Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lulu Thinks, If It Were Any Paper Other Than Utusan

Woo Chuan Seng, Teoh's best friend, told the press on Thursday that he last spoke to the deceased on July 15 - a day before his tragic death.

But unlike all other media, Utusan Malaysia had erroneously reported that the duo spoke on July 16.
- Mkini Utusan errs, but cops quiz Teoh's buddy instead
and for that, Woo Chuan Seng had to go all the way to the police station to make a statement.

And you know what Utusan has to say about this?
Fakta itu ujarnya adalah betul dan bukannya pada 16 Julai seperti yang dilaporkan oleh sesetengah akhbar
Utusan - Chuan Sing terima SMS pada 15 Julai
lol! "sesetengah akhbar", kononnya.

You know right, if it were any paper other than Utusan, the reporter would have been "escorted" to the police station, given a free nights stay and had his computer confiscated for investigation indefinetly.

Welcome to Malaysia, the county that needs change but will not change as long as BN is in power.


denzook said...

trouble is that you let such stupid officers to do the investigation somemore....

Anonymous said...


everybody knows this paper is untouchable. stay away cause you may end up in 14th floor.