Monday, July 13, 2009

Lulu Laughs At Gerakan Youth

These Gerakan Youth, or rather, their vice chairman has been harping on and on and on over the CM's pindah rumah.
The CM shifted as his official house, Seri Teratai, is termite infested. The problem is really bad as one of the beams in the house checked was pretty much hollowed out having been termite food.
pix of beam from Seri Teratai
can you imagine having it "supporting" the ceiling/roof above your head?

But these Gerakan fellas go on and on and on and on, like a broken recorder, not realising that they are only embarassing themselves. The owner of the house had renovated the house prior to renting it out, and that, they also want to make noise. Can you imagine being asked to account for a renovation your landlord did before you moved in? duh..... silly dorks

Why dont they go after more popular causes in Penang? The most prominent one, right or wrong, is Kg Buah Pala. Go make some noise over there-lah. Demand that the present government resolve it. Just because the Gerakan-led government gave it away doesnt mean you cant make noise about it.

But then again, they're probably as hollow as the beams in Seri Teratai.


Anonymous said...

Imagine Koh TK going to visit Kg Buah Pala. He would be castrated on the spot.

Anonymous said...

u mean he still has BALLS?

carboncopy said...

I suggest open up the official residents for limited viewing. - Tourism mah. I know I would like to visit it.

Also show the termite problem to visitors. Put donation box beside the beam. :D

Anonymous said...

Why not relocate the 23 Kg Buah Pala families facing eviction on 2nd August to the huge Sri Teratai? There is also enough space in the garden for their cattle and goats. And get Koh TK to foot the repairs bill.

Anonymous said...

ktk dares NOT go there laa !

Anonymous said...

They say "EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE". It is very true. They have nothing better to do than trying to make the CM look bad. Real IDIOTS!!!! Their job is to make noise or goyang kaki and masuk rasuah.