Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If Lulu Were Part Of The Supreme Council, Lulu Would Hope That Rohaizat Loses Too

this chap, his law firm, dunno exactly what happened, found himself in a situation where he could not refund almost RM 161,000 to Koperasi Pekebun Getah Negeri Pulau Pinang Berhad after a transaction to purchase a property was aborted.

Probably the Koperasi waited and waited.
Kasi chance
But in the end, they lodged a report with the Bar Council, which subsequently led to him being disbarred as a lawyer.

UMNO, for face reasons, have now chosen to paint him as a hero.

Whether it was him, his partner, his law firm, it shows his inability to cover up. and cover up fast.
The thing is, Rohaizat was not bright enough to work out a solution which could have cleared him many years back.
How then can he be trusted/empowered to handle all that nonsense that UMNO does?
Don't you think that if he could foul up his own case, he would get so confused by the complexity of UMNO book keeping and do something stupid when covering up his dishonest trail?
Wouldnt this bumbling bee more likely be a liability to this party which is not known for their honest ways?

If Lulu were part of the Supreme Council, or part of the bigwigs in UMNO Penang, Lulu would work to see that this bumbling bee would not be a part of the inner circle. Work to see him lose and then forgotten. There is too much hanky-panky in the party to let him be a part of.


Ocean said...

aiyoh, since lulu is always so innocent, let me explain to lulu

'Birds of a feather, flock together'

denzook said...

when the great pak lah says can win, that means can win lah

Anonymous said...

he is the BEST among all umNO choice coz he took the LEAST only 161k !!