Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lulu Sokongs Teaching Of Math and Science in The Mother Tongue

are you surprised?

Unlike UMNO who has chosen to reverse the Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English policy and revert to Bahasa Malaysia in national schools and Chinese and Tamil in vernacular schoola because it "memartabatkan bahasa Malaysia", Lulu has her own reasons.

Lulu comes from an english/cantonese speaking family. BM was not spoken at home. Lulu struggled through std 1 cos the medium was malay. Lulu knew that sugar is sweet but couldn't remember that gula is manis. manis, masam, masin - lulu, not being the brightest lightbulb in the room, used to get it mixed up.
But somehow, after 13 years of sekolah kebangsaan education, lulu worked it out.

maybe you are thinking, that is exactly why we want math and science to be taught in english. if you expose the child to the language long enough, the child will pick it up.

but there is a big difference here.

in lulu's time, lulu's teachers were proficient in bahasa malaysia. they weren't struggling with it. they didn't end every verb with an "s" or whatever the equivalent of that mistake would be in bm. you get what i mean?

today's teachers can't teach in english cos they themselves can't speak decent english. how can we even hope that the children will be able to gain from learning math and science in english?

the government is right this time [yeh-yeh... lulu is not always in disagreement with the government. only when they are wrong, which is :P quite often] in reverting back to mother tongue for teaching math and science. the teaching of english needs to be improved greatly. government needs to be more stringent and selective when choosing future teachers of the language. a basic requirement should include able to speak the language.

for those whose mother tongue is English like Lulu's, well... :P


Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

lulu, somehow i got a feeling that banana like you will agree to the reversal. and fyi, i too agree to the reversal...and coincidentally, i am a banana too....

so are we 'in the shoes' enough to comment on this? well, let just say that i encounter not a single problem in my engineering studies.

During my engineering course, where maths is in every semester, the only problem is that we 'read' equations in malay. Instead of square root, we read it as punca kuasa dua....

but does it pose any difficulty? NO! does it slow me down? NO!

so why change to English when all that is thought in secondary school is sufficient for degree courses?

In our secondary school, the high scorer in science and maths is always those who went through chinese primary. Now, what does that means?


to implement the teaching of science and maths in english for the sake of improving the english skills is far sighted, so far that it is unrealistic. which basically translate to silliness...

the fact that german and japanese studied math and science in their own language in good enough prove of their silliness...

From the day when they switch the syllabus from KBSL to KBSR, i know our education system will koyak and koyak big time....luckily, i am the final year of KBSL before they start implementing the KBSR...

i still remember how the teachers are running around carrying pots and pans, and cutting wood, etc. or how we spend 15 minutes arranging the desk and chairs to study in group for Bahasa and English, what a waste of time !!!

all these makes me determine to send my children to chinese schools...i know they have their weakness, but compare to what i know in sekolah kebangsaan, i won't let my children goes through what i myself goes through....


Anonymous said...

i am not a banana, and yet i've argued long enough teaching science and math in english is NOT the way to ensure a child's proficiency in the language. definitely not when the teachers themselves struggle with the language, and rural kids have the terrible twin of flunking both english and science and math. now we have the old madhatter even saying it was not the intention of improving proficiency of english by teaching the two subjects in the language...he is the ace in twisting logic and speaking with forked tongue.

having said that, i think a compromise would be to get the secondary school math and science to be in english. PROVIDED english is thoroughly revamped and taught properly by qualified english teachers in the primary school. training good english teachers is definitely better and easier than teaching good science & math teachers, AND expect them to be good in english as well.

carboncopy said...

I suggest Ministry of Education be made purely administrative only.

No policy decision.

Let the schools have autonomy to decide.

So ultimately the PTA is decision maker.