Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lulu Would Not Suggest You Look Up The PPC Chairman Should You Have Marital Problems

This post is a bit late cos the issue was a bit confusing and Lulu had to properly understand what was going on.

The Penang Port Sdn Bhd [PPSB] is licensed to operate, manage and maintain port and ferry services in Penang. They are fully owned by the Ministry of Finance (Incorporated). Remember this - the PPSB runs the port and the ferry services.
The Penang Port Commission [PPC] acts as a Port Authority. They issue licences, act as the port landlord, collates data on the port activities and make sure that the lights are on at the FCZ from 730pm to 630am.
Since 1 January 1994, the operations of the port and ferry services at Penang Port has been privatised to Penang Port Sdn. Bhd. (PPSB) a licensed operator under the Ports (Privatisation) Act 1990.

Take a look at the board of directors of PPSB and PPC, and note that there are no overlap. They exist independantly.
Tan Cheng Liang is a Mar08 loser and a government political appointee to head PPC

now the story
on 5/6, Star came out with the headliner, Penang Port Sends Out SOS,
PPC Chairman said PPSB has requested PPC to take over the ferry services.

The next day,
Mdm Tan Cheng Liang went on to say that PPSB revealed to her recently that despite having recorded RM23mil in net profit after taxes, it could not go for public listing because of the RM21mil losses it incurred last year from the ferry operations.

Upon hearing this, the CM of Penang responded that he would ask MPPP to take over the port services.
And a war of words transcended with LGE saying he wants MPPP to take over, and that he will send his people to talk to her etc, and Mdm Tan CHeng Liang insisting that he submits a proposal to her.
to quote her,
"My room at PPC is open, but please give me a proposal"

and then, the good ol twist
The PPSP boss said he never told PPC that it was going to give up the management of the ferry operations, and was in fact, woking on a turnaround plan.

You know what was the most devious part of all this?

All the time while she was chasing after and harping over Lim Guan Eng to submit the proposal from the State to her [even though PPSB had never said they wanted to give up the ferry and she was not authorised to say anything about it], she had her own secret agenda of taking over the services.
My goodness. Talk about syiok sendiri.
How much more of a low life schemer can one be.

Ong Tee Keat said the ministry had in fact instructed Tan to prepare reports not only on the RM21 million in losses incurred in the operation of ferry services last year, but also on deteorating business at the Penang Port, to enable the federal government to address the problems.
Note - she was only asked to prepare a report, but she was
a) confused by the instructions
b) jumped the gun
c) syiok sendiri
[choose one, or maybe it went in the a->b->c sequence]
and went and did all kinds of nonsense.
Lulu would advise OTK that should he have any marital problems, never to confide in TCL and/or ask her to investigate whats going on. Looking at this, Lulu is amused imagining how she would a)/b)/c) her bosses instructions.


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Did Chua Soi Lick consult her on his marital problems?