Saturday, August 15, 2009

...and Then Lulu Remembered, Khairy Didnt Grow Up In Malaysia

not his fault.
He was a diplomat's son. He was born in Kuwait, and followed his dad in his overseas stint. Unlike Art Harun, he didnt grow up making friends with the more normal type of Malaysian kids - the muhibah ones.

Due to his limited exposure plus the people he mixes around with today and the ambitions he harbours, he tends to use racial tones.

He can't change his childhood,
but if he could rethink his choice of people to mix with or the ambition he harbours, maybe he could be a better person. a nice likable person.

Until then, we have to live with this nasty-nasty UMNO youth leader.


julian said...

you got that right girl, i fully agree with you.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Its quite difficult to blame his mentality .
He is afterall protected from his own 'species " far away since birth and spend most of his growing life abroad.

However for someone whom is a former oxfordian he failed to show his "international"side .
Hard to imagine that this young man after having years of exposure out of the country to stirs up racist sentiments and religion .

Moreover, he condones bribery !
I thought that he after having such a westernized education will chucks away such blatant irresponsibility.
Fine example of a "bright bumiputar" with a dark ambition.
He wasted his talents and fails to acknowledge that umno is just another "private company" surviving merely on high handed arm twisting

novice101 said...

Khairy is not only nasty, he is using his nastiness to further his political ambition.

Losing out on a ministerial post must have disturbed him to no end. He now let go his nastiness to show his political bosses that he is better than that son of Mahathir.

Anonymous said...

It is not people like Khairy that bother me. We have got used to that; it is the hurried scrambling to overlook, the jostle of retreating law abiding citizens and their sudden silence.It is not his agitation but the acquiescence that makes me fall off my chair everytime I read such drivel. I only hope that this is not a sign that something nasty and unwelcome in Malaysia may have come to stay with us.

There are laws to address this but but it is inconsistently applied. It is my fervent hope that level heads will prevail and debate on these issues will be brought to an even keel based on the constitution and the Rukun Negara and not on some unfounded theory that we can break the pot and try to glue it back.Ramlax