Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lulu Wonders If Samy Vellu Know MIC Offering To Buy The Buah Pala Land

Lulu has a feeling he doesn't.
Mohan was to meet with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng at 11am today to handover a memorandum asking the state government to sell the last remaining Indian traditional village to MIC so that it can be returned to the residents.
Reading this. Lulu cant help but

1. wonder if Samy Vellu knows that MIC is willing to buy the Buah Pala land and
a) if SV doesnt know, then what is this Mohan talking about
b) if SV knows, this is going to cost hundreds of millions. which leads Lulu to the next wondering question
i) does MIC have the money
ii) how will it go down with the Indian community that MIC is willing to spend hundreds of millions on 23 families, and not the MAIKA faithfuls and the SRJK(T)s and the indian community at large

2. Mohan must be quite clueless about the issue cos he's talking about buying the land from the state government. Doesnt he know that the owners as Nusmetro? Come on-lah, even a lulu like Lulu knows that

theaterics and wayang, just shameless MIC hacks trying to capitalise on the issue.
thats what its about
and Lulu hopes the villagers will not allow themselves to be a tool to these hopeless hapless politicians, and if Lulu may include, lawyers too.


denzook said...

i'm sure lge will happy to sell it if mic agrees the proposal. the ball actually at mic, not lge.....

this guy should approach mic first then lge...

Anonymous said...

you are a total scum!!!lulu.this is real dap, people!.social justice
,compassion, my bloody foot!.indian should never ever vote for a scum party like dap chinese race party.

Anonymous said...

Hey people, before MIC buys and "donates" Kg.pala to the residents, HAS SAMY VELU TRANSFERED The SCHOOL LAND HE HOLDS IN ""TRUST"" BACK TO THE SCHOOL OR IT WAS JUST FORGOTTEN after the initial storm in a tea cup/or is it bra cup.
DEI Samy, we have not forgotten the land "DEAL"
Sweet LULU can you remind blogsphere about the land deal.Kasi korek korek sikit so samy velu sakit sakit

KTemoc said...

Anon of 1:10 PM, you lack manners, thus are the scum. MIC wannabe heros should have participated early and not in the fartstream of Hindraf wakakaka

Oh, and eat your hearts out, DAP has more Indian MPs and ADUNs than 'Must I Come' (no nid lah) wakakaka

Anonymous said...

ANON 1.10 pm ,don't waste your time commenting in here.this lulu is a dap supporter(a very bias one),they are all the same these dap people scums!.

Anonymous said...

I am also willing to buy Alaska and Louisana from the Americans if they are willing to sell these lands at the ORIGINAL price they bought from Russia and France

denzook said...

"I am also willing to buy Alaska and Louisana from the Americans if they are willing to sell these lands at the ORIGINAL price they bought from Russia and France"

i like this .....

Anonymous said...

MIC helping indians?

walau, Samy and MIC took away a beautiful piece of land in Bandar Utama. Ironically, that land is meant for a Tamil school and is now worth hundreds of million. by the way, its public information and not lies or deciets manufactured by DAP.

anon 1.10, still want to vote for MIC?

Anonymous said...

can i buy s'pore & donate it to malaysia , how much pls ?