Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There Are A Lot Of Adjectives Lulu Would Use To Describe Rosmah, But Stupid Wasnt One Of Them

you have to give her some credit-lah as she used to be an Econs lecturer with UM, she figured out how to make a lot, a lot, a lot of money by being married to the system and she hooked a married man. basically she's no lulu.

but after reading Rosmah say things like :
I had to stay in the hotel in Beijing most of the time. He was very busy,”
“Saya pun hot,”
“When he came back, I told him that I wanted to return to Kuala Lumpur immediately.”
Lulu adds the word "stupid" into her list of adjectives for Rosmah.

didn't that sound like a spoilt wife? something the Gabrielle would say to Carlos in Desperate housewives?
But these are the words of our PM's wife according to an article which the Star [note : the Star, not Malaysia-Today] cheekily titled The day Rosmah got ‘hot’ with Najib

Please-lah, he was there to talk business, to bodek Beijing, to make friends with Communist China. In his words, "discuss several substantive matters" with President Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.
Did Rosmah miss her medication and think that Najib was there in Beijing to accompany her on her legendary shopping trips?

what a stupid-stupid example to give on how understanding your husband is. It reflects the pettiness in her behavior and the shallowness of her thinking.


Anonymous said... on.When I read the Star this morning I could not believed my eyes to see what I was reading. Rosmah thought it was humorous to reveal such behavior to the wide world but alas...a tight slap on her botox face!!!
What would Najib feel when he read the Star today??? A hen pecked husband. I bet she sounded like a mother hen when throwing her tantrums of not getting the right attention..thus after the China trip..daily events highlighted in the MSM including the book launch.

Ms Bean

Hamba said...

Suami isteri bodoh punya orang! She thinks that a PM's wife are there to shop and makan angin only... Just can't believe these are the husband and wife that represent Malaysia... We look pretty stupid, didn't we?

~hentai~ said...

i agree with ms bean..when one is the first lady of the country, one should carry oneself as supposed so..just refer to our previous,exemplary first ladies,whom never draw un-needed attention to themselves nor tarnish their husbands image..

Anonymous said...

Hey Lulu - did you see the report in NST where she 'advises' husbands 'not to scold their wives'. OMG - M'sian ministers and their wives are so, apanama, childish in the way they try to preach to the public at large.

Anonymous said...

Be fair.

Complete your reading and at least try to understand the message behind the article.

I suppose that when you hate someone, she'll never be in your good book forever.

Remember, you're a reflection of what you said about other people.

Anonymous said...

I believe everyone did complete reading the article.. and I still embarrassed that she is our First Lady.

Crankster said...

The botox must be constricting the blood flow to her little brain. At least we can give our mainstream media creativity in promoting our BN ministers. I think there must be nothing else they can be given credit for, but "patience" when the wife bitches.

Anonymous said...

No class

denzook said...

you're just jealous she got nice husband who pampers and loves his wife very much.... what's wrong of being petty for a wife accompany on business trip. as if one day you got married you don't like being pampered when you accompany your spouse in a business trip....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she was just trying to let us all know she and the PM share the same hotel room, if ever there was a doubt in our curious minds?


Crankster said...

Good point, Kilroy. It's better than having to come up with a statutory declaration saying her husband wuz dere. Or having an SD saying otherwise. Heheh.

Perhaps Chinese models cum translators can now rest easy. Unlike Mongolian ones.

Kucing Parsi said...

who says rosmah is genius?

Ha Ha ha

from my first day of my delivery, i already know this farid ex wife is stupid, stupidity level goddess