Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lulu Wants To See Hannah Yeoh on The National Youth Consultative Council

The Youth and Sports Minister, Shabery Cheek, has called upon nominations for ppl whom you would like to sit on the youth council.
He has 20 "passes" for candidates to sit on the council, and he has asked the rakyat to submit names.
Check it out here http://www.1belia1malaysia.com/default.aspx?v=en
and you can nominate your candidate on this link http://www.1belia1malaysia.com/nomination.aspx

Lulu has contacted Hannah Yeoh, and she is willing to be a voice to the youth in this Federal Government council.
I've pasted the screen shot of the nomination form, together with her details.
Lulu hopes that you too want to see Hannah sit on this council and contribute her ideas on behalf of all Malaysian youth. Do go to the nomination link, and use the details given in the screenshot to fill in the form. If we submit banyak-banyak, the minister will not dare to ignore us.


i just found out, can only nominate her once
and i found that out cos someone who tried to submit her name told me that he cant cos she has already been nominated
i really, really hope to see Hannah contributing to our nation through that committee
thanks folks
have a good day :D


Gan said...


I tak bolih submit, form requires the photo and visionary statement to be filled in.

Apa macam?

What A Lulu said...

i got the photo from her blog.
its ok. turns out a person can only be nominated once.
tq! tq!

Anonymous said...


Why Hannah Yeoh??? Why must appoint a DAP member??? Are you saying we dont have any other candidates??

carboncopy said...


You are free to NOMINATE whoever you want. Nobody is stopping you.

If lulu prefers to nominate Hannah Yeoh that is lulu's choice loh.

If you want to nominate Khairy Jamalluddin or whoever you fancy. Please go ahead loh.