Friday, July 31, 2009

Lulu Thinks They're Not Just Pathetic But Pitiful Hypocritical Dungus

this is what they look like

according to Malaysiakini, these pathetic, pitiful, hypocritical dungus are not attending tomorrow's GMI anti ISA protest because,
“We will not participate in the rally because the Kuala Lumpur police have declared it illegal,”
please allow Lulu to show off her counting and reading skills.
1. Counting
Counting the number of dungus
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 13andahalf
2. Reading
Reading the words on the yellow tape
"Dilarang melintas" "Garisan Polis"

taking note that Malaysian law states that any public meeting of more than three people without a police permit is considered an illegal assembly AND using Lulu's powerful power of deduction, aren't these dungus in an illegal assembly either?

just because they're from gerakan
and someone's daddy is a tun
they think they get special privilges?


Lulu Laughs At These Pathetic Fellas

they're really, really pathetic.

They dont have enough guts to join the demo tomorrow, and still want to be hero, super-hero in fact, so they chose to submit "their" memoradum to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong one day ahead of the anti-ISA rally.

These fellas made fools of themselves every step of the way.

They originally planned to march from a nearby building to the palace. Maklumlah, the route taken by the GMI group tomorrow is too long.
But they had to cancel plans for even that short walk on the advice of the police.
So they drove to the palace entrance instead.
Then they could not submit their memorandum as they had not informed their intention to the palace officials earlier.

not forgetting, stupid

so malu.......!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lulu Wonders If We Have Been Suffering Needlessly For Years Over Something Which Has A Solution In Sight

Lulu thinks, if you live in the Klang Valley, you would probably know of someone who has been a victim of snatch thieves. A relative, a friend, a colleague. Lulu's sister had her handbag snatched from her right outside the house. She was lucky cos she was not hurt. A friend has her hand gashed during the snatch. 11 big stitches were needed to sew it back together. My friend's mum was not so lucky. She was pushed, she hit her head, went into a coma and died shortly after.

Kisah benar, life in the valley.

For years, we have lived like that.

In the national Key Result Areas (KRA) announced by Najib this week, tackling crime is one of them, and the goal is to reduce street crime rate by 20 per cent by the end of 2010.

Lulu is amazed, cos the next day, Federal Police has the solution that can dramatically reduce street crimes statistics. The CID director Commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin revealed that 80% of street crimes [mainly snatch thieves] are caused by drug addicts. So, by rounding up drug addicts, then the cops could see street crimes statistics being lowered by more than 20%.

Lulu is amazed.

The cops probably always knew this. It couldn't be such a coincidence that 2-3 days after Najib announced the KRAs, they come up with a solution. WHy did they have to wait till their performance is measured before they do something about it? How much blood has flowed and tears been shed in between the time the solution was staring them in the face and the actual nabbing now that their one report card system?


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lulu Thinks Maybe They Want to Learn From Our Failures
cos we have no successes to boast of.

A cop used a Royal Malaysian Police aircraft to take him as well as two civilians on an aerial surveillance of two lots in Ulu Tungku, Lahad Datu, in which his real estate company Kinsajaya Sdn Bhd had a personal interest.
He also failed to declare the ownership of 20,000 Telekom Malaysia Berhad shares, 154,000 Permaju Industries Berhad shares and interest in two office properties worth RM1,032,840 at Megan Avenue II, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, held by Bonus Circle Sdn Bhd, breaching the Public Servants Rules and Regulations which prohibit him from being involved in business.
The court threw out the case yesterday.

And who can forget tempe and his Disneyland excursions and his huge mansion in Shah ALam which he paid "RM3.5mil" for.

And who can forget their investigation on 7 Pakatan Rakyat ADUNs

And no one should forget Teoh Beng Huat, who died whilst in MACC custody.
whom MACC says he was released, dunno what he was doing still in the building, mumble-mumble-mumble, but somehow, his phone and his car keys were still with MACC.

or maybe they want to learn how the anti corruption agency can be used as a tool against the enemy.

Lulu Says, "Everyone Say Hi To Mohan"

Mohan, who failed to win the Batu Caves state assembly seat in last year's general election, said the MIC Youth was respected as it fought without fear and favour on several issues affecting the Indian community.

Mohan's popularity also soared after he and several other Youth leaders were detained when they attempted to walk from the Sivan Temple in Jalan Dato Keramat, Penang to hand over a memorandum on the Kampung Lorong Buah Pala issue to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on Thursday.
this is the same Mohan who asked Penang State Government to sell the land to MIC, not realising that the State doesnt own the land.
like what Lulu said earlier, theaterics and wayang, just shameless MIC hacks trying to capitalise on the issue.

this is the same MIC whose boss is totally clueless to what's happening. Its bad enough to try to capitalise on the issue, but to not do any homework on it, that's pathetic.
go watch the video
quite funny how hapless samy is

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lulu Advises You To Guna Bahasa Malaysia Secara Was-Was

thankfully, its only for "konteks rasmi", majlis rasmi, your signboards etc.
someone better warn this sayang in Kelantan, "dok" is not a Malay word.
Lulu guesses these measures are necessary else words like "bajet" can suddenly appear in our vocabulary

have a good night, and day, and week, and yah.... Lulu is very worried about the events in Selangor. There are obvious attempts to destabilise the government and Lulu's concern and disgust is made more concerned and disgusted by the thought of Khir Toyo smirking away somewhere out there.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lulu Thinks, If It Were Any Paper Other Than Utusan

Woo Chuan Seng, Teoh's best friend, told the press on Thursday that he last spoke to the deceased on July 15 - a day before his tragic death.

But unlike all other media, Utusan Malaysia had erroneously reported that the duo spoke on July 16.
- Mkini Utusan errs, but cops quiz Teoh's buddy instead
and for that, Woo Chuan Seng had to go all the way to the police station to make a statement.

And you know what Utusan has to say about this?
Fakta itu ujarnya adalah betul dan bukannya pada 16 Julai seperti yang dilaporkan oleh sesetengah akhbar
Utusan - Chuan Sing terima SMS pada 15 Julai
lol! "sesetengah akhbar", kononnya.

You know right, if it were any paper other than Utusan, the reporter would have been "escorted" to the police station, given a free nights stay and had his computer confiscated for investigation indefinetly.

Welcome to Malaysia, the county that needs change but will not change as long as BN is in power.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

If Utusan Malaysia Can Write Fiction, So Can Lulu's Hero

Selangor Oh Selangor 2: Apa ada dalam notebook Beng Hock?

Sepanjang tempoh siasatan itu, Beng Hock bekas wartawan Sin Chew Daily itu dikatakan telah memberi komitmen dan kerjasama sepenuhnya. Banyak dokumen yang perlu disemak satu persatu. Beliau turut dikatakan membantu menyusun dokumen-dokumen di atas meja. Malah beliau berjanji akan membawa lagi dokumen untuk diteliti di pejabat SPRM itu. Tapi semua itu tidak sempat, beliau kemudiannya ditemui mati.

Difahamkan Beng Hock, yang merupakan seorang pemuda yang bercakap lembut dan kaki buku mulai gelisah apabila komputer ribanya mula dibuka. Ia dikatakan berlaku sekitar pukul 1 pagi. Tidak pasti apa ada dalam komputer itu yang menyebabkan beliau terlalu gelisah. Tapi yang jelas bahan-bahan dalam komputer itu amat penting untuk siasatan.

Pihak forensik polis kini dipercayai telah mengambil komputer riba itu daripada SPRM untuk siasatan lanjut.

Apa sekalipun, isi kandungan dokumen-dokumen yang ada dalam komputer riba itu akan diteliti. Mungkin juga ada maklumat-maklumat penting yang boleh membongkar satu demi satu lagi cerita.

Kita tidak tahu apa ada dalam komputer itu, tapi lazimnya sesuatu siasatan polis atau pihak berkuasa lain akan menjurus kepada pelbagai elemen kejutan 'cari benda lain akan terjumpa benda lain'.

Kita juga tidak pasti mengapa pihak di luar sana ada yang 'melompat-lompat' mengenai isu ini. Kadangkala perbuatan mereka itu kelihatan amat pelik. Apakah mungkin mereka juga turut resah gelisah mengenai siasatan itu? Kita tunggu dan lihat perkembangan seterusnya.

anyway, the way he wrote it was
a) like as if he was there.
b) and if he wasnt, then someone who was there told him all that facial expression etc.
c) it was just a moment of his hallucination. Like how he halucinated about Teresa Kok being mean to mosques which caused our Home Minister to put her under ISA for "her protection".

and if it was a) or b), then Lulu would think that he would know the isi kandungan of the komputer riba and would have squealed on it, right?

so, Lulu is more inclined to believe that it is option (c)

and if he can write fiction like this, Lulu's hero can write better fiction.
A friend of Azmi Sharom forwarded the article to him, and this was his response.
[who knows, if the Star can pick up that trashy "truth" for beng hock allegation, this may also make it to front page]

why he was resting at the MACC building. he was afraid that the DAP led by Sifu Ronnie "Slippery Frog" Liu were going to kill him. Unfortunately for him, the DAP are known to be a crack team of ninja assassins. In fact DAP stands for Devil Assassin Pact. They are more feared than the fabled Hand of Kyoto prefecture.

So, while Teoh was having nasi lemak with his protectors the MACC, a team of ninja assassins, led by Tony "Black Fist Dragon" Pua, and Teresa "Mistress of the Killer Thighs" Kok, sneaked into the building unseen. using their stealth power dressed in baju kurungs, they merged with the other staff of the MACC who were milling about at 9 am.

On the pretext of delivering kueh mueh and pisang goreng, they entered the room where teoh was. But instead of karipap, they had smoke bombs which they threw to distract everyone. Then while Gobind "The Bearded Belly of Iron" Singh, knocked out the MACC heroes with his anaconda squeeze kung fu, the other DAP ninjas struck with the flying guillotine. Unfotunately they missed and it sliced Teoh's trousers (which is why it is torn).

Then in a final desperate bid Lim "Ancient Tortoise of Death" Kit Siang, kicked teoh with a special spinning heel backward forward high low chopping and blocking kick which threw him out the window.

That is what happened. Sumpah demi UMNO.

yup. that is what happened. sumpah demi umno.

Like What Lulu's Friend Said, Like That I Also Can Type On Excel

an anon blog came up on friday, which got everyone excited and talking, so much so that even the star got all excited and front paged it as
Fresh twist emerges in Teoh's case
SHAH ALAM: A fresh twist has emerged in the case concerning the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock.
Documents purportedly showing details of money being siphoned off to non-existent organisations and individuals by certain Selangor executive councillors have surfaced on the Internet.
The blog scanned the lists, highlighting that
"Items No. 89 to 172 (83 projects in Sg Pelek) have been awarded to Wong Chuan Chow worth RM216,950 in just one year."
Below is a sampling of the scan, and wow! all went to one Wong Chuan Chow.
A check on Ronnie Liu's blog entry dated nov 5 2008 reveals the following claims, which you can see, went to community service.
a comment on RPK's blog entry further explains that
Mengikut prosedur pengurusan kewangan kerajaan dan berdasarkan pengalaman saya sebagai pegawai yang terlibat dengan proses pembayaran yang melibatkan peruntukan adun di sini saya ingin berkongsi sikit.

setiap tahun kerajaan negeri akan meluluskan bajet melalui pejabat daerah untuk setiap adun. jadi semua adun akan mendapat peruntukan mereka spt di selangor RM500,000.00. peruntukan ini berada di bawah pejabat daerah so sape2 nak detail dapatkan buku bajet negeri selangor.

so bila peruntukan dah ada semua aktiviti yang hendak dijalankan perlu mempunyai dokumen biasanya kertas kerja atau surat permohonan dan surat sokongan yb untuk membolehkan peruntukan dibelanjakan (ni kat negeri bn perintah). Bila dah dapat surat permohonan dan juga surat kelulusan dari YB dokumen ini akan diserahkan ke pejabat daerah untuk penyediaan baucar bayaran. dan baucar bayaran akan diproses dan dibayar oleh Bendahari Negeri. Untuk makluman semua akaun utama bendahari negeri selangor adalah Maybank jadi macam mana boleh keluar cek public bank????

jadi sekiranya untuk melihat sebarang tidak aturan prosedur dan salah guna peruntukan kebiasaannya sprm akan dapatkan baucar bayaran dari pihak pejabat daerah dan juga dari Bendahari negeri dan biasanya pihak audit negara akan bangkitkan sekiranya bayaran dibayar kepada satu kontraktor atau pembekal sahaja yang mana mengikut prosedur perolehan lebih RM50k perlu dibuat sebut harga.
yang kedua biasanya bayaran akan dibuat secara EFT (electronic fund transfer) untuk meminimumkan korupsi jadi saya rasa penulis blog "truth for teoh beng hock" perlu buat sedikit kajian sebelum mereka cerita drama swasta.
this sort of procedures is to guard against hanky-panky. and like what the comment said, the money goes through EFT Maybank, not Public Bank cheques.
and thanks to these checks, you not see these sort of claims surfacing.
[maklumlah, doraemon's time travelling is not cheap]
[courtesy of adun bukit lanjan]

like what Lulu's friend said, that piece of "info" on the blog, we also can create.
the intent of that blog is nasty and malicious.
to say that,
Teoh was forced into some unscrupulous dealings. He did not like what he was doing. To protect himself, Teoh made copies of false documents, fictitous public work, and dummy companies. He copied information from his notebook and the office computers into a hard disk and left it with someone. Inside are stack of information detailing the corruption by the DAP in Selangor.
this is sick.
and what is sicker and really scary is the length that the ruling party is going to topple the Selangor government.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lulu Wonders If Samy Vellu Know MIC Offering To Buy The Buah Pala Land

Lulu has a feeling he doesn't.
Mohan was to meet with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng at 11am today to handover a memorandum asking the state government to sell the last remaining Indian traditional village to MIC so that it can be returned to the residents.
Reading this. Lulu cant help but

1. wonder if Samy Vellu knows that MIC is willing to buy the Buah Pala land and
a) if SV doesnt know, then what is this Mohan talking about
b) if SV knows, this is going to cost hundreds of millions. which leads Lulu to the next wondering question
i) does MIC have the money
ii) how will it go down with the Indian community that MIC is willing to spend hundreds of millions on 23 families, and not the MAIKA faithfuls and the SRJK(T)s and the indian community at large

2. Mohan must be quite clueless about the issue cos he's talking about buying the land from the state government. Doesnt he know that the owners as Nusmetro? Come on-lah, even a lulu like Lulu knows that

theaterics and wayang, just shameless MIC hacks trying to capitalise on the issue.
thats what its about
and Lulu hopes the villagers will not allow themselves to be a tool to these hopeless hapless politicians, and if Lulu may include, lawyers too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lulu Ptuis Berita Harian for Publishing Such Worthless Speculation as News

in the berita harian today, on the same page as the should-be-allowed-to-retire-in-"peace" IGP's "Tindakan tegas tabur fitnah, cetus ketegangan" warning, is this piece of worthless news meant to skew the thinking of readers of the Malay newspaper.

The exerpts :
Dr P Sundramoorthy dari Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) dan seorang bekas pegawai kanan polis yang enggan namanya disiarkan berpendapat ada dua kemungkinan membabitkan kematian Teoh, iaitu bunuh diri atau dibunuh.
Mereka mengemukakan beberapa teori yang boleh menjadi alasan jika Teoh membunuh diri, iaitu :
# Akibat mengalami tekanan mental selepas disoal siasat oleh SPRM selama lebih 10 jam sebagai saksi;
# Akibat perasaan marah dan kecewa yang amat sangat kerana tidak mempercayai ketelusan siasatan dilakukan terhadapnya atau hilang keyakinan sistem itu melindunginya sebagai saksi;
# SPRM menemui bukti yang boleh membabitkannya atau orang dikenalinya atau majikannya atau pemimpin parti politik yang disiasat dalam satu perlakuan jenayah;
# SPRM menemui sesuatu mengaibkannya atau keluarganya atau kenalannya dalam komputer riba dirampas mereka daripada mangsa;
# Rasa bersalah selepas membuat pengakuan ketika disoal siasat yang boleh mengaitkan orang yang disiasat atau orang dikenalinya; dan
# Menerima ancaman atau ugutan terhadap nyawanya atau keluarganya kerana mangsa dikatakan saksi penting SPRM.
Kedua-dua mereka juga tidak menolak kemungkinan Teoh dibunuh, sama ada ditolak dari bangunan itu atau dikejar seseorang sehingga mangsa melompat sendiri kerana ketakutan atau dibunuh terlebih dulu sebelum mayatnya dicampak ke bawah.
Bagaimanapun, kedua-dua pakar itu yakin Teoh tidak mati ketika disoal siasat berdasarkan kenyataan Ahli Majlis Perbandaran Kajang, Tan Boon Wah yang terserempak dengan mangsa jam 6 pagi, iaitu kira-kira dua atau tiga jam sebelum Teoh dikatakan mati.
Lulu is totally disgusted by the way they absolve MACC and have so many whys on the suicide theory, forgetting that the young man had a whole life in front of him.

Talk about menabur fitnah, menghasut dan mencetuskan ketegangan dengan memutarbelitkan fakta berikutan kes kematian Setiausaha Politik Exco Selangor, Teoh Beng Hock.

They should be ashamed of themselves, but Lulu suspects they know no shame.
Ptui to BH for publishing such "news" to try to propogate the suicide theory amongst the BM readers.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Make Way For Lulu! Make Way For Lulu!

Did you hear?
Lulu, according to DrM, is part of the real masters of the country.

Lulu has been trying to get the original post in chedet's blog, but there are problems loading.
the link to the original post is available here
So, Lulu will use the report from Malaysian Insider.
While he did not name the prime minister, Mahathir put up a stout defence of the NEP with well-worn arguments in what appeared to be an expression of concern over the current administration’s economic liberalisation policies.
“Because they (the Malays) are willing to share their country with other races, the race from the older civilisation of more than 4,000 years and who are more successful, as such today whatever they have now is also being taken away from them,” he wrote in what appeared to be a reference to the Chinese community.
Lulu works hard to earn her salary.
But Mahathir argued in his latest blog post that 39 years after the NEP was introduced, the Bumiputera share of the corporate pie remained at just 20 per cent while the Chinese share stood at 50 per cent even though they consisted of just 26 per cent of the population.
Lulu makes it a point to keep some for savings and investment, being careful in her spending.

Does that make Lulu a master of the country?
Lulu still gets bullied by people in authority.
Two months ago, Lulu's car kena langgar. Lulu went to the police station, and got bullied while trying to make the report. The cops were rude and bossy, leaving Lulu slightly shaken and kinda trembling upon leaving the police station.

Master of the country?
If she is, then it must be the biggest secret in the country cos aint nobody treating lulu like she's a master.

As for DrM's accusation on the Chinese holding the economic pie, and therefore being the masters of the country, maybe he should re-consider his statement, and change it to

The cronies hold the wealth. Not regular Ah Chee and Ah Choes. The cronies. This one transcends race and religion, and practices 1Malaysia, kita sapu.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lulu Wishes The Refugee Trading Stories Were Fake

The World Refugee Report 2008 Summary for Malaysia reported that Malaysian immigration officials continued to sell deportees to gangs of traffickers operating along the Thailand-Malaysia border.
The gangs paid from $250 to $500 per deportee. The traffickers demanded fees of 1,400 to 3,000 ringgit (about $400 to $860) to smuggle the deportees back into Malaysia. They typically sold those who could not pay (perhaps 20 percent), the men onto fishing boats, the women into brothels, and the children to gangs that exploit child beggars.
When Lulu reads things like the snippet above, Lulu feels really, really sad and hopes that it is false news. It is hard for Lulu to accept that people can be so evil as to trade in human life, especially knowing fully well how horrendous the life ahead would be for those traded.

it is true.
Lulu feels sad that the refugee report is proven true, but in a sense glad that CID tracked these evil people and caught them.
Lulu hopes [i know-lah, high hopes, but still...] that the public prosecutors will successfully try the case, and the judge will impose on these evil people the punishment they deserve, and no more immigration officers will try to side-income on trading those who are made in the image of God.

Lulu Is Amazed How Things Change Once Najib Shows Some Concern

Najib was in Saudi when Teoh's body was found at Plaza Masalam. Plaza Masalam houses the Selangor MACC HQ and it was there that Teoh was "assisting" the MACC in an investigation which began at 6:00pm on Wed and allegedly ended at 3:45am Thur.

This is a sampling of some of the responses
- Selangor CPO Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said tonight the authorities had classified the death of Teoh Beng Hock as sudden death and do not see any evidence of foul play so far.
- If there is a need, the police will investigate MACC because they have the powers to do so,” Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said
such a tidak apa, open-shut attitude, if lulu may say so herself.

On Saturday, Najib sent his condolences to the Teoh's family and fiance.
A wreath was sent to his house.
Oh Ei Sun, his political secretary, went to the family's house as Najib's representative to see what the family could do.and on Sunday, 1-2-3days after his tragic unwarranted death, the police raided the MACC.
after 3 days, finally.

in that time, a lot of things can be done.
windows washed
floors cloroxed
original files shredded
cctv footages disappear
fiction written
files erased or rewritten

3 days!
did they have to wait for Najib to give the go ahead signals?
what signal can we expect next from najib?
that the police are to do an honest job in their investigation, leave no stone unturned and no politican spared?
or to find 1-2 scapegoats and end the problem there?

Lulu Hampir Lupa - "It is the perpetrator behind the video clip whom we are after and not the policewoman, who was carrying out a routine check,"

Rmember the nude squat incident?
The then Deputy Inspector General of the Police (IGP) Musa Hassan initially promised that the perpetrators would be punished, but later stated "It is the perpetrator behind the video clip whom we are after and not the policewoman, who was carrying out a routine check," and that whoever filmed it would be charged under the Penal Code with insulting the woman's modesty, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail. Musa also stated that such actions are standard fare and are used to examine body cavities for possible contraband.

Musa Hassan became IGP in September 2006. He reached retirement age in Sep07, but because of his banyak berbakti kepada negara, he received a two-year extension of his term to 13 September 2009.

13 September 2009 is coming soon.
There are concerns that dues to his banyak berbakti kepada negara, his contract may be renewed again.
With a banyak berbakit kepada negara person like him, it would prove very difficult for 1MalaysiaNajib to convince Malaysians that he is PM for all. A tragedy has happened in the MACC HQ in Sgor. Before the week was over, there was a death in custody.

Maybe for Najib to get his ratings up again, he should not renew this banyak berbakti kepada negara IGP, and put in someone more professional, genuine and honest.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet The Anti-Corruption Agency in Lulu Land

Tamil language dailies shocked by MACC action
Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 07:28:00
TAMIL language dailies have expressed their shock upon hearing that a Malay Mail journalist was taken in for questioning by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) at its Selangor office at Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam on Monday night.
Two Tamil dailies, Makkal Osai and Tamil Nesan, had published Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam’s claims on Saturday that an officer at MACC had told him that files related to the three reports lodged by the Kampung Perepat pioneers, as well as the one he had personally filed last year, had gone missing.
An infuriated Manikavasagam, who had gone to the Selangor MACC office last Friday with a group of about 10 pioneers, then lodged another report, asking the MACC to, among others, probe how Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL) agricultural plots in Kapar had been transferred to the names of a Datuk, his family members and business associates by the Klang Land Office within 24 hours.
But, on Monday, after Malay Mail frontpaged the issue, Selangor MACC officers not only conducted a four-hour enquiry on the Malay Mail reporter, Nevash Nair, but also confiscated his handphone and laptop.
Makkal Osai news editor BR Rajan said the commision should investigate the real issue instead of interrogating the reporter alone.
“The reporter was merely reporting the plight of the complainants and what was said by the MP. This is simply intimidating the reporter who is just doing his job and carrying out his responsibility of helping the public.”
A spokesman for Tamil Nesan said it was fine for a reporter to be called to assist in investigations. But by confiscating the phone and laptop, "it did not seem like the reporter was called to assist in investigations".
It is learnt that till now, no reporter from both the dailies had been picked up nor had any been contacted by MACC to be questioned.

our MACC
interrogating the reporter and not investigating the crime

Lulu Is Not Surprised That Our DPP Keeps Losing High Profile Cases

Afterall, we have deputy public prosecutors in Malaysia who think that just because immigration does not have records of a wanted "criminal" leaving the country, then he must be in the country.
PETALING JAYA: There is no record that Malaysia Today news portal editor Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin has set foot in Australia, a deputy public prosecutor revealed yesterday.
DPP Mohd Dusuki Mokhtar said the police had checked with the Immigration Department and found no records of Raja Petra visiting Australia.
errr... duh.
this DPP thinks that RPK would leave the country via immigration, produce his passport for clearance to leave the borders? aiyoh... even a lulu knows better than this.

However, Lulu not sure if they losing it because they are incompetent or on the take. Maybe a case for MACC?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lulu In Solidarity

Justice for Beng Hock
Venue : Stadium Kelana Jaya
Date : 19 July 2009, Sunday
Time : 4.30pm
Attire : Black
Beng Hock's Funeral
10.00am, Monday, July 20,
Beng Hock's family home,
78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka
Please come in black, and note that the family has requested no banners or posters.

per chin huat's blog,
Donation for Beng Hock’s family can be made to CIMB - Teoh Leong Hwee, a/c: 0412-0000333-52-8. Let’s make sure his wife and unborn baby will be well taken care of financially

Thank You

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lulu Says, They Expect Us Not To Speculate???

Selangor CPO Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said tonight the authorities had classified the death of Teoh Beng Hock as sudden death and do not see any evidence of foul play so far.
Cops classify Teoh’s case as “sudden death”

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lulu Angry - How Can He Die Just LIke That

Lulu thought this was bad.
He got beated up by MACC.

but Teoh Meng Foo, Ean Yong Hian Wah's assistant (the young man 2nd on the left) got it so much worse.
He was taken in yesterday
He leaves MACC in a body bag
all of them, bastards.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lulu Would Not Suggest You Look Up The PPC Chairman Should You Have Marital Problems

This post is a bit late cos the issue was a bit confusing and Lulu had to properly understand what was going on.

The Penang Port Sdn Bhd [PPSB] is licensed to operate, manage and maintain port and ferry services in Penang. They are fully owned by the Ministry of Finance (Incorporated). Remember this - the PPSB runs the port and the ferry services.
The Penang Port Commission [PPC] acts as a Port Authority. They issue licences, act as the port landlord, collates data on the port activities and make sure that the lights are on at the FCZ from 730pm to 630am.
Since 1 January 1994, the operations of the port and ferry services at Penang Port has been privatised to Penang Port Sdn. Bhd. (PPSB) a licensed operator under the Ports (Privatisation) Act 1990.

Take a look at the board of directors of PPSB and PPC, and note that there are no overlap. They exist independantly.
Tan Cheng Liang is a Mar08 loser and a government political appointee to head PPC

now the story
on 5/6, Star came out with the headliner, Penang Port Sends Out SOS,
PPC Chairman said PPSB has requested PPC to take over the ferry services.

The next day,
Mdm Tan Cheng Liang went on to say that PPSB revealed to her recently that despite having recorded RM23mil in net profit after taxes, it could not go for public listing because of the RM21mil losses it incurred last year from the ferry operations.

Upon hearing this, the CM of Penang responded that he would ask MPPP to take over the port services.
And a war of words transcended with LGE saying he wants MPPP to take over, and that he will send his people to talk to her etc, and Mdm Tan CHeng Liang insisting that he submits a proposal to her.
to quote her,
"My room at PPC is open, but please give me a proposal"

and then, the good ol twist
The PPSP boss said he never told PPC that it was going to give up the management of the ferry operations, and was in fact, woking on a turnaround plan.

You know what was the most devious part of all this?

All the time while she was chasing after and harping over Lim Guan Eng to submit the proposal from the State to her [even though PPSB had never said they wanted to give up the ferry and she was not authorised to say anything about it], she had her own secret agenda of taking over the services.
My goodness. Talk about syiok sendiri.
How much more of a low life schemer can one be.

Ong Tee Keat said the ministry had in fact instructed Tan to prepare reports not only on the RM21 million in losses incurred in the operation of ferry services last year, but also on deteorating business at the Penang Port, to enable the federal government to address the problems.
Note - she was only asked to prepare a report, but she was
a) confused by the instructions
b) jumped the gun
c) syiok sendiri
[choose one, or maybe it went in the a->b->c sequence]
and went and did all kinds of nonsense.
Lulu would advise OTK that should he have any marital problems, never to confide in TCL and/or ask her to investigate whats going on. Looking at this, Lulu is amused imagining how she would a)/b)/c) her bosses instructions.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lulu Wants To See Hannah Yeoh on The National Youth Consultative Council

The Youth and Sports Minister, Shabery Cheek, has called upon nominations for ppl whom you would like to sit on the youth council.
He has 20 "passes" for candidates to sit on the council, and he has asked the rakyat to submit names.
Check it out here
and you can nominate your candidate on this link

Lulu has contacted Hannah Yeoh, and she is willing to be a voice to the youth in this Federal Government council.
I've pasted the screen shot of the nomination form, together with her details.
Lulu hopes that you too want to see Hannah sit on this council and contribute her ideas on behalf of all Malaysian youth. Do go to the nomination link, and use the details given in the screenshot to fill in the form. If we submit banyak-banyak, the minister will not dare to ignore us.


i just found out, can only nominate her once
and i found that out cos someone who tried to submit her name told me that he cant cos she has already been nominated
i really, really hope to see Hannah contributing to our nation through that committee
thanks folks
have a good day :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lulu Is Like, "WHAT???? MACC is investigating Hannah Yeoh?????"

7 Pakatan assemblymen under MACC probe, claim victimisation
SHAH ALAM, July 13 – Pakatan Rakyat (PR) today claimed that seven of its assemblymen are under investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over the allocation of funds to schools, mosques and community associations.
The assemblymen are Teresa Kok (Kinrara), Ean Yong Hian Wah (Sri Kembangan), Dr Cheah Wing Yin (Damansara Utama), Elizabeth Wong (Bukit Lanjan), Hannah Yeoh (Subang Jaya), Lau Weng San (Kampung Tunku) and Edward Lee (Bukit Gasing).
Teresa Kok told reporters at the state legislature that the MACC confiscated the seven assemblymen’s files on the state’s allocation fund from the district office two weeks ago.

they won't even spare Hannah Yeoh, or anyone of the other six.
Come on-lah....
for one, stop harrasing the recipients of the allocation.
In my case, I donated RM10,000 to a surau in Puchong but now the imam and the mosque’s working committee have been interrogated by MACC officers for several hours two days ago. They will come and interrogate them again tonight
and secondly,
when Barisan Nasional assemblymen lost in the 12th general election, the assemblymen spent RM500,00 in two months but the MACC had yet to take any action.
MACC independant?
what a joke

Lulu knows these 7 are not scared because they disbursed the money honestly. but its terrible that MACC is scaring the recipients of the allocation with needless long interrogation. Lulu has no problem if they called the recipients up for simple questioning or something like that. But continuous questioning borderlining an interrogation is too much. bullies! [imagine lulu sticking out her tongue as she calls out the bullies]

Lulu Laughs At Gerakan Youth

These Gerakan Youth, or rather, their vice chairman has been harping on and on and on over the CM's pindah rumah.
The CM shifted as his official house, Seri Teratai, is termite infested. The problem is really bad as one of the beams in the house checked was pretty much hollowed out having been termite food.
pix of beam from Seri Teratai
can you imagine having it "supporting" the ceiling/roof above your head?

But these Gerakan fellas go on and on and on and on, like a broken recorder, not realising that they are only embarassing themselves. The owner of the house had renovated the house prior to renting it out, and that, they also want to make noise. Can you imagine being asked to account for a renovation your landlord did before you moved in? duh..... silly dorks

Why dont they go after more popular causes in Penang? The most prominent one, right or wrong, is Kg Buah Pala. Go make some noise over there-lah. Demand that the present government resolve it. Just because the Gerakan-led government gave it away doesnt mean you cant make noise about it.

But then again, they're probably as hollow as the beams in Seri Teratai.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lulu Wonders How Huge Is Huge, and Offers Her Services at Half The Price of Huge

The Government will allocate a huge budget to facilitate translation of science and technology-based reference materials to Bahasa Malaysia.
Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said it was part of the measures being planned to ensure there would be enough technical reference materials in the national language.

The Star - Move to ensure enough science and technical reference materials in BM

Lulu offers her services.

afterall, put it this way
English Malay
science sains
technology teknologi
mathematics matematik
get the drift?

so, throw Lulu some English science and technical references, and let Lulu practise her translation skills.

Lulu Sokongs Teaching Of Math and Science in The Mother Tongue

are you surprised?

Unlike UMNO who has chosen to reverse the Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English policy and revert to Bahasa Malaysia in national schools and Chinese and Tamil in vernacular schoola because it "memartabatkan bahasa Malaysia", Lulu has her own reasons.

Lulu comes from an english/cantonese speaking family. BM was not spoken at home. Lulu struggled through std 1 cos the medium was malay. Lulu knew that sugar is sweet but couldn't remember that gula is manis. manis, masam, masin - lulu, not being the brightest lightbulb in the room, used to get it mixed up.
But somehow, after 13 years of sekolah kebangsaan education, lulu worked it out.

maybe you are thinking, that is exactly why we want math and science to be taught in english. if you expose the child to the language long enough, the child will pick it up.

but there is a big difference here.

in lulu's time, lulu's teachers were proficient in bahasa malaysia. they weren't struggling with it. they didn't end every verb with an "s" or whatever the equivalent of that mistake would be in bm. you get what i mean?

today's teachers can't teach in english cos they themselves can't speak decent english. how can we even hope that the children will be able to gain from learning math and science in english?

the government is right this time [yeh-yeh... lulu is not always in disagreement with the government. only when they are wrong, which is :P quite often] in reverting back to mother tongue for teaching math and science. the teaching of english needs to be improved greatly. government needs to be more stringent and selective when choosing future teachers of the language. a basic requirement should include able to speak the language.

for those whose mother tongue is English like Lulu's, well... :P

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lulu Hopes Murugiah Was Wrong

Last week, whilst speaking to reporters after meeting Putra Heights residents, Datuk T. Murugiah had a cultural shock when he visited the Cameron Highlands Hospital maternity ward recently and found Orang Asli mothers as young as 11 and 12 years old.

NST and the Star reported that what worried him more was that these minors were ignorant that they needed to register the births of their babies.
Berita Harian reported that
Lebih membimbangkan, remaja berusia 12, 13 dan 15 tahun itu tidak mengetahui siapa bapa kepada anak mereka kerana mendakwa tidur dengan lebih daripada seorang lelaki.
But consistent with the english papers, murugiah did not propose any solutions to protect these ultra-young mothers. He was focused on unregistered birth.
Terkejut dengan perkara itu, beliau berkata, apa yang lebih membimbangkan apabila remaja terbabit mendakwa tidak mengetahui bapa kepada anak mereka kerana tidur dengan ramai lelaki.

Lulu doesnt know if Murugiah spiced up his story or what,
but the hospital has denied his claim
Hospital Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom Cameron Highlands director Dr Mahanim Md Yusof denied there were any cases of Orang Asli mothers, as young as 11, giving birth in the hospital.
She was responding to reports quoting Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Senator Datuk T. Murugiah who said he was shocked to find mothers as young as 11 and 12 years old in the hospital's maternity ward during a visit.
In a statement yesterday, Dr Mahanim said at the time of Murugiah's visit to the hospital on Thursday, there was a 17-year-old Orang Asli girl who delivered in the hospital.
"She is still warded and the hospital is in the process of getting welfare aid for mother and child and help through the National Registration Department.

Lulu hopes Murugiah was wrong and the hospital is right, not just because she thinks Murugiah is a blithering idiot, but cos if what he saw was true, then there must be many, many more very young girls who are being exploited like that :(

Friday, July 03, 2009

If Lulu Were A Big Time Fund Manager Managing A Portfolio Which Includes Intel Stocks.

Lulu would have reduced her portfolio immediately once she read this piece of news
State MCA economic bureau head Loh Chye Teik was quoted on Wednesday as saying that Intel would be shifting out from Penang in the next three months.
After all, if a plant shifts/closes down one of his sites especially when there is no news of a new substitute plant opening, that would be a sign that the manufacturer has not enough volume and all kinds of red lights are flashing in your face.

Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng said he had contacted Intel Malaysia's managing director Atul Bhargava who confirmed that the statement by MCA was false.
When contacted, Loh said he got the information from a reliable source.
“I just hope that the state government will put all effort to keep Intel in Penang.
This idiot Loh is truly irresponsible to come up with a statement like this.
"from a reliable source"
"I hope the state goverment will..."
what an idiot
please-lah.... if you're a big time big shot State MCA economic bureau head, then you should at least quietly verify what you heard with the proper channels. Intel's phone number is available on their website. If you find out that it is a baseless rumour, then you need to correct your reliable source. If there is some truth to the "information", then [cos he MCA wont call the state government] call MITI, MARTRADE and lulu-forgot-who-the-other-M-is-cos-its-now-2am and get them to meet up with Intel to seek the truth and see if the government can do anything to keep Intel in Penang.

Do you really need Lulu to teach you all this? Aiyoh!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lulu Would Be A Lot Cheaper That Fox Communications

Fox Communications has been hired to do public relations consultantion work for PDRM for six months with a monthly fee of RM33,250. Hishamuddin said Fox Communications was appointed on the principle that it was based on value for money.

If only Lulu had known that Hishamuddin was hiring p.r. people.
Not that Lulu has any experience, but Lulu can get quite creative, and on top of that, has recently learn the secret solution to all PDRM problems - button badges!
"Saya mesra"
"Muka garang sahaja"
"Boleh saya tolong?"
"Kita semua bercakap benar di balai"
"Sedia membantu"
"Saya pemberantas jenayah"

No need to get the cops to learn how to be more polite.
No need to rid corruption from the force.
No need to relook into the pay package to make sure they can live decently in high cost cities like KL.
No need to have police be seen walking their rounds.
No need to implement the IPCMC recommendations
No need to send out good news and achievement report to the press.
No need to campurtangan in the script of [what's that show called?] Skuad Khas
No need 3 minute mini-documentaries on RTM channels
No need to weed out the bad hats so that the good guys can stand tall
All these and more, no need.
Just button badges.
And for that, Lulu will charge RM33,249 only.
Hishamuddin should hire Lulu
afterall, Lulu Malaysian, and pay tax to Malaysia some more.
And if you look carefully, Lulu is cheaper than Fox.