Friday, August 07, 2009

Looks Like Lulu May Never Know

Yesterday, Malaysiakini reported that the government was considering imposing an Internet filter to block "undesirable" websites, on the grounds of maintaining racial harmony in the multicultural nation.

A senior official with the National Security Council (NSC) told AFP that, "It is to keep out pornographic materials and bloggers who inflame racial sentiments. We need to maintain racial harmony. We cannot have full-blown democracy like in the United States"

That got Lulu thinking.
You know how the ruling party confuses Melayu and UMNO and interchanges both terms sesuka hati? So, Lulu suspects the ruling party's definition of "inflame racial sentiments" would most probably be anything that does not put UMNO in a favourable light.

So [so many so's yah?], maklumlah, Lulu's blog does not love UMNO.
think-think-think a bit more.
Lulu was kinda like in a dilemma. I dont want to get my blog banned, but I dont want to be a blog that is acceptable by this kerajaan.
It was like, Lulu wants to be banned.
[imagine patriotic music in the background] To wear the badge of honor - "Banned by Kerajaan UMNO". To wear it with pride, as a true anak bangsa Malaysia. A Malaysian Malaysia.

but alas,
Rais Yatim, a minister whom Lulu has very little respect for, has clarified that
the filter was only to stop access to pornography which was freely available online at present. He was concerned about “Malaysian children’s exposure to online pornography." and then drifted to “Look at the situation of countries which had fallen victim to widespread pornography, resulting in child sex."
mind you, Lulu has read "Flowers in the Attic" and they didnt have the internet then to discover sex and incest.

AND then, poor silly Rais kena belot by his boss.
His boss said,
"The Government will not censor the Internet as such a move will be ineffective in a borderless world where information flows freely"

and before bloggers and buggers get too comfortable with that, trust Lulu. Najib will hit you in other ways. He not stupid, and he not tolerant.


Anonymous said...

aiya simple, tmnet's connection will suddenly breakdown very often or be slower then it is now.

we'll be lucky if we don't end up back in the 56k modem days.

JULIAN said...


Anonymous said...

Lulu, I just love your way of expressing your frustration! Keep it up girl! :-)


Anonymous said...

The software that the Government was planning to install to filter and stop internet access is similar to the firewall, Green Dam, used by China.

Read this article.