Friday, July 03, 2009

If Lulu Were A Big Time Fund Manager Managing A Portfolio Which Includes Intel Stocks.

Lulu would have reduced her portfolio immediately once she read this piece of news
State MCA economic bureau head Loh Chye Teik was quoted on Wednesday as saying that Intel would be shifting out from Penang in the next three months.
After all, if a plant shifts/closes down one of his sites especially when there is no news of a new substitute plant opening, that would be a sign that the manufacturer has not enough volume and all kinds of red lights are flashing in your face.

Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng said he had contacted Intel Malaysia's managing director Atul Bhargava who confirmed that the statement by MCA was false.
When contacted, Loh said he got the information from a reliable source.
“I just hope that the state government will put all effort to keep Intel in Penang.
This idiot Loh is truly irresponsible to come up with a statement like this.
"from a reliable source"
"I hope the state goverment will..."
what an idiot
please-lah.... if you're a big time big shot State MCA economic bureau head, then you should at least quietly verify what you heard with the proper channels. Intel's phone number is available on their website. If you find out that it is a baseless rumour, then you need to correct your reliable source. If there is some truth to the "information", then [cos he MCA wont call the state government] call MITI, MARTRADE and lulu-forgot-who-the-other-M-is-cos-its-now-2am and get them to meet up with Intel to seek the truth and see if the government can do anything to keep Intel in Penang.

Do you really need Lulu to teach you all this? Aiyoh!


Anonymous said...

MCA - Lights On and Nobody's home, aptly describes that irrelevant dinosaur.

denzook said...

“I just hope that the state government will put all effort to keep Intel in Penang.'

what does this mean ? the last time KTK exhausted his effort to keep motorola in penang, he was criticized badly by jeff and lge alike .... whether lge likes it or not, it's open secret semiconductor industries in penang are dying and the CM should come out better solution rather than strokes of denial...

Anonymous said...

Err denzook, this statement was made by the mca 'economist' and not the Penang CM.

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

LGE knows that Penang cannot depend on the semicon industry. But what can he do? MNC are building bigger plants in vietnam and cambodia...

Dutch Lady is consolidating the plants in sec 14 and has partially moved some operation to its vietnam subsidiary...

MNC are leaving Malaysia and if the fed gov still cannot see this, then soon, all our children will have to go to vietnam to work....

Pity LGE