Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet The Anti-Corruption Agency in Lulu Land

Tamil language dailies shocked by MACC action
Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 07:28:00
TAMIL language dailies have expressed their shock upon hearing that a Malay Mail journalist was taken in for questioning by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) at its Selangor office at Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam on Monday night.
Two Tamil dailies, Makkal Osai and Tamil Nesan, had published Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam’s claims on Saturday that an officer at MACC had told him that files related to the three reports lodged by the Kampung Perepat pioneers, as well as the one he had personally filed last year, had gone missing.
An infuriated Manikavasagam, who had gone to the Selangor MACC office last Friday with a group of about 10 pioneers, then lodged another report, asking the MACC to, among others, probe how Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL) agricultural plots in Kapar had been transferred to the names of a Datuk, his family members and business associates by the Klang Land Office within 24 hours.
But, on Monday, after Malay Mail frontpaged the issue, Selangor MACC officers not only conducted a four-hour enquiry on the Malay Mail reporter, Nevash Nair, but also confiscated his handphone and laptop.
Makkal Osai news editor BR Rajan said the commision should investigate the real issue instead of interrogating the reporter alone.
“The reporter was merely reporting the plight of the complainants and what was said by the MP. This is simply intimidating the reporter who is just doing his job and carrying out his responsibility of helping the public.”
A spokesman for Tamil Nesan said it was fine for a reporter to be called to assist in investigations. But by confiscating the phone and laptop, "it did not seem like the reporter was called to assist in investigations".
It is learnt that till now, no reporter from both the dailies had been picked up nor had any been contacted by MACC to be questioned.

our MACC
interrogating the reporter and not investigating the crime


Anonymous said...

when an outfit is headed by a sick person who condone his sick son passion for kid porn...

Anonymous said...

which @#$%^&* ministry is in charged
of macc !????? @#$%^&* !

Old Fart said...

My dear Lulu,

You have to understand one thing. Look at Iran. The Islamic Republic that is. Am sure you have heard of the Revolutionary Guards. what do you think their function is? Looking out for criminals? Looking out for corrupt officials or corrupt acts?

No! they are there to ensure the Ulamak, from the right side of course, are always safe...whatever they do.

Now, can you see, what the role of the MACC, the PDRM and so on are all about? Of course their primary role is to ensure the safety and the continuity of UMNO hold on power. Everything else subordinates that.

Now, in the case of the Kapar land, certainly making it a crime shames UMNO and that is not good. So anyone referring to this is a greater criminal than any illegalities or crimes involved in that case. Come on, after all a few Indians being left in the lurch is no big deal is it? Samy is taken care see already people have forgotten about the stolen land in Bandar Utama from the Tamil school which went to Gerakan and to MIC or Samy....can't remember.

Actually you got to respect UMNO. they do honour their promises to MMCA and MIC leaders who sell them their souls!!

Crankster said...

Shooting the messenger. Silencing the whistleblower.

That's the Malaysian government for you.

carboncopy said...

Nazri is the minister in charge of MACC

Anonymous said...


MCCA is another lulu created by BN. Purpose i sto harass the opposition. Mata2 not enough to check mate the opposition

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

This is a classic tactic used by tyrants.
Harassing the complainants and witnesses until the case is closed.
Delaying until none of us able to recall anything in 20 - 30 years time.

But when it comes to taking actions on Pakatan . It was swift and even a cow cannot escape from their microscope.
Even the courts and the their judges are able to deliver a verdict in less than 24 hours !

Anonymous said...

Hello Lulu,

You and the rest here gotta understand this is Malaysia. We are not the US, UK, Canada, NZ, Australia, Singapore, HK etc. This is MALAYSIA. So, please wake up to reality.

In 2 weeks, this case will blow over. Dont believe me? Well, just wait and see.

Teoh's family will get a very decent 'compensation' to not pursue this case. And things will go on as usual in Malaysia.

Stop dreaming about PR changing the government. It aint gonna happen. BN got the cash, police, army, media, MACC, judiciary etc etc etc and they aint gonna be toppled for another 50 years.

I have stopped wishing for a change in this country. I now focus on tangible things like making money and looking after my family. We will be migrating soon as Malaysia aint gonna have any positive changes.

You should wake up too.