Friday, August 28, 2009

If The Army Could Run Program Berbentuk Kemasyarakatan In Permatang Pasir, Lulu Hopes They Can Do The Same For Starving Penans in Sarawak

the military doctors very kindly helped do medical screening and aid at permatang pasir, coinciding [oh what luck!] with the permatang pasir by-elections.

The Orang Asals in the interior of Sarawak are now are facing acute food shortage. Whilst most of us are deciding between noodles and rice, McD or KFC, original or hot & spicy, the Penans had faced food shortage in the last four months after their farms were destroyed by insects and monkeys, resulting in poor harvest.

Some individuals have raised money to send food to our fellow anak bangsa Malaysia who are in hunger.
Unfortunately, the food cannot reach them due to logistic problems.
Friday August 28, 2009
No bridge, so no food for Penans

MIRI: The food shortage problem in central Sarawak has been worsened after a timber company dismantled an iron bridge that links up to 3,000 people living inside the remote areas.

Efforts to send food aid to the Penans have now been seriously hampered.

Yesterday, more than 1,600 packets of rice weighing 16,000kg were despatched by donors through the Catholic Church.

However, the food supply is stuck at the Sungai Asap settlement, about 50km from the Bakun Dam, as timber lorries used to deliver the food cannot cross the Sungai Linau after the dismantling of the bridge.

The timber concession area was earmarked for flooding this October to create a reservoir for the dam.

Reverend Father Sylvester Ding, aid collection co-ordinator, said it would take a long time to carry food aid across the river by boat.

“We are in a dilemma as to how to send the food to Lusong Laku settlement and SRK Lusong Laku where the food shortage is most acute.

“We have no choice but to seek help from the locals to transport the food across the river.

“We will also try to reach five other settlements near the Indonesian border by other routes. We hope the weather will be favourable, as it has been a few weeks since supply reached those in need,” he said.
This is so sad.
Lulu hopes the army can step in to help with the food delivery.
Maybe even the big companies who have their own helicopters - off Lulu's mind - people like Genting could assist in food aid as part of their community project cum clear our conscience programme.

If you are a Lulu reader, and are filthy rich or know of people who are filthy rich, could you ask them to help.

In the mean time, the Penans live in hunger.


Anonymous said...

This is happening in our backward and some senile old fool is having free airtime to raise fund to buy a ship to transport food to Gaza.

Anonymous said...

In order to send in the army to help, there's must be an election going on.

So, will any kind Bomoh around do some magic so that some evil politicians will die shortly in Sarawak. It's okay to pray for someone to die in order to save many more starving people.

Anonymous said...

i'm rich but NOT filthy !!

Anonymous said...

//some senile old fool is having free airtime to raise fund to buy a ship to transport food to Gaza.//

The Penans do not belong to the same religion as the Gazans