Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lulu Would Be A Lot Cheaper That Fox Communications

Fox Communications has been hired to do public relations consultantion work for PDRM for six months with a monthly fee of RM33,250. Hishamuddin said Fox Communications was appointed on the principle that it was based on value for money.

If only Lulu had known that Hishamuddin was hiring p.r. people.
Not that Lulu has any experience, but Lulu can get quite creative, and on top of that, has recently learn the secret solution to all PDRM problems - button badges!
"Saya mesra"
"Muka garang sahaja"
"Boleh saya tolong?"
"Kita semua bercakap benar di balai"
"Sedia membantu"
"Saya pemberantas jenayah"

No need to get the cops to learn how to be more polite.
No need to rid corruption from the force.
No need to relook into the pay package to make sure they can live decently in high cost cities like KL.
No need to have police be seen walking their rounds.
No need to implement the IPCMC recommendations
No need to send out good news and achievement report to the press.
No need to campurtangan in the script of [what's that show called?] Skuad Khas
No need 3 minute mini-documentaries on RTM channels
No need to weed out the bad hats so that the good guys can stand tall
All these and more, no need.
Just button badges.
And for that, Lulu will charge RM33,249 only.
Hishamuddin should hire Lulu
afterall, Lulu Malaysian, and pay tax to Malaysia some more.
And if you look carefully, Lulu is cheaper than Fox.


Jefus said...

dont discount rumors - here if its a rumor, however absurd, it has high probability that it is true,..... as is often said, fact is stranger than fiction,....

Antares said...

Curiouser and curiouser. That's all I can say about Police in Bolehland under 1Najib & his Umno/BN crime syndicate. Anyone know who owns Musang... I mean... FOX Communications?

Anonymous said...

More button badges---

Sila pergi ke balai polis lain

Hoi, tak nampak gua sibuk?

Adakah perompak tu bersenjata?(Kalau ada, kami tunggu dulu)

Kami cuma tangkap pembangkang umno