Monday, July 13, 2009

Lulu Is Like, "WHAT???? MACC is investigating Hannah Yeoh?????"

7 Pakatan assemblymen under MACC probe, claim victimisation
SHAH ALAM, July 13 – Pakatan Rakyat (PR) today claimed that seven of its assemblymen are under investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over the allocation of funds to schools, mosques and community associations.
The assemblymen are Teresa Kok (Kinrara), Ean Yong Hian Wah (Sri Kembangan), Dr Cheah Wing Yin (Damansara Utama), Elizabeth Wong (Bukit Lanjan), Hannah Yeoh (Subang Jaya), Lau Weng San (Kampung Tunku) and Edward Lee (Bukit Gasing).
Teresa Kok told reporters at the state legislature that the MACC confiscated the seven assemblymen’s files on the state’s allocation fund from the district office two weeks ago.

they won't even spare Hannah Yeoh, or anyone of the other six.
Come on-lah....
for one, stop harrasing the recipients of the allocation.
In my case, I donated RM10,000 to a surau in Puchong but now the imam and the mosque’s working committee have been interrogated by MACC officers for several hours two days ago. They will come and interrogate them again tonight
and secondly,
when Barisan Nasional assemblymen lost in the 12th general election, the assemblymen spent RM500,00 in two months but the MACC had yet to take any action.
MACC independant?
what a joke

Lulu knows these 7 are not scared because they disbursed the money honestly. but its terrible that MACC is scaring the recipients of the allocation with needless long interrogation. Lulu has no problem if they called the recipients up for simple questioning or something like that. But continuous questioning borderlining an interrogation is too much. bullies! [imagine lulu sticking out her tongue as she calls out the bullies]


carboncopy said...

I hope the press keeps on highlighting all this investigations on PR leaders.

Just makes ppl angry and more resolve to remove BN next round.

Also, MACC not moving in on Toyoland (where one connect back to Bali roots)

Antares said...

Ahmad Said Hamdan, MACC chief bully, remarked when his MAS pilot son was arrested in Australia and charged with possession of child porn: "It's no big deal, I'm sure most men carry such images in their mobile phones."

Well, I don't. And I strongly suggest that Ahmad Said Hamdan fire himself for bringing serious disrepute to the nation.

What an ugly political atmosphere Najib has gifted to us all - even worse than during the Mamakthir era!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu

MACC guys need to learn from the
great sage Mencius. His words apply to great women too, of course:

"A truly great man is one whom
money and rank cannot corrupt,
poverty and hardship cannot shake,
and power and force cannot subjugate"

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Come on lah, the MACC would investigate Mother Theresa if she is alive today

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous 10:48 am

Illegitimate use of power and force will not subjugate great men and great women, get it??

Phua Kai Lit