only would they be devoid of blessings from Allah, the people would regard them with disgust at their Islamic pretense," he said.

He also called on the Fatwa Council and muftis to join in the protest against the cabinet for allowing such a "festival of sin" to take place.

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ckh said...

I think instead of asking the government to ban MLTR it's a better idea ask the government to totally close Genting World of Entertainment. Then more people will vote for PAS. Yeh!